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Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 3rd September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karthikeyan, Shiv-Parvati’s son faces his destiny as he steps out of Krithikalok

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 3rd September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karthikeyan, Shiv-Parvati’s Son Faces His Destiny As He Steps Out Of Krithikalok

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starts where it left off Parvati (Pooja B Sharma) sees Shumbh-Nishumbh and Tadkasur following  the Kritikas and her children, she follows them too with the intention to stop them.  Soon Tadkasur gains on the women and as he is about to catch them they pass through a magical door and he is unable to go through. They go back as they plan to think about a better way to destroy  the child. Parvati though manages to enter the door and she with Laxmi reach Kritikalok and experience the different energy here. She hears the sound of her children crying and she enters the palace where she finds the children. She makes them quiet just by taking them into her own arms. The Kritikas arrive and are surprised at how the children are quiet now. Parvati reveals to them that that she is their mother and she has come to get the children. The Kritikas are disturbed by this revelation and try to attack Parvati telling her the children will not leave and neither would she. Parvati is furious now and as she gets angry the palace starts shivering with her rage. (Also Read: Parvati finds her children with six Kritikas, Mahakali curses Agnidev and Ganga)

Vishnu tells Shiv(Saurabh Raaj Jain) that probably they should interrupt orelse there would be a war between the the mothers. Shiv reaches the place in time to calm Parvati and also introduces her to the kritikas telling her that they are the stars of the skies and this is kritikalok where nothing negative can enter. He also introduces them to Parvati as his Shakti. He tells them that Parvati is the mother who gave birth to this child and she would now be the one to decide the issue here. Parvati says that she would be impartial and that not just the kritikas but their is one more mother who can ask for her right on this child being the first one to hold the child even before Parvati herself, she calls Ganhga. Ganga is overwhelmed to see the kids and she says that this child was the one to make her feel like a mother for the first time.

Vishnu arrives their and suggests that he can divide the child into eight parts for the eight mothers so that there is no fight. The kritikas will not let that happen as they cannot let the child be divided. Shiv then asks them how would that mother feel who gave birth to this child to see her child getting divided. They get his point and seek forgiveness of Parvati. Parvati blesses her children and they unite into one child. She takes him into her arms. Laxmi asks Parvati to take this opportunity to name the child. Vishnu names the child Skand as he was flown on the waters of Ganga and protected. Shiv names him , while Parvati names him Karthikeyan after the six mothers who took care of him. The Kritikas are overwhelmed and further Parvati adds that for two resons she would prefer to want Karthikeyan to be brought up in the krithikalok itself by the krithikas. She states that one is because no evil can enter this lok while the other reason being that the krithikas have a greater right on the child as they were the ones who took care of him.

She leaves the child in the arms of the krithikas with the promise to never be there till Karthikeyan is ready to achieve his destiny. She leaves with a heavy heart. Laxmi finds her thinking of her child always and being sad and asks her if she is not scared to loose her son by never meeting him till he reaches his destiny. Parvati says she does not want Karthikeyan to think that the krithikas are not his mother as she will never want to disrupt their motherhood. She waits along patiently for the time she can see her child once again. Tadkasur though calls upon demon Surapadman and asks him to keep a watch outside the krithikalok for Karthikeyan and kill him before he reaches Tadkasur. Surapadman takes the form of a peacock and waits outside the krithikalok for opportune time. One of the krithikas brings Karthikeyan out one day but realises that there is danger and returns with him. She then ensures that Karthikeyan never leaves the premises of the krithikalok.

Karthikeyan grows to become a handsome youth and one day knowing his mother’s liking for peacock feather leaves the premises to get one for his mother. Tadkasur is happy that the boy is finally out. The boy follows a peacock and gets the feathers but as he turns to leave Surapadman takes form and says he will not return to his mother. Vishnu is worried and he sends away Indra and Agni to protect the boy. Shiv asks Vishnu to stop worrying as years back like they stepped back to make Parvati realise her journey and find herself so would they have to for Karthikeyan as this is his journey. Parvati though is a angry mother and tells Shiv that she cannot sit quiet while her child is in danger and leaves to protect him.

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Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 3rd September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karthikeyan, Shiv-Parvati’s son faces his destiny as he steps out of Krithikalok


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