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Chandrakanta -Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha, 24th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandrakanta brought to Suryaghadh while Veer grows into Iravati’s puppet

Chandrakanta -Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha, 24th June 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chandrakanta Brought To Suryaghadh While Veer Grows Into Iravati’s Puppet

Chandrakanta -Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha begins with the story of Vijaygadh the most magical place on earth, it was so because of the Ayyar or the magical people who had the power to change their forms, fly and what not. The Ayyarahs or the female magical people were equally powerful. Chandrakanta was born into this country and was born to the most powerful Ayyarah the Queen of Vijaygadh -Rani Ratnaprabha (Shilpa Saklani Aghnihotri). She was blessed by Lord Vishnu with Thilismi Kanjar. Now was the time to handover the kanjar to another deserving person and now was the time that Chandrakanta’s life will change forever.   She says she has borne the duty well and now she will handover the kanjar to deserving this. She also asks God to let it come back to her own daughter after 21 years once Chandrakanta proves herself worthy of it. Ratna prabha starts imparting all her powers to a dagger therefore becoming a human again. She says she wants to lead a normal human life for the sake of her daughter. Maha ayyarah Vishaka comes in for the competition but soon the skies darken and someone seems to be coming. Iravati rani(Urvashi Dholakia) comes there with her son Veer and her husband Raja Surendra Singh. She takes part in the competition and wins it but Ratna prabha refuses to give it to Iravati saying, Iravati killed Surendra Singh’s wife to become Navgardh’s Rani, she is not able enough for this, she also refuses to give her daughter hand to Veer -Surendra’s child Veer whom Iravati is taking care of. Iravati in her desperation calls upon Aaina and it shows her the face of her death as Chandrakanta-the child but Iravati sees Rani Rtana prabha and misunderstands Ratna will kill her. Iravati decides to kill Ratnaprabha and take the child and the dagger. She attacks the Raja and Rani at the midnight. The Raja and Rani manage to escape with their daughter but they are cornered in the jungle. Raja asks Ratnaprabha to escape with their daughter. Iravati kills Raja and fights with Ratna who uses her powers to escape Iravati. Ratna then flows her daughter away at the sea with a dolphin named Rhimjhim, she also tells her daughter to come back after 21yeras and take Vijayghad back from the cruel and evil Iravati.  Rhimjhim takes Chandrakanta away in a basket as Ratna faces Iravati. Ratna sees a temple and goes there and tries to hide the kanjar there but Ira comes there and snatches it unwrapping it. As the dagger is unsheathed the entire temple starts shaking and breaking down. Ratna hands over the Kanjar to Vishnu saying one day Chandrakanta will become able enough to take it. Ratna dies there and Iravati escapes out with her magic. Iravati gets only the sheath and she tells Aaina that she killed her death Ratna prabha, but Aaina clarifies that it was not Ratna but Chandrakanta. Iravati decides to destroy all kingdoms and kill all daughters then nobody will ever kill her. (Also Read: Naagin 2, 24th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rocky and Shivangi aim at trapping Shesha, while Yamini knows everything)

Far off somewhere a fisherman  and his woman are trying to catch fish but they get nothing. They talk about some pandit telling them that they would get a daughter and after that they would prosper. That moment they hear a child crying and take Chandrakanta into their arms. They name her Chandrakanta as her face shown in moonlight. Iravati had started destroying all kingdoms nearby Vijaygard to kill Chandrakata. She was also training her so-called son Veer for something even more evil, Veer loved his so-called mother so much that he would do anything to make her happy. She used to make him drink a particular kind of milk which Veer had now started to love. She used to put drug in it to keep him in her powers, only a little everyday that does not make him intoxicated. She gives poison to Raja Surendra Singh and kills him so that no one ever stops Veer from being her puppet. Veer was not born an Ayyar so Iravati makes him learn magic. She makes him kill innocent people even when he does not want to stating his father’s example and saying she is his mother and he should listen to her always. She gets him into all the wrong things but does not bent before anyone but her. Veer(Vishal Aditya Singh) grows into a very strong and brutal young man. While somewhere far away Iravati’s death-Chandrakanta grows into a beautiful young woman(Madhurima Tuli). Chandrakanta is her mother’s pet and she dreams of beautiful magical worlds, her mother says she cannot teach her Ayyari as they are poor, but she says she is happy as she is. Chandrakanta works at the palace and rushes for her work. Veer is into all kinds of intoxication-wine and women! Somebody watches Veer as he enjoying, he hangs the person upside down asking who he is. The person reveals that he is from Suryaghadh and he came to check if they are planning to attack Suryaghadh soon. Suryaghadh was far from Vijayghadh and it had able Ayyar also and a very true king Avantimaal so Iravati was never able to win Suryaghadh. Veer still has humanity left in him as it is revealed when he asks a woman to give away some money to begging kids. Aaina says that body is Ira’s but soul is not. Aaina also reveals that Ratna’s daughter is in Suryaghadh and that is why she could never capture Suryaghadh. Iravati now sends Veer to Suryaghadh saying that Satakshi and Sonakshi both Suryaghadh’s princesses are to get bodyguards, she asks him to kidnap the girls. There Chandrakanta flies on a kaleen with her friend when Ver and his friend Teja arrives at the kingdom borders. Satakshi and Sonakshi are both dumb princesses who just care for somebody to like them. Chandrakanta works for these two and when the bodyguards have not been selected Chandrakanta is asked by the king to protect the two princesses. Veer watchs them from the window and jumps into the chambers as both of them yearn to get kidnapped by Vijayghadh prince. Chandrakanta sees them with the prince who is in disguise and tries to stop them but the lights go off and she begins to fall. Veer holds her as they look at each other in the darkness.(Also Read: Chandrakanta promo: Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh fail to excite us about the mythological tale)

Precap: Chandrakanta informs the king that the princesses got kidnapped, Chandrakantha manages to rescue the princesses while Ira taunts Veer for failing before a girl. Veer screams in agony. Chandrakanta is confused about herself and talks to Rhimjhim while Veer gets attacked by something and Chandrakantha teaches him to respect and love fellow creatures.

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Chandrakanta -Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha, 24th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandrakanta brought to Suryaghadh while Veer grows into Iravati’s puppet


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