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9/11 News: Video Shows How World Trade Center Building # 7 Fell And How Badly The NIST Got The Modeling Of The Collapse Wrong

9/11 News: Video Shows How World Trade Center Building # 7 Fell And How Badly The NIST Got The Modeling Of The Collapse Wrong
When you compare how WTC 7 fell to the model the NIST put out of how it fell, you'll notice one startling discrepancy. What you see in real life and what you see on NIST's computer model don't match. A University study concluded that WTC 7 could NOT have fallen by fire and a short video on this anomaly even aired on PBS (if one building could be shown to not have fallen from fire could the others be as well?).

University Study Concludes: Fire Did Not Bring Down Building 7 on 9/11
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9/11 News

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    9/11 News: Video Shows How World Trade Center Building # 7 Fell And How Badly The NIST Got The Modeling Of The Collapse Wrong


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