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Is It Possible to Talk to the Dead?

By Denise Turney

Ability to talk to the “dead” is available to anyone. In fact, it might be impossible to avoid hearing from a Loved one who is no longer in a body if you had an especially close connection with that person. But, how do you communicate with the deceased? Is there anything special that you have to do?

Picture of flowers by a grave
Wikimedia Commons, Picture by Samuriah

Let me start this blog post by sharing that I do not believe in death. To me, death is an illusion. But, something clearly happens when we exit our bodies. That change seems to make it impossible to reach across the aisle and connect.

Expanding Communication Pathways

Centuries ago, we thought that about space and distance. If someone traveled to another continent, it was as if they were “gone”. Think about it, the telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse in 1837. Additionally, mail systems may have started during the Zia or Shang dynasties, as far back as 2070 BC.

Before then, when someone moved to another country, or worse, another continent, it was as if they had disappeared forever. After all, there seemed to be no other way to communicate with the person who was “out of sight” and space wise, far far away.

Today, technology has erased those impossibilities. But, could we have found ways to communicate with those who seemed so far away (and still in their bodies) prior to the launch of the telegraph, mail systems, the Internet, face time and instant messaging?

And, could it be possible to talk to the dead in ways that many are not aware of? As with the invention of advanced technological communication tools, those communication pathways may be most open if you live with an open, flexible mind.

Ways Dead Persons Communicate

Now, to the signs that a “dead” person is trying to communicate with you. For starters, electrical appliances might go nuts, blinking or blaring if a departed Love one communicates with you. Lights might turn off and on. Familiar scents that are associated with the loved one who is no longer in his or her body might fill a room.

Also, people who don’t know the deceased might say the person’s name. For example, while I was on a train heading home from work, a group of kids outside a hospital shouted my departed son’s name over and over, about 12 to 15 times. It was if the kids were making a song of his name, not as if they were calling out to a friend.

Even more, a stranger might tell you something that is directly related to your loved one who is no longer in his or her body, something that the stranger clearly does not know. For example, when I was preparing to move to a new city, I spoke with a representative at a moving company.

The very first time that I spoke with someone at the moving company, the representative who answered the phone, a guy, answered the telephone and asked, “Is this the Denise who recently lost her brother or dog?” It was an out-of-the-blue question, totally unrelated to the move.

I had never spoken with the representative before, didn’t know the guy at all. I had never told anyone at the company that my son had transitioned. A moment later after I didn’t respond, the guy said, “Guess I had the wrong Denise.”

More Ways To Talk To The Dead

Dreams and strong emotions while near a Departed Loved one’s clothes or pictures are other ways to communicate with the dead. Intuitive direction and inner guidance are other ways to communicate.

As with any other inner communication, you may have to take action to receive the full communication. For example, you might receive a message to go get your loved one’s picture. After you get the picture, your loved one might tell you that she’s right there next to you.

Also, you might be asked to turn on a certain television show. After you turn on the television show, you hear someone on the show ask, “If your loved one spoke with you, what would he tell you right now?” Another person on the television show might respond, “He would tell me that he’s still here, with me right now.”

The good news is that it is not necessary to pay a medium to talk to your departed loved one. In fact, the best mediums will encourage you to communicate with your loved one on your own. Keeping an open mind may be the best way to talk to the dead.

This cannot be over stated. If you are dealing with grief, a process that could continue for the remainder of your physical expression, you may keep the lines of communication between you  and your departed loved one going by writing or typing letters to your loved one.

Dealing With Grief

Despite your doubts, you might be surprised how healing writing your loved one letters can be. Another thing that might help you, is accepting communication signs from the dead without criticism or judgment.

As you continue your journey, love yourself. Be patient with yourself. Be very, very patient with yourself. Also, allow yourself to experience peace and joy. Let yourself feel the emotion of happiness. However, emotions like peace, happiness and serenity will likely come and go.

As someone who has had both of her parents to transition, all of her grandparents and my son to transition – I know that the first days, weeks and months after a loved one departs their body can be near impossible to get through.

Shock, sorrow, guilt, regret and intense sadness can feel overwhelming. The first few days, it may be hard if not impossible to relax, let alone sleep at night. That could go on for weeks. You might start crying, like I did, while shopping for shoes, buying groceries or driving your car.

Give Yourself Time

Instead of focusing on other people’s opinions, focus on the relationship that you had with your departed loved one. As an example, some people may think that you should “get over” the “loss” after a few weeks, six months or a year.

These people might lash out should you continue to grieve longer than they think that you should. Some people might ask you to stop talking about your loved one, forcing you to not even speak the person’s name. My guess is that speaking a “dead” person’s name makes some people uncomfortable. Their demanding that you not talk about or mention the person could be a form of control, an unhealthy strategy that they use to avoid feeling strong emotions.

Regardless of what others say or do, love yourself. Do what is best and most loving for you. This includes accepting communications that your departed loved one has with you.

Also, commit to moving forward. Remember that you are not ending communications with your loved one who is no longer in a body, especially if you talk to the “dead”. You are simply moving through the shift so that you can continue your physical expression in healthy ways knowing that, one day, you too will become one of those “dead people”.

Use Arts To Talk To The Dead

Are you a painter? Are you a writer? Do you love to sing? How about crafts? Do you love to knit, sew or crochet?

As you continue your journey, consider painting to express emotions that you are experiencing. You could also write songs about your departed loved one. A few months after my son transitioned, I started writing on a novel, a super hero story, with my son as the main character.

Writing on that story, is tremendously healing for me. Regarding self discovery, you might find that incorporating memories of your loved one in your creative arts could prove healing and transforming.

Some artists paint amazing portraits of their loved ones. Singers have written, sang and produced songs in honor of a departed loved one. There are many ways to marry memory, love and art. Even more, don’t be surprised if your loved one starts to guide these creative works.

Love Yourself While Talking To The Dead and Beyond

As a final word, in addition to being patient with yourself as you go through this journey, love yourself. And I do mean, love yourself. Really really love yourself.

This includes, seeking professional help should you feel stuck or drifting toward self harm. Suicide isn’t the only form of self harm. Over eating, drinking too much alcohol and abusing yourself with drugs, including prescription drugs, are other forms of self harm.

Talk with a friend who you know that you can trust. Join an online and/or offline support group. I am a member of an online support group for grieving mothers. Hearing other mothers share their stories is beyond helpful, beyond strengthening and supportive.

Give this love to yourself. Just give yourself love. Give love. Receive love. And stay open to those loving communications that come from your departed loved ones.

Spiral is a book that deals with receiving communication from the dead. It is a fictional murder mystery that needs someone (not a professional medium) who can hear from a person who was murdered to solve a crime. It is my hope that Spiral will help you as you work through dealing with a loved one’s transition, especially if the transition was traumatic. More importantly, I hope that Spiral will stir your courage, inspiring you to take the right action to protect anyone who is being traumatized, forced into departing their body. Spiral and resources shared in this article might help you to overcome fear and continue your journey in healthy ways. You also might accept communication that you receive from an eternal loved one who is no longer in a body. I wish you well. Do I ever wish you well.

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