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What is the #Otiot – GIMEL

“Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see how the fields are already white for harvest.” John 4:35

And Joshua the son of Nun sent two men secretly from Shittim as spies, saying, “Go, view the land …” Joshua 2:1

GIMEL possibly originated from a bi-literal (two character) root word GAM – Strongs Concordance H1571
having the generic meaning ‘gathering’ as in ‘assembling’ or ‘harvesting’.

It has also been argued that it has come from the tri-literal root word GAMAL Strongs H1580.
The translated meanings here appear to be in agreement with traditional Jewish thinking, and include the meanings:
benefit; require; ripen; bestow upon; deal bountifully; do good; reward; yield.

You can see, as demonstrated by the two above verses, that there are two ways of looking at ‘gathering’. One is to gather in a harvest, and the other is to gather in pertinent information.

Both these definitions are brought into agreement with each other by another, apparently generic meaning – ‘to walk’. After all the sages of old (that is, before the Babylonian exile in which the Israelites were made to write using the square-form Hebrew characters that is still in use today), saw GIMEL as a leg that is Walking. They regarded the character as the motion of a benefactor drawing near to give charity to someone who was in need.

However, Yeshua’s words reveal a tactical attitude towards the Father’s harvest. And this was taken up by Paul in Romans 10:15 and Ephesians 6:15. The point is not so much as a requirement on our behalf, but rather the inevitable result of a life following our Messiah … Jesus said in Acts 1:8 3… you will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth”. He was not asking – He was stating a fact, that is bourne out of many today manifesting a specific and uniquely personal compulsion that results in unprecedented numbers of people being found by the Lord.

But let us be careful in analyzing this because we need to look at it through a Hebrews eyes … in other words, we need to hear the call to action … and DO IT!

So, what IS the call to action here?

None other than the simple question “where are you walking?” The Father asked that question in Genesis 3:9 “where are you?” We must be honest in answering. And where we are walking is of the utmost importance as to what our relationship is with Him … if we are worried about our financial situation then we are not walking with God. The same can be said for numerous situations that Western thinking people can find themselves in.

Perhaps the most helpful, and maybe most relevant, passage in this blog is the Joshua reference, because the Father has already told Joshua what he was about to receive. We must be able to understand that our loving Heavenly Father is doing exactly the same thing by revealing to us that the Kingdom of Heaven is our inheritance – He has promised it to us – it is The Promised Land! (1 Peter 1:3-5!)

… We have just got to get rid of a few giants – that’s all!

This is no joke. In the western world we tend to feel a kind of security in that, for a lot of us, there is nobody trying to kill us or hurt us (yes, I know that this is not so for everyone – even in the West … so forgive me if you have encountered such things … I am trying to make a point, so please be patient).

It is easy for us to concentrate on earning a living, buying a house … etc, and not think of a deadly war about us.

But that is precisely what is happening. In Syria it might be possible to see your enemy – he is the one who has a rifle … aimed at you. But in the pleasant peaceful French countryside it is extremely difficult to see that there is a real enemy … and it wants me dead … NOW! I am talking about the giants named Gluttony, Complacency, Greed, Selfishness, Lying, Lust … can you hear what I am saying?

Seriously, you can die from the wounds that these inflict. That is why you must ask yourself the question “where am I walking? Who am I walking with (read following, or submitting … or serving). Jesus said we CANNOT serve both God and Mammon … we CANNOT! If we serve one then we have NOTHING to do with the other! (Matthew 6:24 … read this until you KNOW who you REALLY serve … then take action!).

Do not think that I am transgressing, because the ‘walk’ found in GIMEL is to be read either way, depending on the context. So it needs to be pointed out that GIMEL has a tendency to be extreme – one way or the other. And when it is found among other otiot then the reality (or ‘walk’) of the situation can be truly seen.

Remember the reasoning behind Joshua’s spies being sent into the land, and the fact that they needed to be ‘incognito’, quiet, aware, taking notes of all tactical information – both encouraging, and discouraging, all in order to strengthen their resolve and be able to overcome all the powers of darkness that sought to bar their way towards the promised land (Luke 10:19). Get it?

I am posting each call to action (that is each Ot) with what I consider to be of vital importance to anyone who is seeking to progress in their relationship with Yeshua. You will find descriptions of individual Ot by pressing on the name of the character in the column to the right under the title “OTIOT CHARACTERS”.

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What is the #Otiot – GIMEL


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