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Help For The Inner Journey

By Denise Turney

There may be no Journey as hard or as rewarding as the inner journey. Unexpected experiences, outright shocks, long awaited successes, heartbreaks and joyous, peaceful events that can stretch into weeks, sometimes years, are part of the inner journey. If you’re up for it, you could be in for the ride of your life. After you get started, you also might need help.

What If Hope Doesn’t Know The Way

Play it safe (stay where you) and you may find yourself in need of more help, particularly as it regards Mental Health, than if you had stirred your courage, gotten started, stepped right into change and made mistakes along the way. Whatever your prior decisions, if you want your life to improve, don’t keep doing what you know (absolutely know) isn’t best for you.

Wikimedia Commons – Picture by ForestWander

Don’t just hope that an old situation will get better with time. After all, instead of enduring defeat, you could seek help. In this article, there are three primary ways to receive help for the inner journey.

To begin, practice Mental health awareness to avoid getting stuck, burned out, depressed or anxious. Mental awareness could help you to get and stay mentally sharp. No need adding more struggle to your journey. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to climb your fair share of mountains (even if you heed your inner voice of wisdom).

Stay Mentally Sharp

Fortunately, achieving mental awareness and mental sharpness may not be hard, especially if you are committed to your journey for the long term. The long term commitment is worth it. In fact, it may be the only way. After all, as with other journeys, and regardless of how hard you try to force things – the inner journey is gonna be step by step (or experience by experience).

If you’re looking for ways to get or stay mentally sharp, here are a few suggestions. Actions to practice mental health awareness and sharpness include:

  • Add at least three activities that you enjoy into your day (e.g. enjoying a hot, scented bubble bath, listening to your favorite music, reading a good book)
  • Get enough sleep (this includes deep sleep)
  • Meditate or still your mind
  • Pray and Trust the Creator
  • Pay attention to your dreams and other forms of inner communication
  • Treat your body to a healthy diet (e.g. fresh vegetables, delicious fruit bursting with flavor)
  • Daily exercise (get your body moving)
  • Write down your dreams (don’t get too surprised if you start spotting dream themes or recurring symbols that your subconscious pushes up to your conscious via the dream route)

Bottom line, respect your vessel. Also, respect your mind.

Different Kind of Travel Map

Next, take inspired action. This means that you’re not just throwing paint against the wall, hoping that it lands in the right spots. Also, don’t worry too much about getting it right. You’re going to make mistakes.

Yet, don’t accept mistakes as habits. Steer clear of convincing yourself that taking the wrong action is “okay” because everyone makes mistakes. In other words, learn to see success as normal and mistakes as forgivable, not experiences to settle into or beat yourself up over.

Examples of inspired action include:

  • Signing up for a free online or offline training
  • Joining and actively participating in a support group (e.g. mental health support group, startup founders support and networking group)
  • Attending a specific event
  • Contacting a certain person
  • Waking at a specific time in the morning when your brain is most alert, allowing ideas and answers to bubble up

You’ll know in your gut when the inner voice of wisdom is prompting you to take action. That inner voice of wisdom is your real voice. Even in this world, you can listen to it.

Seek Help From Someone Else

Should there be occasions when you feel stuck or confused (circling the mountain because you don’t know what to do), seek help. As easy as it is, avoid limiting “help” to mental health therapy with a licensed counselor or psychologist.

After all, bonding with friends, truly listening to the people who you partner with, and working with someone who has been stuck or confused before (and who found her way forward) are other ways to seek help. Key is to seek input from someone who can offer you a brand new perspective, someone who can speak with conviction.

As an example, you could seek the support of a life coach who has deep experience in your field. A coach could help you to see your blind spots. Just be open to listening. After all, how else will you learn?

Above all, keep going. This beautiful life that you are won’t unfold with the snap of a finger. But, it will unfold if you listen to your inner wisdom, practice mental awareness, stay mentally sharp and, if when you get stuck or confused, you seek help for the inner journey.

Making The Inner Journey Easier

As a final thought, when it comes to covering a lot of inner ground, consider external travel. Think about it.

New York to Kenya may be a long way to travel, especially if you go by boat. Oahu to Tuscany isn’t better. Yet, technology has helped to make it easy to see the path that you must take to get from one of those travel destinations to another. Do your homework, and you can even know what to expect (e.g. best places to dine, explore) when you arrive.  

There are plenty of travel websites, travel packages and travel deals. Talk about taking the fear out of making a decision about a new journey. Technology has taken a lot of unknown out of world travel. Mental awareness and the right support can do the same for the inner journey. It’s far worth it.

Although your life’s detailed travel plans aren’t uploaded on a travel website, you aren’t absent help. In fact, the more that you listen to the inner voice of wisdom, the better. Listen to the inner voice of wisdom and you could avoid mental health roadblocks. More importantly, you could make the inner journey easier.

And, that alone could keep you fueled with enough motivation and encouragement to keep going. You need to keep going. After all, how else will you know what this phase of your never ending journey will look like? Even more, how else will you come to know (truly know) what you really are?

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Help For The Inner Journey


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