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Ray Donovan 6.10: Working Together

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The best Ray Donovan of the season - 6.10 - last night.  Because ... there's nothing as impressive as the Donovans working together.  Even just most of them, in a configuration we haven't quite seen before.

Mick continues to be at the top of game, encouraging Ray, not quite himself (always, this season) after all of the continuing beatings he's taken.  Mick tells Ray to do what Ray already knows: take one of theirs, the only way to have any chance of getting back Bridget.

The "theirs," as we know, are the NYPD's - I'm sure they're thrilled with this season of Ray Donovan - and Mick does a great job in the bar of capturing one of the cops or detectives or whatever these lowlife criminals with badges are who took Bridget as a way to pressure Ray to give back his recording of the Mayor ordering a hit. 

Sadly, also among those miscreants is Mac, but he still has a heart.  He apparently took Bridget somewhere, for her safety, after getting the call from the other bald guy with a badge that Ray had Danny (the detective in the bar), and he (the bald guy) was on his way to take care of things.

All of which resulted in: Danny beaten by Mick, and threatened by Ray (not only Danny but his family), revealing where Bridget is being held.  And although Ray doesn't free her in the end - because Mac has (presumably) taken her somewhere to keep her out of harm's way - at least Ray is close.

It's always good to see Donovans working together - in this case, with Jerry Orbach getting a shout-out from Mac for his Law and Order role, with Dirty Dancing playing on television.

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Ray Donovan 6.10: Working Together


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