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Kundali Bhagya 11 September 2019 Written Update of Full Episode: Karan uncovers his face

Kundali Bhagya 11 September 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karan Uncovers His Face

In the last episode Rakhi apologises for blessing Preeta and Prithvi. She says now she only has hate for Preeta. Daadi too blames Preeta for saving Prithvi. Rishabh promises to bring justice to Mahesh. He even apologises to Sherlyn for comparing her to Preeta. Sarla ties the knot for Preeta and Karan. The pandit asks Karan and Preeta to take the saat phere. While taking the saat phere, Preeta accepts the fact that the Luthra's are no longer a part of her life and is ready to move on. Tonight's episode begins with Karan and Preeta completing the saat pheras. Priest asks Karan to fill the sindoor in Preeta's partition of her hair. While the rituals are going on, Preeta has all Karan's thoughts on her mind. Karan puts sindoor to Preeta. Everyone claps for the newlywed couple. Karan seems to be somewhat emotional while performing the rituals. After he puts the mangalsutra around Preeta's neck, the priest announces that the wedding is complete. Shrishty feels hurtful as she never wanted Preeta to get married to Prithvi but she is not aware that Karan is the groom instead of Prithvi.

On the other hand, Prithvi gets himself released. But he finds that the door is locked from outside. He gets very panic as he fears that Karan will get married to Preeta. He keeps on knocking on the door so that someone will come to see him. On the other hand, Janki also rescues herself from the wardrobe where Prithvi had kept her. She immediately goes to see the happenings in the mandap. While going there, she comes across the room where Prithvi is locked. She assumes that it is Karan. But when she open the door, she finds that it was Prithvi. She gets happy to know that Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) must be the groom in the mandap. Prithvi tells her that he will see to her later on as he needs to rush to the mandap. But Janki pushes him inside the room. She tries to stop him from entering the mandap. In the mean time, Sameer comes to the mandap. He gets delighted to see that Karan finally got married to Preeta. But Shrishty gets upset as she assumes that Preeta got married to Prithvi. She goes inside. Sameer follows her. The priest asks Karan and Preeta to seek blessings from the elders.

Karan and Preeta seek blessings from all the elders including Bijee,Sarla. Everyone blesses the duo. Sarla asks Karan to uncover his face as she assumes that it is Prithvi. On the other hand, Shrishty goes inside. She overhears the fight between Janki and Prithvi. Prithvi somehow manages to open the door of the room. Shrishty gets shocked to see him there. She gets very happy to learn that Karan is the groom for Preeta. Prithvi runs faster. Janki gets panic. She asks Shrishty to stop Prithvi but Shrishty informs her that Preeta and Karan already got married. Janki celebrates the news. Janki also tells Shrishty that Sameer also knows the fact already. Shrishty questions him but later on she forgives him as she is damn excited for Preeta and Karan. On the other hand, everyone gets shocked to see Prithvi coming from inside. Before Prithvi snatches the sehra from Karan's head, Karan removes the sehra. Everyone gets shattered to see that it is Karan as Preeta's husband now. Bijee expresses gratitude to God for making Preeta get married to a nice man like Karan. Meanwhile, Rakhee tries to talk to Mahesh. She gets very emotional to see his situation.

By that time Dadi also enters the room. Rakhee wipes her tears. She asks if Dadi wants anything.Dadi also gets emotional for her son Mahesh. She feels helpless. On the other hand, Sanjana bursts her anger on Prithvi for him not being the groom. Janki tells Sanjana that Karan loves Preeta and that is the reason he got married to her. But Prithvi shares that Karan had told him that he wants to get married to Preeta to take revenge from her. Everyone gets very shocked to hear that. Prithvi pretends to be the life saver and supporter of Preeta. Prithvi also tells everyone that the wedding of Karan and Preeta is cheating. Preeta does not utter a word. Prithvi announces that he will again perform the wedding rituals with Preeta. He takes Preeta to the mandap. Preeta gets tears in her eyes. She keeps on looking at Karan. Will Karan allow Prithvi to get married to Preeta again? Stay tuned for more updates.


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Kundali Bhagya 11 September 2019 Written Update of Full Episode: Karan uncovers his face


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