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Tujhse Hai Raabta 19 September 2019 written update of full episode: Malhar finds a car in the lake

In the last episode Anupriya keeps trying to call on the number mentioned on the receipt of 26th July but the call doesnt get connected. After a while she finds a box in which some cash is hidden under the sweets. She calls Kalyani there. But by that time she sees someone coming secretly and takes the box away. Anupriya and Kalyani follow the person. Malhar also arrives there with battery. Everyone gets shocked to see Asavari bribing Rohan who was thrown out of the house for his misbehaviour with Swara. Asavari reveals that Swara has sold her sexy photos to Rohan which he has in his mobile phone. So she was offering him money for not sharing the photos anywhere. Madhav gets very angry with Swara. Malhar and Kalyani snatch Rohan's mobile and throw him out. After a while, Malhar goes to talk to Swara. But Swara shamelessly tells Malhar that she sold her pics to Rohan so that he will reject her.

Tonight's episode begins with Malhar receiving a call from Pawar. Malhar learns that something has been found while the cleaning of the Lake was going on. Malhar instructs Pawar to continue with the cleaning in spite of that. Kalyani feels that the men of Rane family are weird as Malhar never attends her call when he is at work but attends Pawar's call at any time. Malhar becomes suspicious about Kalyani blaming him about something. But he leaves from there while on the call. Kalyani gets disappointed. Meanwhile, Ahir informs Sarthak that Swara didn't tell anything to Malhar. Sarthak asks him to inform the same to Madhav and Asavari. Ahir leaves from there. By that time Anupriya arrives there. Sarthak pretends that he is irked with Swara's behaviour. But Anupriya asks for help from him giving him the receipt of 26th July. Sarthak gets shocked. Anupriya asks him to find out the customer whom the saree was delivered but the name is not clear and number is not getting connected.

Sarthak's hands start shaking. But he still assures to help her. After a while, Anupriya serves meal to Aau Saheb. She tries to convince Aau saheb for not interfering into the matter of cleaning of lake. But Aau Saheb gets very furious with Anupriya. By that time Aau Saheb gets a call which makes her upset. On the other hand, Malhar is on the way to the lake site. He keeps in touch with Pawar and asks him to take out all those things that are there in the lake. After a while, he sees some barrels kept in the middle of the road to stop his way. He gets down from the jeep to check it. After a while, suddenly some fire balls are thrown on him. He somehow manages to avoid them and getting hurt. He gets very angry and shouts out loud asking the person to come in front of him and fight openly. Some of the villagers surround him. They threaten him to harm him badly if he doesn't stop the cleaning of the lake as there are some feelings attached to the lake.

Before the villager hit Malhar, Sarthak arrives there. He gets very angry with the villagers for their behaviour with Malhar. He apologizes to Malhar. Sarthak also tells Malhar that the villagers do not want him to clean the lake. So Sarthak also presents the stay order by the court for the same. Malhar gets shocked. He questions Sarthak for supporting the villagers. He also reminds the benefits of building the bridge over the lake. But Sarthak still defends the villagers. He asks Malhar to ask his people to stop the cleaning of the lake. Malhar gets very angry. He checks the stay order and leaves from there. Sarthak feels guilty but he also doesn't want Malhar to learn the secret of 26th July. Malhar still asks Pawar to continue the cleaning of the lake as the stay order has date of next day. So they have the night for their work. Meanwhile, Anupriya and Kalyani discuss about the issue of cleaning of the lake creating tiffs between their families. After a while, they hear the sound of anklets from Swara's room. Both of them observe that Swara is crying with an anklet in her hand.

Swara seems to be very emotionally attached to her anklets. Anupriya and Kalyani (Reem Shaikh)wonder about it. On the other hand, Asavari expresses gratitude towards Sarthak as he stops the cleaning of the lake with the stay order. Meanwhile, Kalyani brings Swara's anklets. She tells Anupriya that one of the anklets is broken which might have made Swara emotional. So she asks Anupriya to stitch the broken anklet which will delight Swara. But Anupriya feels that she has seen the same anklet somewhere. Kalyani takes it lightly. But Anupriya tells Kalyani that she is having some weird feeling since the issue of 26th July has been put forward. She feels that something had happened on that date which she is not able to recollect. In the mean time, Asavari is discussing about their secret with Sarthak over the call. Sarthak assures Asavari that Malhar will never come to know the secret of 26th July. Madhav and Asavari feel relaxed. In the mean time Malhar reaches the lake site.

Pawar shows him that they have found a car in the lake. Malhar observes the car having all the mud and dirt on it. He wonders about the news of the accident not being there. He asks Pawar to get the car cleaned so that they can go ahead with the investigation. On the other hand, Ahir gets worried if the lake cleaning is done in spite of the stay order. Madhav gets angry with him and Asavari. Malhar checks the car. He asks the constable to check the number plate as the doors of the car looks jammed. On the other hand, Madhav gets too furious as he learns that Ahira and Asavari had not removed the number plate but when Malhar checks the same, he doesn't find any number plate on the car. Malhar feels that there must be something fishy in the car. He also gets feeling that there must be some connection between the accident and villagers & Aau Saheb opposing the cleaning of the lake. So Malhar asks Pawar to take the car in the custody for proper cleaning without messing up with the evidences. Will Malhar find out the secret that Madhav is trying to hide from him? Stay hooked to find out.


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Tujhse Hai Raabta 19 September 2019 written update of full episode: Malhar finds a car in the lake


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