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Ted Talks India Nayi Soch: Karan Johar steals our hearts as he recites an emotional yet thought provoking letter for his kids Yash and Roohi

Ted Talks India Nayi Soch: Karan Johar Steals Our Hearts As He Recites An Emotional Yet Thought Provoking Letter For His Kids Yash And Roohi

The third episode of Shah Rukh Khan‘s Ted Talks India Nayi Soch started off with the superstar getting a standing ovation. With no idea about Ted Talks till today, I started watching the show and I have to say it was not only educational, but empowering too. Today’s main topic was the Changing Relationships in the world and SRK was all set to call upon a few speakers to speak about their experiences. But before that he told us about how his relationship with his eldest son Aryan has changed from a father – son bond to friendship. He told us how Suhana earlier used to tell him about all her issues, but now he goes to her and opens up his heart. He even says how he becomes a kid around AbRam. He further adds that the dynamics of relations may change, but we should not fear. Sometimes we fear change, but we should not. During this show, I witnessed and heard several experiences, but it was Karan Johar’s emotional yet thought provoking letter for his kids, Yash and Roohi, that stole everyone’s hearts, including mine. But before we get there, let me recap for you what the other speakers had to say.

First up was Jasmeen Patheja who spoke about how women are changing. She told us how sexual violence has become a common thing these days and women used to be scared to open up about it, let alone fight back. She further added that when a woman used to fight back, her character and what she wore on that particular day was questioned. But through her initiative, she has managed to instill some strength in women. She has started a camp where women are told be action heroes and to be free of fear. She appealed women to be free and people across the world to let women be free and do what they want. She wants the people to blame the culprits and not the victims. Her speech was very heartwarming and it touched everyone’s hearts. In fact, it made me teary eyed too. Shah Rukh also concurred with her views and said that it is boys who need to be taught to be sensitive. The host further added that if boys behave decently, then there is no need to protect womenr, because they can protect themselves.

Next up was 17 year old Trisha Prabhu, who took to the stage to told us how cyber bullying affects people and how it should/can be stopped. She told us incidents about kids killing themselves because of cyber bullying and appeals to everyone to think before posting anything, because once something is posted on the internet, it goes out to the whole world. She has developed a ReThink App that helps you rethink your decision before posting a hurtful message. After this hard truth came out, Shah Rukh called upon Sivamani, a percussionist, who creates music using everyday things around him. He performs an amazing act and lifts everyone’s mood and spirit. (ALSO READ – Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talks India creates a new record – find out what)

Next up he calls upon, Samar Jodha, a photographer who loves capturing the older generation of people. Before the lensman takes to the stage, SRK explains that a study was concluded recently about happiness, where it was revealed that communities which had a strong bond between the younger and older generation his much more happier. Samar finally comes on the stage and reveals his journey of discovery. He told us how he has captured and taken into himself the experiences of nearly 500 old men and women. He shared a few of the stories, while emphasising on the fact that in this digital age world, people should spend time with elders because the experience of life can only be given by them and not machines. He also says how machines might be there always, but the older men and women in your life might not, so spend time with them before they leave.

Finally comes Karan Johar, who SRK describes as a person who is everything about loving your family. The hosts tells us how KJo will give this Ted Talk to his children Roohi and Yash through a letter. Karan says that in this age of email, WhatsApp, Snapchat, a letter might sound weird, but knowing him, they would know he is different. He reveals that he wanted to give something to them and he was wondering about it from a few days and that’s when he realised that if he gave them the right upbringing, then nothing will stop them. He then told them how their grandmother wanted him to be well educated. But their grandfather, wanted him to follow his heart. At different ages, Karan revealed that he wanted to pursue different things but their grandfather never gave him a lecture, instead always supported him. But the biggest thing that he learnt from their grandfather was that relationships are important. He revealed that their grandfather made several relationships and nurtured them, but the proudest part of it is that even after he has passed away, the relationships are still intact.

He tells Roohi and Yash that when they grow up, they will realise that people will label everything differently on the basis on caste, creed, race, orientation and much more. But he says that being different is not wrong. He says that they will always be different because they just have a father, but it’s not wrong. He tells that they will be questioned, but they should not worry. He tells them to answer the truth from the heart. He further adds that he might not be able to save them from every label, but they should not let the label become their identity. (ALSO READ – Ted Talks Nayi Soch: Shah Rukh Khan and Javed Akhtar stress on the power of words while Deepak Ramola gives enlightening life lessons)

He further adds that this letter is not just a message to them, but even a message to himself that he should give his kids the power to see dreams and if they get the power to see dreams, then they can achieve it too. He also mentions that everything changes in the world and they also have the right to change. They can be whatever they want, but they should see to it that they don’t harm anyone. At this point he ends his letter and Shah Rukh comes on stage. The hosts asks Karan about his take on relationships and that’s when Karan reveals that relationships are complicated, but giving time to each relationships is important. He tells everyone that relationships should not be taken for granted.

With that the show ends and we get a precap of the next episode which will feature Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The next episode looks entertaining as well as inspiring, so stay tuned to BollywoodLife for all the updates from Ted Talks India Nayi Soch right here.

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Ted Talks India Nayi Soch: Karan Johar steals our hearts as he recites an emotional yet thought provoking letter for his kids Yash and Roohi


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