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Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Love

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By Author Denise Turney

Love is the greatest gateway to peace. Yet, Love seems elusive. In fact, the harder you pursue love, the further away it can seem to move. The good news is that love can be realized.

As a first approach, to find love, always choose love, even when you want to retaliate, hold a grudge or hide. Here are 3 great reasons to always choose love as well as tips to realize love.

Signs That You May Be Running Away From Love

Although you don’t have to be convinced that love is worth pursuing, you may be eager for confirmation that your pursuit of love will not fail. Childhood abandonment, teen and adult relationship conflicts, not to mention colleague or neighbor relationship challenges can shy you away from love. Should this happen, you may demand a guarantee that love will work.

Wikimedia Commons, Picture by Nevit Dilmen

But, it’s in the very act of turning away from love or not trusting love that you can create perceptional love blocks. Signs that you may have a love block include:

  • Making excuses not to connect with other people
  • Replaying former relationship conflicts
  • Working harder to protect yourself from romantic endings than you do at opening up to healthy relationships
  • Boxing love in small or narrow passageways

Defining love may be a top reason why people don’t always choose love. Truth is, because love encompasses all that is real, it may be impossible to define love.

3 Reasons To Always Choose Love

Fact is, love doesn’t always come with flowers, compliments, warm emotions or romance. Yet, rewards for always choosing love are plenty, as these three reasons to always choose love show:

  • Joy, peace and love cannot be separated. Choose love and you gain joy. Even more, you gain peace. Additional benefits include trust, strong faith that love works, sharper inner vision, a clear conscience and confidence.
  • Ease at forgiving is another reason to always choose love. After you experience the results of love, you may never want to be blocked again. Lack of forgiveness blocks the experience of love.
  • Third, choosing love allows you to let life unfold unhindered, naturally. Additionally, you may feel more energized, balanced and supported. Also, you might expect good things to happen to you simply because you believe that, as someone who always chooses love, you deserve good.

The good news is that love encompasses all. Plainly, inside love is love for the Creator, love for Self and love for all of creation. Practice love and you sleep good at night. You gain experiences (also known as “proof”) that love works, even in the world – love works.

Choosing Love Changes Everything

By always choosing love, you can see how even time or space cannot stop love. This is not a great idea; it’s the truth.

But, this doesn’t mean that everyone believes in love. Past experiences may have caused many people to fear love, to believe that love caused the pain in their relationships.

In fact, some people make themselves hard to love. It can take years to see that this is truly a call for help. In fact, Raymond Clarke starts learning to cry out for love early. He learns this lesson through his father, the one parent who stayed back to care for him when he was only two years old.

Raymond’s father is bitter, hard, abusive. Even more, Raymond’s father also has untreated alcoholism. Clearly, Raymond’s father’s words cut. They’re sharp. They are meant to do damage and they don’t fail. But, Raymond has a gift. He has a gift that opens doors for him. Nevertheless, he has to choose love to benefit from the open doors that he goes through. He too, like you – like all of us – has to choose love.

You can read more about Raymond in Love Pour Over Me.

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Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Love


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