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Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 10th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Jalandhar challenges Shiv enchanted by Mahakali

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 10th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Jalandhar Challenges Shiv Enchanted By Mahakali

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starts with Parvati (Pooja B Sharma) asking Shiv(Saurabh Raaj jain) who her war is going to be with but Shiv does not anwer directly and Parvati says that she will do something on her own. As she walks away she looks back thinking Shiv will stop her but he does not. She says that she might have to go into saadhna for attaining the answers and it might take long. Shiv asks her to go and get her answers on her own as that would make her more huge for the mankind. Devtas ask Samudra to hand over Jalandhar to them. Jalandhar walks up and threatens them. The devtas pay no heed to his warning and attack him to subdue him. Indra is informed that Jalandhar might be victorious over them and they should step back. Indra is worried about his throne as he feels Jalandhar might snatch it from him. Indra himself jumps into the war and attacks Jalandhar but Jalandhar manages to fail him. Indra’s crown rolls away from him as Jalandhar walks ahead to kill him. Jalandhar taunts Indra for being unaware of his own strengths. Jalandhar asks Indra to call upon anyone for his help. (Also Read: Jalandhar aims at taking over Parvati with the help of Ushana)

Ushana is worried that Indra will call upon Kali. Ushana asks his asurs to get Jalandhar back as he is unaware of Kali’s power and he should not come face to face with Kali. Indra calls out to Kali and asks her to help. Jalandhar is amused that Indra is calling out to his mother to protect him. The asurs reach the place just in time to stop Jalandhar from killing Inddra. Jalandhar though refuses to leave and says that he is not scared of any devi that they are calling out to. Kali presents herself as Narayan and Shiv watch knowing that Kali will find her answers today. Shiv says that he purposely kept Kali away from the truth. He says that Kali has to realise that the one standing infront of her is not her husband but just a destructive energy from him. Kali jumps down infront of Jalandhar. Jalandhar looks at her and he knows that he wants her to look at him. He feels Parvati’s presence in the moment. Kali turns to attack Jalandhar and stops as she sees Shiv. She understands the entire plot and also Shiv at the moment explains to her. Kali again turns to attack him but is not able to do it. Narayan feels worried that Kali will not end Jalandhar as she sees Shiv in him. Shiv says that it is not because of that but because the journey for both of them has just started. Shiv says that they both need to meet once again and only then will this end.

Ushana drags Jalandhar away as he restrains. Parvati confronts Shiv for keeping this truth from her and also tests her every time. Shiv says that this is not just her journey but also Jalandhar’s and so keeping this truth protected Jalandhar today. Jalandhar gets one chance to come to the right path. Shiv says he would go infront of Jalandhar and tell him about his origin and after that he would have to decide what path he takes. Jalandhar sits reminded of Kali as Ushana angrily walks in and asks him why he had to aprtake in the war when he had forbid him to do that. Ushana asks Jalandhar if he was aware who she was. Jalandhar knows that Kali is Parvati. Jalandhar says that he feels the same power from Parvati and Kali. Jalandhar now wants to take Parvati even more now. Soon the place trembles as Shiv presents himself.  and Jalandhar is even more confused seeing his face. Jalandhar now knows that Shiv is Parvati’s husband. Shiv tells Jalandhar about his origin and then Jalandhar asks Shiv what his real reason for coming is. Shiv asks Jalandhar to choose the right path as his birth does not decide his fate. Ushana is shocked at the way Jalandhar challenges Shiv.

Jalandhar then gives Shiv a choice and asks him to hand Parvati over to him or else he himslef will snatch Parvati away. He insults Shiv further as an angry Shiv attacks him and tells him that this was his last chance and now he should be ready to face the consequences. Parvati knows that if Jalandhar takes the right path then he becomes one with Shiv and if not then he comes to an end. Ushana starts training Jalandhar who is sure about capturing Parvati and also finding answers to his questions about his own life. Jalandhar aims at killing Shiv too. Jalandhar goes into agnisamaadhi and now he knows about all his powers and also the boon he received as a child from Brahma. He knows that he can kill Shiv and now he wants to kill Indra and complete the purpose of his creation. Indra is confident about capturing jalandhar and sends him the invite for war. Jalandhar wants Indra to call Parvati so he can capture her too. Parvati hears someone calling out to her and Shiv thinks that something is about to take place.

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Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 10th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Jalandhar challenges Shiv enchanted by Mahakali


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