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Clear Signs That Trump, The GOP And The Right Wing Media (Such As Fox News & Info-wars) Caters To White Supremacists (& Neo-Nazis) And Seeks To Promote Their Hate

1. Trump's "Alternative Facts" Are The Ultimate Result Of Fox News Talking Points 
2. The Case To Impeach Trump JUST For Being Crazy
3. Trump's "Mitch McConnell" Strategy & Trump's Parade Of Shills 

This post outlines the clear evidence that links the Republican Party to White Supremacy in 4 steps with news reports at the end to show more detail of how this relationship works in practice. Maybe its time we stopped being politically correct and started calling the Republican Party Leadership (The GOP) what they reall are, i.e. White Supremacists who are trying to hurt &/or kill people with incendiary rhetoric.

GUY-FAWKERS Michele Bachmann one-ups the tea party protests by holding a health care reform rally on Guy Fawkes Day.

Bachman encouraging domestic terrorism through innuendo;

An explanation in 4 steps...

1. Democracy Now: Linking White Supremacists With The Tea Party

Since President Obama’s election, there’s been a surge in hate crimes, political murders and assassination threats in this country. Right-wing militias are on the rise in several states, and high rates of unemployment have further stoked anger against racial minorities and recent immigrants. Independent filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen go inside the white nationalist movement to file an exclusive report. 
Since President Obama’s election, there’s been a surge in hate crimes, political murders and assassination threats in this country. Right-wing militias are on the rise in several states, and high rates of unemployment have further stoked anger against racial minorities and recent immigrants. Independent filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen go inside the white nationalist movement to file an exclusive report. 

    RICK ROWLEY: Exploiting America’s racial fault line helps white nationalists impact mainstream politics. It also helps conservative talk-show hosts get viewers. 

    GLENN BECKThis president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture. This guy is, I believe, a racist. 
    I feel like President Obama is just saying, you know what? 

    RICK ROWLEYFor years, the anti-immigration movement was the vehicle of choice for white nationalists looking for an impact on public policy. 

    GLENN BECKWhy don’t you just set us on fire? Do you not hear the cries of people who are saying “Stop!”? 

    TEA PARTY EXPRESS ANNOUNCERAll aboard the Tea Party Express.

    RICK ROWLEY: But since Barack Obama’s election, conservative media figures have helped launch a new populist movement that white nationalists see as their best chance in decades to cross over into mainstream American politics. 


    RICK ROWLEYCalling themselves “Tea Party Patriots,” installing themselves as new American revolutionaries, conservative activists have descended by the thousands on town halls, state capitols and in Washington, DC. The tea party movement claims it has nothing to do with racism, but at rallies across the country, race is never far below the surface. 

    TEA PARTY PATRIOT 1: Coming to a clinic near you.

    TEA PARTY PATRIOT 2: And I think the guy’s a racist. I mean, you know, he’s talking about how he’s going to bring this country together. If he gets us any more together, we’re going to kill each other. 

    TEA PARTY PATRIOT 3: What’s the difference between the Cleveland Zoo and the White House? The zoo has an African lion, and the White House has a lyin’ African.

    JACQUIE SOOHENBut do you think Obama is a real American? 

    TEA PARTY PATRIOT 3: No, I do not. 

    TEA PARTY PATRIOT 4: I do believe that he’s trying to change the country in his own image, whatever his image is. 

    LEONARD ZESKINDA number of white nationalists noticed the tea party phenomenon and said, “This is something we have to get into.” On their websites and in other venues, they started to talk about what they needed to do to push the envelope. 

    RICK ROWLEYThe Council of Conservative Citizens is perhaps the largest and most influential white nationalist group pushing the envelope. The Council keeps its membership secret but counts elected officials among its ranks. It has dozens of chapters across the United States, many of which have organized tea parties. The organization is the descendant of the White Citizens’ Councils, formed to combat the civil rights movement and preserve segregation. Today, its website identifies the United States as a Christian and European nation and opposes integration and race mixing. 

    GORDON BAUMWhat’s a racist? You know, I’m not sure what the term means, even. That you’re proud of what you are? Well, everybody, I guess, is a racist of some sort. 

    RICK ROWLEYGordon Baum was part of the White Citizens’ Councils in the ’60s. Today he is the Council of Conservative Citizens director. 

    GORDON BAUMOur nose is being rubbed into the fact that Obama’s black, and we better all recognize the fact that he’s a black man and he’s our president. And Mr. White American, you’re going to have your nose rubbed in it. We can do what we want, and we’re going to give ourself all kind of goodies. 

    The last year has been probably our most dramatic in growth, because people are really upset with the direction this country has taken. And we’re getting lots of young people, a lot of veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, that want something done before it’s too late. 

    CHIP BERLETLet’s look at The Councilor of the Citizens’ Council of Louisiana. “Martin Luther King, a troublemaker, a liar.” 

    RICK ROWLEYChip Berlet runs Political Research Associates, which has been tracking the Citizens’ Councils since the ‘60s. He sees a continuum between the overt racial appeals of the past and the tea party rallying cries today. 

    CHIP BERLETThe kind of naked white supremacy that you see in the pages of The Councilor are no longer acceptable. And so, you develop other ways, coded language, essentially. 

    TEA PARTY SINGERThere’s three words you need to sing with me, and those three words are “Take it back.” [singing] Tack it back. Take our country back. 

    CHIP BERLET“Take our country back.” Now what could that possibly mean? Well, our country is a white Christian nation. And the more we diluted our America with those other people, the less it was going to be America. And the idea is always that we have to take back our America from them. And you never have to say “them,” because the only people being addressed when you say “Take back America” are white people. 

    RICK ROWLEYAt tea parties across the country, it is impossible not to notice that the audience is always almost entirely white. 

    GORDON BAUMThey bring — invite black speakers to it, in hopes of attracting blacks and Hispanics. And for some reason, they just turn their back on it, and they’re not interested. 
    RICK ROWLEYGordon Baum says African Americans don’t come to the tea parties because black culture is less democratic than white culture. 

    GORDON BAUMIt’s a chief mentality. If Obama is the boss, that’s it. 

    RICK ROWLEYGordon Baum put us in touch with Brian Pace, the regional organizer for the Council of Conservative Citizens in northern Mississippi, where tea parties have helped with recruiting. 
    BRIAN PACEOur Mississippi website, it’s been put online in July, and we’ve had over 17,000 people come to it. Just like we put another website online called, and that’s getting flooded with responses. It’s nonstop. 

    RICK ROWLEYPace is busy setting up new chapters around the state and runs a side business selling Confederate and white pride stickers and pins, including many with slogans we had seen at tea party protests across the country. When Pace canvasses for new recruits, he starts the conversation on the economy. 

    BRIAN PACEThe biggest issues right now has got to be the economy, jobs and illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is not even really a third issue; it’s more or less — it’s all about the economy. So that’s pretty much driving the growth right now. 

    RICK ROWLEYThe town of Ripley just formed one of the newest chapters of the Council and organized its own tea party. JD Meadows is a new Council member. He was receptive to Pace’s economic message. 

    JD MEADOWSMy uncle lost his job up here at BenchCraft — so did my aunt — when it shut down and moved to China. 

    RICK ROWLEYMeadows showed us the factories that have been closed down in the last two years. He said that the town has watched the government bail out the banks on Wall Street while its local economy crumbled. 

    JD MEADOWSNobody wants to see the large international bankers get richer. It is a struggle. Most people around here, whether they’re Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, are fed up with the government in some way or form. 
Well, I think that if you’re looking at it in terms of a society, people need to stand up and say this is way out of control, that whenever you have this kind of anger and demonization and scapegoating, it’s very toxic to democracy. And I wrote a report called “Toxic to Democracy” to explain how that works. 
The other thing is that Democrats really have to stop this snide and smug and arrogant, you know, “haha, let’s laugh at the rednecks and rubes” stance, because, you know, first of all, the political right has out-organized centrist Democrats repeatedly since 1980. So I have no idea why they’re laughing on the Democratic Party side. And the other thing these inside-the-Beltway spin doctors who say, you know, “It’s OK to call them the radical religious right, the political extremists, they’re crazy” — you know, this whole theory that came out of the ’50s and ’60s that these people are psychologically maladjusted has been repudiated in social science. So, you know, there are people being pulled into the right-wing populist and white supremacist movement that skillful, progressive organizers and labor organizers could be bringing into a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition.

AMY GOODMANChip Berlet, we’re going to have to leave it there. We thank you very much for being with us, senior analyst at Political Research Associates, co-author of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort.       

Note: Without the KKK the GOP, As It Is Today, Would Not Exist... Republicans & Fox News Know This & Appreciate This & Thus Cater To Their Base...

Yahoo: Study: The KKK helped Republicans win the South

In 1960, the American South mostly voted for Democratic candidates and was solidly Democratic at the congressional level. By 2000, it was solidly Republican in presidential politics and mostly Republican at the congressional level. The transformation, clearly, had something to do with race and the Civil Rights Movement. But a provocative new paper suggests that Ku Klux Klan activity — as opposed to the broader phenomenon of racism — played a small but meaningful role in the process. Counties with more Klan activity saw a more dramatic shift toward the GOP, a shift that stands up to a range of reasonable statistical controls and suggests that the Klan was really a difference maker.

2. Linking KKK's Basic Platform To The Republican Party As Implemented By Mitt Romney Which Donald Trump Has Continued With (In Action, After Going Back On Some Campaign Promises While Fulfilling Others... All Fit The KKK's Agenda)

Research: Official Ku Klux Klan Party Platform IS The GOP And Tea Party Agenda

First and foremost, the KKK claims that:
“There is a race war against whites.”
It’s the same as claiming that reverse-racism is a real problem for white people.
And where have we heard this before? It is the exact same propaganda being promoted by Fox News, by right wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and by right wing politicians like Mo Brooks. It’s also the same propaganda that is being distributed by the “Official Tea Party USA” website.
The official platform of the Knight’s Party (KKK) also includes the following:
1. “The recognition that America was founded as a Christian nation.”
This is the first line from the official platform of the KKK. The underlying idea here is that if you accept the false premise that America was founded as a Christian nation, you will also accept the false (and unchristian) premise that it’s ok to hate, discriminate and segregate everyone who is not a Christian.
Where have heard this Christian nation stuff before? Fox News, Tea Party representatives like Michelle Bachmann, talk show personalities like Rush Limbaugh and everywhere else right wing propaganda is spun. From the Official Tea Party website:
“The Tea Party includes those who possess a strong belief in the foundational Judeo-Christian values embedded in our great founding documents.”
2. “The recognition that America was founded as a white nation.”
As Mitt Romney would say, it’s the ‘Anglo-saxon heritage‘ white people share with the people of Europe, that President Obama just can’t understand.  We can see this as clear as day in this recent article about the situation in Ferguson, which appeared in the Tea Party Tribune on August 20. There’s also the non-stop revisionist history lessons taking place on Fox News.
. 3. “Abolish all affirmative action programs.”
White people are being discriminated against. It’s totally unfair to white people if other people are given a fair chance. Again, we see this propaganda being disseminated via Fox News,  republican politicians, and of course, republican talk radio personalities.
4. “Put American Troops on the Borders and Stop the Flood of Illegals.”
“America is being over run by illegal immigrants mostly from nonwhite countries who do not share the Christian European values of our nation’s founders.”
Is there any doubt that the republican and tea parties are pushing this part of the KKK agenda?
5. “Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon.”
This sounds remarkably similar to the position of the GOP and tea party.
6. “Drug testing all welfare recipients.”
Again, a policy strongly promoted by GOP and tea party politicians, pundits and media personalities. It has been struck down by federal courts because the idea behind it is deeply rooted in stereotypes and racist ideas.
7. “Balance the budget.”
Yes this is a part of the official KKK platform.
8. “Privatization of the public school system.”
“We must remove the humanist influence in our schools and teach fact based curriculum to further the students knowledge not someone’s opinion. Parents should have the option of private or home schooling if they prefer and students should be free to practice their Christian faith in the classroom.”
In it’s official platform, the KKK states that the group wants to abolish the National Education Association and children’s protective services, as well.
As Adolph Hitler said “Give me the text books and you give me the country.”
Below is the rest of the KKK agenda. It’s clear that all of these policies mirror those of the republican and tea parties.
9. “Restoring individual freedom to Christian America.”
“People should be allowed to hire who they want, live where they want and practice the Christian faith as they please. Likewise people should be able to sell to whom they want , rent to whom they want and socialize and conduct business with who they want. The government should not interfere with the everyday lives of white Christian Americans.”
10. “Sovereignty of the states.”
“Each state should be able to officially declare that any power of law not directly given to the federal government by the constitution can be nullified by the state congress. We furthermore recognize that the 10th Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states to be an agent of the states instead of the states being an agent of the federal government.”
11. “Everyone who can work, should work.”
12.  “A strong defense department.”
(Women should be excluded from combat.)
“We believe that the defense dept. should consist of volunteers of both men and women with women being excluded from combat positions.”
13. Outlaw abortion.
14. Outlaw homosexuality.
“This is a Christian nation and the Bible condemns homosexual activity and the perversion of our society which it encourages.”
15. Death penalty (and extend it to include rapists and child molesters.)
16. A flat tax rate.
“A flat income tax should be introduced to allow for the funding of community, state and federal projects.
This should be the one and only tax allowed. It is the only fair way to collect revenue and does not discriminate against any economic class.”

TEMPEST IN A TEA PARTY - NATIONWIDE TAX PROTESTS With the advent of tea party protests, Fox News becomes the new proud voice of the people's revolution.


It was a great success according to the events organizers...

TAX ATAX Glenn Beck holds his tea party in the only location that makes sense: the Alamo.

The Tea Party organizers...

4. To Bolster White Supremacy (Who Tend To Be Christian) Fox News Defends Any Acts Of Terrorism By Them

The classic style is to pretend any white guy who commits domestic terrorism is mentally insane or not a Christian no matter what they themselves may say ( I covered some of this behaviour here: Tucker Carlson Continues With The Right Wing's War On Abortion Doctors (A Pattern That Is EXACTLY What You Would Expect From Domestic Terrorists!)

The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity...

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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O'Reilly declares... "Andre is not Christian as you don't kill in that faith"

Yet... from Andre: "Considering the fact that my martyrdom operation draws ever closer I decided to bring one to enjoy with my extended family at our annual Christmas party in December."

Even historically... "Augustine Gave the policy of persecution his personal approval, supplied theological justification, concern heresy and schism rather that paganism. We ought to be careful about those converted through the sword, those who accepted Christianity for political or social advantage. Scarcely ever is Jesus thought for His own sake."

[Note: Accusing someone of heresy means death in the old world, if believed. Augustine condemned a whole sect, i.e. he authorized genocide]

CNN: CNN's Randi Kaye speaks to former investigator of the Defense Department about hate groups infiltrating U.S. bases;
Tucker Carlson Now Continues this Tradition .. By Explicitly Defending The Honor Of The White Supremacists...

Tucker Carlson says it's unfair to call the Portland attacker a white supremacist 
Carlson: This is "hardly the behavior of a coherent white s

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Clear Signs That Trump, The GOP And The Right Wing Media (Such As Fox News & Info-wars) Caters To White Supremacists (& Neo-Nazis) And Seeks To Promote Their Hate


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