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Is Mitch McConnell A Russian Asset? In Any Case, "Moscow Mitch" Is A Well Deserved Nickname.

Is Mitch McConnell A Russian Asset? In Any Case,
Background/Context: Mitch McConnell Takes Bald Faced Treason To New Levels With The Help Of GOP's Propaganda Machine, Fox "News"

More evidence of treasonous behavior by Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell at nexus of increased Russian leverage on U.S. - Rachel Maddow shares details from a recent Pentagon white paper about how Russia secures its influence over other countries' politics and notes that Mitch McConnell's role in facilitating an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in his home state of Kentucky, among other things, aligns with Russia's strategy.

Revelation of Russian backer stirs remorse on Kentucky plant - Kentucky State Representative Kelly Flood talks with Rachel Maddow about her reservations about supporting a new aluminum plant in Kentucky now that it has been revealed that much of the financing for the project comes from previously sanctioned Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and his company, Rusal.

Pattern of Russian economic coercion precedes Kentucky mill deal - Laura Rosenberger, director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, talks with Rachel Maddow about Russia's strategy of exploiting a country's instability or disunity and installing its businesses into a country's economy to get leverage over the target country's political decisions.

Moment Of Zen:

Mitch McConnell: Dry Rot of Democracy | Full Frontal on TBS
Strap on your safety goggles and hold your breath, we're diving deep into the government's drain to take a closer look at the Mitch McConnell-shaped clog that's been mucking things up for ages.

Mitch McConnell

  • Mitch McConnell Takes Bald Faced Treason To New Levels With The Help Of GOP's Propaganda Machine, Fox "News"
  • Clearly, Mitch McConnell Is A Child Of Thanos (Of The Black Order) - Watch McConnell Fulfill Bartlett's Prophecy

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

  • Fox News And The GOP Are Basically Terrorist Organizations (Based On Their Rhetoric & The Effects Of That Rhetoric)
  • Media: The Rights - Unacknowledged - War On Jews And Muslims
  • Ronald Reagan Helped Normalize Racism And Fake Economics! No Wonder He's A Hero To The GOP!
  • Republicans Won't Call Trump's Tweets Racist Because That Is The Very Foundation Of Their Parties Political Strategy
  • Republican Strategy Since Reagan Is To Be Covert In Their Racism As 'Overt Racism Doesn't Win Elections Anymore'
  • Trump & The GOP Add 1400 More American Deaths Per Year To Their Murder Tally
  • "Eliminationism" Or The Demonization And Racism Inherent In Right Wing American Politics (Basically, Southern Politics) With David Neiwert (Correspondent for the Southern Poverty Law Center)
  • GOP Hypocrisy...The Republicans Basic Argument Is: We Are Going To Hurt & Betray The Country But You Should Be Nice To Us... While We Lie & Incite Terror!
  • Mike Pence Represents Some Of The Worst Behavior & Unconstitutional Beliefs Of The Republicans/GOP (With John Oliver)
  • Minority Rule: Get Big Money Out Of Politics (We Have Become A Plutocracy!)
  • Paul Ryan: Liar, Traitor. The GOP Should Just Be Called "The Party Of Death"
  • GOP Prove That They Don't Care About Crimes Committed By The President Showing They Don't Stand For The Constitution Or Responsibility
  • Even More Proof That The GOP Are Defying The Constitution ( And Their Oaths Of Office) By Not Impeaching Trump
  • Yet More Proof That The GOP Are Defying The Constitution ( And Their Oaths Of Office) By Not Impeaching Trump For Obstruction Of Justice
  • Remembering George H W Bush Factually (War Crimes, Racism, Obstruction Of Justice, Constitutional Abuses etc.)
  • Trump's America: We Are ONLY Getting An FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh's Lies Because ONE Republican Senator Is Not Running For Re-Election & Thus Feels Like He Can Be Moral & Tell The Truth Like A Real American!
  • GOP Take "Betraying Thier Oath To the Constitution" To A Whole New Level!
  • GOP's War On the Constitution: Lack Of Impeachment Over The Emoluments Clause Indicates Republicans Don't Respect The Constitution
  • Outlining Some Of The Attacks On The Constitution By The GOP's Bush Administration (Pre & Post 9/11)
  • The South Have Always Been The Traitors Of America... Always, Bravely, Attacking America To The Death!
  • Trump Said He Would "Drain The Swamp" And Now He Has Become The Swampiest Of Them All! And The GOP Support This.
  • Trump Has Become A Dictator Of Orwellian Proportions! GOP Have Enabled A Monster!
  • Trump Is Clearly In Bed With Putin. GOP Are Clearly In Bed With Trump... Are Trump And The GOP Pandering To Putin As An Election Strategy? i.e. "It Worked Before So Why Not Again?"
  • Note - Gerrymandering Is A Subset Of "Rigging Elections" Or "Election Fraud", An Important Aspect That Gets Left Out Of Media Coverage
  • TRAITORS! Proofs Of Trump And The GOP Being Traitors! (A Walk-through The Russia Lies & Coverups)
  • GOP Treason Tactics: Documenting Some Of The Obstruction Of Justice Attempts By The Republicans Using Memos (Such As the Nunes Memo)
  • Paul Ryan's And The GOP's Economic Treason In A Nutshell
  • More High Crimes, Misdemeanors & Emoluments Clause (Constitutional) Violations By Trump Enabled By The GOP!
  • John McCain Has Helped Kill Millions Of People And Is Treated With Respect Because He Is Rich & Powerful . Clearly The World In America Is Upside Down!
  • Debunking McCain's Speech: John McCain Should Never Have Gotten An Award For "Bi-Partisanship"! What A Joke!
  • Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny - The Southern Strategy By The GOP Created Modern Politics But They Continuously Get Away With It!
  • Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny: The Paul Ryan Example, i.e. "Paul Ryan Is A Bad Person", So Why Won't The Media Tell The American People?
  • Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny - The Ongoing Iraq War Lies Coverup By Richard Engel & NBC
  • Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny - Making Russia Seem Worse Than The GOP (& How Russia & The Right-Wing/GOP Are Really In A Symbiotic Relationship!)
  • Outlining The Kochs Treasonous Agenda: Proofs That The Koch Brothers OWN The Right Wing & Thus The GOP Could Be Renamed "KOCH"
  • The Right Wing Are Basically Terrorists Or "Terrorist Creators" (Alt Right Terrorists Is The Politically Correct Term)
  • GOP: The Anti-Science Party (Or A Look At The Intellectual Foundations Of America's Nazi Party)
  • The GOP Loves Sending Soldiers Into War, But They Don't Give A Damn What Happens To Them Once They Come Home
  • The War Party (GOP) Exposed - Whether At Home Or Abroad, The GOP Is Always Attacking People & Diverting Resources For War
  • Trump, GOP & Right Wing Media Embraced Pedophile Roy Moore Till He Lost & Are Now Trying To Distance Themselves From Him
  • A Historical Fact The GOP Like To Mis-Remember To It's Advantage (Example Of Ann Coulter & Nixon)
  • From Being Pro-Child Rape To Stealing A Conspiracy Site's Explanation For His Yearbook Signing... All Evidence Points To Roy Moore Being A Pedophile Who Used His Influence As A Lawyer & Then A Judge To Scare Some Of His Victims & Charm Others Into Silence
  • Ronald Reagan's Policies Began The Destruction Of The Middle Class & The Constitution
  • Trump's "Mitch McConnell" Strategy & Trump's Parade Of Shills
  • The Last Time The GOP Passed A SPENDING Bill... They CREATED AND INCLUDED A LAW That Could Destroy The Economy
  • The Daily Show Completely Exposes Fox News As Hypocrites On Benghazi & Ferguson
  • GOP Establishment Economics ALWAYS Destroys The Economy & Leaves The Citizens Destitute
  • GOP & Fox News Are Basically Terrorist Organizations (Based On Rhetoric & Effects Of That Rhetoric)
  • Fox News & GOPs Growing Tradition Of Hypocrisy: The Ultimate In Dictatorship Ass Kissing & Betrayal Of The Country With Lies
  • The GOP-Republicans Have Rigged The Districts In Their Favor AKA Electoral Fraud AKA Gerrymandering
  • The GOP-Republican's Institutionalized Racism, Also Called The "Southern Strategy", EXPOSED
  • A Rare Look At A Possible Victim Of The GOP's "Southern Strategy" (AKA Institutional Racism)
  • James Inhofe: An Introduction To "The Senator With The Snowball" (Information Kept AWAY From The General Public Of Oklahoma!)
  • Jon Stewart Describes Republican's Non-Scientific Denial On Climate Change As The "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA" Tactic
  • National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month: As Bill O Reilly Gets Caught Up In Sex Scandals We Take A Look At Rape In The Military & Thier Republican Defenders
  • The Iraq Effect (2007): New Study Finds 600% Rise in Terrorism Since US Invasion of Iraq
  • Corporate Media's Iraq War Coverup: Incontrovertible Proof Of Network News & The Beltway Media Covering Facts About The Iraq War For Their GOP Masters
  • Jon Stewart Slams The GOP On Being Consistently WRONG About Iraq
  • Jon Stewart Points Out That Obama Was Following An Agreement Bush Signed When He Withdrew From Iraq (Which GOP Are Claiming Is The Reason For The Creation Of ISIS)
  • College Girl Puts Beltway Media To Shame By Rightfully Slamming Jeb Bush For Lying About ISIS NOT Being An Offshoot Of His Brothers Polices
  • Jon Stewart Eviscerates The GOP On Pushing To Fight Wars But Ignoring The Soldiers When They Return
  • Jon Stewart: Huh I Guess It Is Pretty F#@kin Weird That We Fly A Flag In Honor Of A Pro-Slavery Secessionist (Anti-American/Treasonous) Army

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Is Mitch McConnell A Russian Asset? In Any Case, "Moscow Mitch" Is A Well Deserved Nickname.


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