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7 curious facts about cats

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If you are a cat lover or your house lives a pet, then you probably know about the many features of these quadrupeds. Cats can be fun, intuitive and loving. They have their own schedule and they can be very demanding, temperamental and unpredictable. Here are some interesting facts that will help you better understand cats.

1. Cats can reach great heights  

In 1963, France was the first cat sent into space. A spokeswoman cat, whose name was Felisett (Felicette), also called koshkonavtom, poisoned at an altitude of 200 km and successfully returned to Earth. During the flight, the electrodes are attached to the cat, were constantly monitoring her condition. And although the idea to release a cat on a rocket is not the best, do not underestimate the strength of the cats, as they are often easy to jump from high cabinets, refrigerators and branches of trees without compromising their health.

2. Cats almost human emotions  

In the gray matter of cats have some similarities with the human brain. While the experts argue about the depth and range of emotions, they confirm that cats often have the same emotions as humans, such as happiness, excitement, playfulness, depression and anger. Any cat lover can confirm the presence of all these emotions, if not more, in their four-legged friends. Be careful with angry cats. Unhappy cat can write in your favorite chair, throw a roll of toilet paper and even break the dishes. Also, cats urchat not only when happy, but when they feel pain or feel stressed.

3. Cat bites can be dangerous  

Cat bite can be toxic and dangerous. According to available data about the cats and their owners, hundreds of thousands of people become victims of cat bites each year. Cat bite can cause serious bacterial infection pasteurellosis caused by pathogen Pasteurella multocida. The infection is easily treated with penicillin, but if you do not start treatment, especially in the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, the infection can grow under the skin, spread through the lymphatic system, and in rare cases, lead to death. That is why you should visit a doctor after being bitten by a cat.

4. Cats can jump very high  

Did you know that some cats can jump to a height of five times his height in just one leap? This is indeed the case and if you have a cat in the house, make sure that all the fragile things in a safe place, such as a cabinet with lockable doors that protect valuable items from the acrobatics of your pet.

5. Cats can be cloned  

You have an exceptional cat and lots of money? Clone it. Such technology does exist for those who have money to burn chicken. Little Nicky was born in 2004 and was the first commercially cloned cat. Clone was derived from DNA dead cat owner, who paid $ 50,000 to make a copy of his best friend and said the two cats are remarkably similar in nature.

6. Vision and cats better and worse of human  

Cats better vision of man, because cats can see better in the dark and in the dim light and have a much wider peripheral vision. It is worse because the cats do not distinguish colors as well as people. Some scientists believe that cats can see the grass red.

7. Cats are not a sweet tooth  

Unlike dogs, cats do not eat sweet lovers. Scientists believe that the reason is the mutation in the gene for a key taste receptor. Products that do not give cats include onions, garlic, green or raw tomatoes, chocolate, grapes and raisins. Although milk is not toxic, it can cause indigestion in cats and bloating. If you feed your cat dog food or canned tuna, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

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7 curious facts about cats


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