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The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 11 (2007)

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60% GOOD NEWS APRIL 24, 2007 - When Stephen watches "Fox & Friends," he feels like he's watching a Disney movie about the news. (2:49)

INDECISION '08 - STYLE JULY 31, 2007 - Fox News provides coverage of the 2008 presidential candidates, and John Hodgman gives Americans a lesson in the fashion of politics. (4:49)

MOMENT OF ZEN - KIDS AS PROPS OCTOBER 4, 2007 - Fox News denounces anyone who uses children to make political statements. (0:23)

MOMENT OF ZEN - WATERBOARDING DEMONSTRATION OCTOBER 8, 2007 - A Fox News correspondent demonstrates what it's like to be water-boarded. (0:33)

BACK IN BLACK - LIMBAUGH OCTOBER 9, 2007 - Lewis tears into the Senate for wasting time on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for trying to link Barack Obama's lack of a U.S. flag pin to Bill Clinton. (3:57)

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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Fox News

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Analyzing Fox News Rhetoric & "Conservatism"

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  • How Fine Words & Noble Phrases Can Lead To A Despotism/ Tyranny/ Dictatorship/ Communism.
  • If Fake News Is Domestic Terrorism (& It Is, i.e. "Propaganda") Then Fox News Are Domestic Terrorists
  • GOP-Israeli Terror Tactic: Force Muslims To Accept Blame For ALL Muslims No Matter What They Do By Asking Them To Condemn Terrorist Attacks While Right-Wing/Fox-News/GOP Terrorism Is Ignored!
  • CNN: Professor Predicts Trump Impeachment
  • Case Study: Watch MSNBC Hosts Talk About Fake News While Never Making The Connection Between Fake News & Fox "News" (I Also Explain The Polls On Trump's Voters)
  • Funny: A Professor Called Trump's Victory 'An Act Of Terrorism' & He Was Terrorized! :)
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  • Fox News Sunday Wants People To Be Nice To Someone Simply Because They Are In Public Office!
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  • Hannity Is Talking About "Fake News" In The Weirdest Way Because He Knows Fox News IS Fake News! Or So It Seems...
  • Hannity, Gorka & Tucker Carlson Demonstrate How To Use Non-Fact Based Rhetoric (Lies & Religious Hypocrisy) To Demonize Muslims
  • Weird Political Strategy By Napolitano & Hannity (The Cliven Bundy Conspiracy)

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The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 11 (2007)


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