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Ray Donovan 7.7: Back Story

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Tonight's episode 7.7 of Ray Donovan provided another reason for me to like this season the best.  In the case of this episode, it offered one of the best backstories I've seen on any series, period.

Especially the acting.  The guy (Bill Heck) who played young Mick had his (Jon Voight as Mickey's) mannerisms down pat.  His voice even sounded so much like Mickey's, it could have been Voight's overdubbed - for all I know, it was.  And the story this young Mick brought us finally gives us some crucial missing pieces in what makes the family Donovan tick.

In our present time, Mickey played by Voight tells us near the end of the episode that he's finally grown up - that everything we've seen him go through and do in these seven seasons has profoundly changed him.  Made him a, well, more responsible adult, even if that responsibility entails murder and whatever it takes.

And we get Ray's story, too.  The young Ray, wanting to kill his father.  This Ray (played by Aidan Pierce Brennan) is also given an excellent performance by someone who literally has a lot of Ray's (Liev Schrieber's) ways of looking at the world.  And our present Ray is changing in significant ways, too.  Under Molly's good influence, he refrains from killing someone who, at least in Ray's world, would have been better off dead.

A lot of this season, especially in the unpacking of those prior lives that bring the lives of our current characters into clearer focus, has the feel of a final season.  I'm very glad that it apparently isn't.  Because knowing what we now know of Mickey, and Ray, it will be more riveting than ever to see where there are next season, after this one concludes.  And we haven't even seen what else this current season has to teach us.

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Ray Donovan 7.7: Back Story


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