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PI At 25
2023-03-13 06:34
Has it really been a quarter-century since Darren Aronofsky dazzled us with his debut feature film, rife with Kabbalah, higher mathematics, and the consequences of discovering more t… Read More
Harry Dean Stanton Was LUCKY
2022-07-16 19:06
Click here to listen to the interview. Bastille Day was Harry Dean Stanton’s birthday. A wayward actor with as much interest in sitting in his backyard with a smoke and a drink… Read More
Thoughts On ELVIS
2022-07-11 01:58
Baz Luhrmann’s style, his sophisticated visual vocabulary, effortlessly reconciles the subtle and the bombastic. The use of a picture of Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura alone is an exerc… Read More
2021-08-30 22:16
In INDEMNITY, Travis Taute imagines a world where a fiendish South African cabal has conspired to weaponize Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s a clever thriller, rife with twists, t… Read More
Vicente Amorim Believes In Justice
2021-08-30 01:31
YAKUZA PRINCESS is not the first time that filmmaker Vicente Amorim has collaborated with graphic novelist Danilo Beyruth. That was MOTORRAD, a horror film about murderous bikers tracking a… Read More
MASUMI Finds Her Place In The World
2021-08-23 23:14
There is a reason why the role of Akemi, who is finding her true identity in YAKUZA PRINCESS, resonated with Masumi. When I spoke to the actress/singer on August 23, 2021, about her feature… Read More
2021-08-12 05:03
Perry Blackshear’s third feature film, WHEN I CONSUME YOU, will have its world premiere on August 18, 2021 followed by a virtual Q&A (details to attend virtually here)… Read More
2021-07-26 03:32
Andy Karl as Michael in FARAWAY EYES Click here to listen to the interview. The world premiere of writer/director Harry Greenberger’s second feature film, FARAWAY EYES, happened… Read More
2020-09-19 18:51
Time to re-watch. Here’s why. As if we need a reason Read More
THE RENTAL’s Dave Franco Speaks Up
2020-07-25 20:10 knew going in that Dave Franco had been doing interviews non-stop for his feature film directorial debut, THE… Read More
Goodbye, Carl
2020-07-01 18:17
I never met Carl Reiner, and it is a great regret. His work loomed large in my life, starting with The Dick Van Dyke Show, which launched the eponymous star when the networks deemed Mr. Rein… Read More
2020-04-14 04:05
No one more binge-worthy than Brett Haley, master of the optimistically bittersweet, and purveyor of such finely observed, wise, and heartfelt delights as HEARTS BEAT LOUD (Nick Offerma… Read More
40 Years Of Razzie Magic
2020-03-12 15:43
Click here to listen to the interview. The annual interview with Head Berry, John Wilson, founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation, is one of the high points of my year.  … Read More
You Bet They’re ASKING FOR IT
2020-03-08 04:03 The word subversive gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to ASKING FOR IT, there is no better way… Read More
2020-03-08 03:28 Karl as Michael in FARAWAY EYES The world premiere of writer/director Harry Greenberger’s second feature… Read More
2020-02-16 05:28 first thing you notice about Ben Mendelsohn when you meet him in person is how very blue his eyes are.  Th… Read More
Rian Johnson Is A Fanboy
2019-11-28 21:53
When I spoke to Rian Johnson about KNIVES OUT, his scathingly clever, star-studded whodunit,  I couldn’t help but ask about whether or not he was relieved to be involved in a film… Read More
Kristen Stewart Is The Coolest
2019-10-08 18:34
Tis the season. Kristen Stewart (pictured with G Allen Johnson, Dennis Harvey, and War Wei) in SF yesterday for the Mill Valley Film Festival screening of Amazon St… Read More
2019-06-02 20:41 DeLorean, the protean. larger-than-life designer of the eponymous, gull-winged car, lived his life on… Read More
Getting To The BLOODROOT Of The Matter.
2019-04-17 02:58
Selma Miriam, Noel Furie, Douglas Tirola, San Francisco, CA 4/12/19 An unlikely location, an unconventional business plan, and an unswerving dedication to radical feminist politics. Bloodro… Read More
2019-04-17 01:24
Garcia, San Francisco, CA 4/10/19 It is with great joy that I report on the new Netflix series of Tales of the (premiere June 7, 2019).  Bringing the denizens of Barbary Lane into the 2… Read More
2019-03-31 18:49 commemorates National Trans Day of Visibility with an incisive four-part series by André Pérez that examines four very different experiences of being trans in Ame… Read More
2019-03-28 18:33 1995, a film opened that caused a riot.  Critics loathed it.  The Golden Raspberry Awards celebrated it o… Read More
2019-02-22 01:39
Click here to listen to the interview. As I say every year, the only film awards that are bestowed strictly on merit are the ones handed out by the Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation, better… Read More
2018-12-02 00:18
The Firmament just before their 11/28/18 performance of Fantasia Re Back in the day, and I’m speaking here of the day(s) before the instant gratification of streaming, Blu-Ray, or even… Read More
Jason Reitman, Challenging
2018-11-21 21:48
It seems like a very good time to look back on the conversations that I’ve had with Jason Reitman over the years. His newest, THE FRONT RUNNER, it now in wide-release, and it does seve… Read More
2018-11-10 03:26
Click here to listen to the interview. Full disclosure. I appreciate opera as an art form, but I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan. In a way, that made me the perfect audience for MARIA… Read More
What Gives Alex Honnold Pause?
2018-10-12 00:10 Honnold is the only human being to have free-soloed Yosemite’s El Capitan (for we non-climbers, tha… Read More
2018-10-10 17:14
With his latest film, the extraordinary FIRST MAN, set to open this week, it seems like the perfect time to walk down memory lane with Damien Chazelle, starting with my interview with him an… Read More
2018-09-21 01:59
Here’s the challenge. Pick five films from the copious oeuvre of the legendary actor Marcello Mastroianni for a one-day tribute.  Of course there will be Fellini’s LA D… Read More
Paul Feig Is A Snappy Dresser
2018-09-15 21:59
He also makes movies that are smart, funny, and pointed. Think BRIDEMAIDS and THE HEAT. Oh, and don’t forget.Freaks and Geeks, his television series starring, among others, Seth Rogan… Read More
The Better Life Of Demián Bichir
2018-09-09 23:23
Click here for the interview with Demián Bichir and Chris Weitz for A BETTER LIFE. Demián Bichir & Chris Weitz In 2003, the Mexican MTV Awards created a special category, B… Read More
Rotimi Agbabiaka Is SEEING RED
2018-08-08 06:10 Agbabiaka, san Francisco, CA 8/2/18 It has become a 4th of July tradition for me to see the inaugural s… Read More
The Waking Life Of Richard Linklater.
2018-07-30 20:47
Richard Linklater, San Francisco, CA 10/13/17 There are many things that I adore about the intellectually eclectic films of Richard Linklater.  If he had done nothing except the incisiv… Read More
Daveed Diggs: Why Art Matters
2018-07-18 04:03 talked with Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal about their brilliantly funny, bitingly honest film, BLINDSPOTTING, on… Read More
Discovering Colin Bishopp
2018-07-07 03:24
One of the best things about my job, aside from the free coffee and occasional cocktail at a festival party, is discovering an up-and-coming filmmaker with talent to spare. And so it was w… Read More
Michael Mayer On The Necessity Of Art
2018-05-01 03:35 Michael Mayer, San Francisco, CA 4/29/18 I say this without reservation. Michael Mayer’s adaptation of Ant… Read More
2018-03-06 04:29
Kai Wada Roath, San Francisco, CA 2/28/18 Click here to listen to the interview. There is only one Bigfoot Film Festival and Symposium in the entire world, and it’s here in San Francis… Read More
2018-02-26 04:16 year since 1997 I have interviewed the John Wilson, Head Berry and founder of the Golden Raspberry Award… Read More
It Came From Outer Space
2018-02-23 23:16
Chadwick Boseman Why is it just now hitting me that two of last week’s releases have the device of an asteroid hitting the earth as the plot catalyst?  BLACK PANTHER (review here)… Read More
The Best Of 2017
2018-01-02 01:32
I refuse to be limited to just ten films.  I’ve ranted about the tyranny of it enough, so rather than repeat myself, let’s just get right to the films that blew me away this… Read More
The Detention Of Ziad Doueiri
2017-12-28 23:20 Ziad Doueiri made one of my favorite films of the 2010s, THE ATTACK (2011), about an apolitical Arab doctor… Read More
Meeting A Legend
2017-09-06 03:55 Bratt & Dolores Huerta, San Francisco, CA 9/4/2017 Sometimes, I get to meet a legend. Yesterday it was Dolor… Read More
Me And Jerry
2017-08-20 22:19
For many years I’ve had a standard answer when asked if I want my picture taken with an interviewee. It’s that I only have one picture of me on my web site, and it’s of me… Read More
2017-07-24 17:58
I could not contain myself when writing about Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK ( full review here).  It’s going to be a major contender during awards season, with perhaps another… Read More
2017-07-24 00:36
Click here to listen to the interview. George A Romero, San Francisco, CA 5/10/10 It was May 13, 2010. I was sitting the lobby of the 4 Seasons hotel here in San Francisco, and I was so… Read More
Joe Wright Takes No Prisoners
2017-07-13 22:26
I’ve loved Joe Wright movies since falling under the spell of his version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.  He found a way to take this oft-filmed story and give it a refreshing immediacy… Read More
Frameline 41, The Pop Quiz: Part 2
2017-06-30 20:57
FRAMELINE 41 initiated a pair of press days for those of us covering the festival, and it offered me a rare opportunity to talk to many of the participating filmmakers while they were all ga… Read More
Frameline 41, The Pop Quiz: Part 1
2017-06-30 02:42
FRAMELINE 41 initiated a pair of press days for those of us covering the festival, and it offered me a rare opportunity to talk to many of the participating filmmakers while they were all ga… Read More
2017-06-26 18:43
Last night at the closing night of Frameline 41, during the Q&A following the screening of After Louie – A Film by Vincent Gagliostro, a young man ran onto the stage. I snapped… Read More
Memory And Activism At Frameline 41
2017-06-24 23:27
Specifically two films, AGAINST THE LAW and AFTER LOUIE. The former a docu-drama about the reluctant activist, Peter Wildeblood, whose imprisonment for being gay led to a book and the start… Read More
2017-06-22 18:11
Lena Hall, San Francisco, CA 6/21/17 Lena Hall before last night’s Frameline 41 screening of BECKS, co-directed by Daniel Powell and Elizabeth Rohrbaugh. The film was written by Powell… Read More
ALABAMA BOUND – Carolyn Sherer
2017-06-17 16:03
Carolyn Sherer, co-director of Alabama Bound, in my impromptu studio at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square (yeah, that’s quite a view). Her film about lesbian couples fighting the g… Read More
Farewell, Robert Osborne
2017-03-06 20:09
Robert Osborne & Robert Wagner, San Francisco, CA 4/16/13 I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with TCM‘s Robert Osborne twice, and each time it was a learning experie… Read More
Mike Birbiglia’s Teachable Moment
2016-06-11 18:58 Birbiglia, San Francisco, CA 6/9/16 Mike Birbiglia’s new film, DON’T THINK TWICE, won&rs&hellip…Read More
2016-02-02 00:02
Ushering in both February and the Year of the Monkey, I joined KGO Radio‘s divine Maureen Langan to talk film, film festivals, questionable casting decisions, and Susan Saran… Read More
2016-01-22 21:32
It’s always a pleasure to join the divine Maureen Langan to talk movies on her KGO-AM radio show here in San Francisco. For this installment, we relished the conspiracy theory about wh… Read More
2016-01-14 19:31
So little time with Alan Rickman when he was here for Bottle Shock in 2008 (interview here). I did, though, get in a question that mixed two things about which he was passionate, though… Read More
2016-01-02 01:20
For some reason, most of the film’s being released this holiday season are dour. From SON OF SAUL, which plunges the viewer into the horror and madness of Auschwitz at the end of… Read More
2015-10-16 22:15
With apologies for the delay in posting.  I was once again honored to join the divine Maureen Langan of San Francisco’s KGO-AM radio to talk films, including two winners at the Mi… Read More
2015-10-13 20:54
Will Durst, Johnny Steele, Larry “Bubbles” Brown Explains why everyone should see 3 STILL STANDING, co-starring fellow San Francisco stand-up legends Will Durst and Johnny Steel… Read More
2015-09-19 17:44
And topping the list for those lucky enough to be near a theater showing it is EAST SIDE SUSHI, Anthony Lucero’s winning tale of Juana, a single Latino mother with killer knife sk… Read More
2015-09-18 20:32
Is there a better way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah than joining KGO Radio’s divine Maureen Langan for a chat about the movies?  I think not.  This week we talked about Sarah Si… Read More
2015-09-02 04:32
Merl Reagle & Patrick Creadon How did the passing of the great Merl Reagle get by me?  The legendary designer of crossword puzzles passed away on August 22, 2015, and the world will… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
I don’t usually want to know much about the magic that brings movie creatures to life. It is with a great deal of pride that I say that to this day, I have no idea about the mechanisms… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Now that Alfonso Cuaron has won the Oscar ™ for directing GRAVITY, I hope people will take a look at his previous work, including CHILDREN OF MEN. It’s an exquisite film, but one… Read More

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