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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Maha episode 15 December 2018: Naveen's real face gets exposed

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Maha Episode 15 December 2018: Naveen's Real Face Gets Exposed

Today s episode starts with Prerna collapsed but angry with Naveen. She gives a tight slap to him in front of all which makes his mouth bleeding. She takes the attire of Goddess Durga. Later there is a flashback where Naveen goes to help Anurag and Anupam to lift the carpet. Shivani enjoys it as he is not aware that Prerna is inside. Naveen gets tired to life it but he pretends that he is not at all tired. Anupam says that if bride and groom is going out so how the marriage will take place. Naveen is shocked. But SHivani handles the situation. Mohini sees them taking the carpet down. She asks them why they are lifting it. Naveen doubts on that. Shivani says that Naveen has gifted her the carpet as it smells nice. Naveen doesn t recollect but the trio handles the situation very well. They keep the carpet in the car. Later Naveen asks Shivani when he told her that he will gift her. Shivani keeps on giving him some fake explaination. Anurag also helps her to save her. Naveen asks her why he is going out without attending their marriage. Anurag says that he cannot see that. Shivani and Anurag later leaves in the car. Naveen wonders why Shivani went along with Anurag even if it is her sister s marriage. Anupam stays with Naveen.

In the car Anurag asks Shivani whether Prerna is fine. Anurag feels that Prerna will feel the pain after being conscious. On the other side Naveen is upset as Prerna is still not in the mandap. Mohini calls him. He feels that Prerna must be there. After some time Prerna gets conscious. Anurag says that in some time there will be a bomb blast as he knows that Prerna will burst her anger on them. Shivani asks her whether she is fine. Prerna asks them to stop the car. Shivani feels that Prerna has lost her memory. But Prerna gets angry on her. Anurag asks her to sit calm as they have kidnapped her. Prerna says that she wants to get married to Naveen. Anurag asks her to sit back but she doesn t listen to him. She manages to stop the car. She gets down from the car and gets an auto to go back. Anurag and Shivani get tensed.

The priest ask all to call bride and the groom for the rituals. Mohini asks Veena about Prerna. Veena goes to see Prerna. Shivani feels that Prerna is stubborn that she didn t listen to her. She feels that Anurag was tensed. She notices Suman trying a costly jewelry. Suman tells her that Naveen has gifted her that jewelry. She also asks Shivani to ask for some gold instead of the carpet. When Veena goes to see Prerna, Shivani gets tensed as Prerna coming downstairs to get married. Anurag is all disappointed ashe tried a lot but Prerna didn t listen to him. He recollects the moments spent with her. Prerna comes and sits beside Naveen for the wedding rituals. They exchange the garlands. Naveen looks at Anurag to make him feel that he has defeated Anurag. But Anurag is all lost. He keeps on remembering the moments spent with Prerna while watching her performing the rituals with Naveen. Mohini gives Anurag some flower petals asking him to pour them on the bride and groom when they will take the seven rounds. The Priest asks the bride and groom to get ready for the seven rounds. Anurag is hurt a lot to see them taking the seven rounds. Naveen feels like getting out of the mandap to tease Anurag as he feels that he has defeated Anurag. Anupam tells something to Shivani. They see Anurag going from there. Anurag comes out of the house. He gets collapsed. He cries a lot. He is angry on himself for not been able to stop Prerna. Shivani comes to console him. The priest asks Naveen to fill the holy sindoor in Prerna s middle portion of the head. While he takes the sindoor, Suman takes the ghoonghat of Prerna bit upside for that. Mohini and all are shocked to see that it is Madhuri sitting as a bride beside him and not Prerna. All are shocked to see that. On the other side Anurag starts laughing loudly but Shivani doesn t understand why he is behaving like that. Naveen is shocked that he has lost Prerna and he is exposed in front of all. He starts talking non-sense. He says that he should have been careful but he didn t. He calls Anurag and Prerna to come out. He keeps on calling Prerna as he wants to see her. He starts crying. Prerna is sleeping in the room. He gets angry on Madhuri. He says that she cheated on her. He asks her why she behaved like that. ANurag comes inside. He says that it was all his plan.Nibedita and Mohini are shocked to know that. Nibedita hopes that Anurag must not be loving Prerna. Dadi appreciates Anurag for his move. Nibedita shouts at Shivani and Dadi. But Anurag asks her not to interfere. He informs all that Prerna is safe. He is happy that he succeeded in Naveen getting married to his first wife Madhuri. Naveen keeps on explaining his side. He blames Anurag for fueling Madhuri to get married to Naveen. Mohini gets angry on Anurag. She shouts on him. Naveen pretends that he is innocent. Mohini asks whether he took Madhuri as a bride. Anurag accepts that. She gets angry on him for breaking her trust. She asks him for the reason of doing such a trap. Anurag explains that he tried to expose Naveen but Naveen managed to defeat him. Naveen keeps on doing drama by blaming Anurag for humiliating him. Anurag asks him not to do much melodrama. He asks Mohini not to trust Naveen as he has broken her trust also. He explains that he did it as there was no other option to save his friend and her family. Moloy says that Rajesh and his family don t regret as Prerna didn t get married to Naveen. But Mohini asks Anurag to bring Prerna as she will get married to Naveen. But the priest infirms that the muhurat for the wedding is over. Naveen behaves weirdly. He asks the priest to continue with the wedding as he will get married to Prerna only. Anurag teases him by saying that the celebration of his second marriage will be done. Naveen gets angry. He tries to slap Anurag but Anurag stops him. He calls Naveen as a disgusting person. Anurag also says that he has won the challenge. Rajesh asks him about it. Moloy says that he trusts Anurag as he has stopped Prerna to marry Naveen. Mohini asks all to explain what is going on. Anurag explains that he always doubted that Prerna getting married to Naveen, Prerna used to avoid him and feel uncomfortable. He also says that Prerna understands love so Naveen is not of her type. He asks that the girl who believes in love will not get married to the disgusting man like Naveen. He also explains about how he came to know about Madhuri. He learnt then that Naveen has some other intention for getting married to Prerna. He also informs all HOW Naveen accepted that Madhuri is his wife and gave him the challenge to try stopping the marriage. Anupam appreciates ANurag. Anurag tells Naveen that now Prerna will not get married to him. Mohini asks Naveen whether whatever Anurag is saying is true. Naveen says that Anurag is lying. Mohini asks Madhuri about the truth. Naveen asks Madhuri to explain what relation he has, he reminds her about what he has done for her and her family. He does drama by saying that he always respected Madhuri as his mother. He takes her out of the house. Madhuri shouts on him to stop all that. All are shocked to see that.

On the other side, Prerna becomes conscious. She notices that she is in the room. She still feels dizzy. Madhuri reveals that Naveen is her husband. Naveen is all lost to hear that. He feels disappointed.


Precap: In the upcoming episode, Naveen still tries to defend his side but Madhuri exposes his real face.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Maha episode 15 December 2018: Naveen's real face gets exposed


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