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Snapshot Of The Present: Trump Claims Divine Right!

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Donald Jr. Puts The Trump Playbook To Use
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Published on 16 May 2019 Donald Trump Jr. used negotiating skills straight out of daddy's playbook to set the terms of his upcoming testimony before the Senate Intel Committee.

Here Trump claims the Congress can't investigated him (as per the Constitution), instead Trump is now above the law and the Constitution he swore to protect!

Donald Trump

  • President Donald Trump's Impeachable Offenses
  • Is Trump Evil Or Stupid? ... A Russian Spy?
  • Trump First Acts Brave Saying He Will Shut Down The Government & Then, Like A Coward, Blames The Democrats
  • A Trump Yearly Special (2018): A Look At How Weird Trump Has Been This Year
  • A Trump Christmas Special By The Late Show
  • A Sitting President CAN Be Indicted As He/She Is A Citizen Like Everyone Else (In The Constitution, No One Is Above The Law)
  • John Oliver Talks About Authoritarianism
  • Trump Needs To Lawyer Up
  • Trump's America: An Explanation Of Modern Right Wing Authoritarianism & Politics/Terrorism By David Neiwert (Correspondent for the Southern Poverty Law Center)
  • Trump's & Fox News's Fear-Mongering On Immigrants Seeking Asylum From Poverty & Violence With Late Night Comedians
  • Trump's & Fox News's Terrorist Attack On The Press & Political Opponents With Late Night Comedians
  • GOP Latest Hypocrisy On Healthcare... Inspired By My Explanation Of Why Trump Won In 2016?
  • If Trump Can Restrict An FBI Investigation Then He Can Start One (Into 9/11). Even Trump's Supreme Court Pick of A 9/11 Insider (Brett Kavanaugh) Shows Trump Is NOT A 9/11 Truther
  • How Trump Makes The "Privileged Few" Seem Like The Victims (Standard Fox News Techniques Trump Uses Brilliantly)
  • Why Trump Won In 2016 And Why He Will Lose In 2018 (&, Most Likely, In 2020 As Well)
  • Trump Is Not Even A "Self-Made" Billionaire Using A MILLION Dollar Loan! He Has Literally Been Created, In Every Way, By His Father And His Spoilt Rich Kid Lifestyle!
  • Trump's America: We Are ONLY Getting An FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh's Lies Because ONE Republican Senator Is Not Running For Re-Election & Thus Feels Like He Can Be Moral & Tell The Truth Like A Real American!
  • Trump, The GOP And Fox News Are Now Pro-Gang Rape! (I Bet You Thought Supporting, The Pedophile, Roy Moore Was Bad Enough)
  • Trump Is Clearly A Racist
  • Puerto Rico Is Trump's Katrina!
  • Trump Is The Laughingstock Of the World
  • Its Crazytown Up There In The White House!
  • Trump's 9/11 Cons, Lies & Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Trump Takes Obstruction Of Justice To A Whole New Level!
  • Trump's Terrorist Attack On the Press (With Fox News Support)
  • Trump's Obstruction Of Justice Saga: Trump Has Made Obstruction Of Justice One Of His Favorite Pastimes
  • Trump Is Clearly In Bed With Putin. GOP Are Clearly In Bed With Trump... Are Trump And The GOP Pandering To Putin As An Election Strategy? i.e. "It Worked Before So Why Not Again?"
  • Trump Has Become A Dictator Of Orwellian Proportions! GOP Have Enabled A Monster!
  • Trump Said He Would "Drain The Swamp" And Now He Has Become The Swampiest Of Them All! And The GOP Support This.
  • Trump's White Supremacist - And Anti First Amendment - Attack On The NFL's Black Players Backed By Fox News And The GOP While Simultaneously Promoting & Being Nice To White Supremacists & Neo Nazis...
  • Stuff Fox News Won't Tell You: Before Having Unprotected Sex With Porn Star Stormy Daniels, Trump Told Her That She Reminded Him Of Her Daughter!
  • More High Crimes, Misdemeanors & Emoluments Clause (Constitutional) Violations By Trump Enabled By The GOP!
  • More Emoluments, High Crimes And Misdemeanors By Trump... Frankly, By This Point, Not Impeaching Trump SHOULD Earn The GOP Impeachments Of Their Own!
  • Trump Is Openly Defying The Emoluments Clause Of The Constitution, Basically Saying He Is Above The Law! And The GOP Are Helping Him!
  • Paul Ryan's And The GOP's Economic Treason In A Nutshell
  • An Overview Of Trump's 'Fire And Fury' Scandal
  • Does A Sex Tape Of Donald J. Trump & Stormy Daniels (Porn Star) Exist?
  • TRAITORS! Proofs Of Trump And The GOP Being Traitors! (A Walk-through The Russia Lies & Coverups)
  • Proofs That Trump Is Nothing But A Dictator, And Tyrant, At Heart
  • The Case For Impeaching The Trump Administration For The Emoluments Clause And Other High Crimes And Misdemeanors
  • Trump, GOP & Right Wing Media Embraced Pedophile Roy Moore Till He Lost & Are Now Trying To Distance Themselves From Him
  • The GOP's Dictator Worship Tendencies: Tax Bill Example
  • Explaining Trump Asking Comey For A Loyalty Oath As Trump's Inner African Dictator (GOP's "Loyalty Oaths" & Treasonous Tendencies Are Preventing Them From Impeaching Trump)
  • People Are Asking If Trump Has Dementia. I Think Trump Knows Hes A Nazi And Loves It... But That Doesn't Mean He's Not Crazy
  • Trump, Hannity, And The Pedophile Brigade
  • With RNC's Funding Of Roy Moore & Trump's Endorsement Of Him... Truth Tellers Can Now Official Use The Term "The Pedophile Party" in Describing The GOP
  • Don't Forget: Donald Trump Wants To Bang His Daughter
  • The Veritas Pedophile Brigade Is Just Another Billionaire (Koch & Devos) Funded Fake News Project
  • Why We Should Be Talking About Impeaching Trump Everyday & On Everything
  • Evidence Trump Is Losing His Grip On Reality (i.e. He's Going Crazy &/Or Senile Folks!)
  • Trump Is A Pathological Liar
  • Yet More Confirmed Evidence Of Collusion/Contacts Between the Trump Campaign & Russia
  • Fmr. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Larry Summers Breaks With Tradition And Slams The Trump Administration's Tax Bill As Nonsense
  • Trump Pushes Racist Fake News About Muslims & The Bigots Love It
  • Trump Lied About Being President Of The People, Not Cutting Medicare, Not Cutting Social Security, Increasing Funding For Veterans With PTSD And Even Reducing The Debt! Trump Can't Be Trusted As A Man Of His Word.
  • The Collusion Evidence Is Pretty Conclusive... Trump, His Family & Campaign Staff/Allies Are All Traitors!
  • Trump Wants To Be A Dictator & The GOP Likes Dictators. They Couldn't Be A More Perfect Match for Each Other... Especially Now That They Are OFFICIALLY The Party Of The Pedophile
  • The Art Of Economic Treason: The Mechanics Of The Current Tax Reform Con Trump, The GOP & Fox News Are Pulling
  • Daily Show On GOP's Trickle Down Economics: The Republicans Economic Con Is Just The Already Debunked "Supply Side Economics" From The 80s (i.e. Reverse Robin Hood Economics Of Stealing From the People To Line Their Pockets Like "Nobles" In Monarchies)

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Snapshot Of The Present: Trump Claims Divine Right!


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