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Bob Sinlcar at Pacha NYC

Bob Sinclar, mistaken many times as "Sinclair" (born Christophe Le Friant, 10 May 1969 in Douarnenez, France) is a Grammy Award-nominated French record producer, House music DJ, remixer and owner of the label Yellow Productions.

In 2005 he scored a hit with the single "Love Generation", that reached #1 on the Australian ARIA Singles Charts and the German Media Control Single Charts in 2006. The song was a huge success throughout Europe, also peaking at no. 2 in the Dutch Top 40 and it stood 39 weeks in the Ultratop 50 in Belgium. It became one of the official anthems for the World Cup 2006 held in Germany.

The follow-up hit was "World, Hold On", that features Steve Edwards and also managed to chart in the top ten in most of the European countries. "Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)" followed on 22 August 2006. The remix of "World, Hold on" by E-Smoove was nominated for a Grammy in 2007 in the category of Remixed Recording. Also, "World, Hold On" topped in Billboard Magazine as Number One Hot Dance Club Play Single of 2006, beating Madonna and Christina Aguilera.

Overall, this party was OK. There were many things that made it fun and enjoyable, and other things that just killed the party.

Arrive time: 1130

Line: Before 12 there was no line. Maybe 1 or 2 people. There could be a long line depending on the night and what time you get there.

Admission/Guest list: Usually when you get into Pacha NYC before 12 it is 10 dollars on a guest list. This time it $30 each to get in. Right there we were a little pissed because we only brought enough money for $10 admission,drinks,and what not.

Opening DJ: The opening DJ was Jus Jack. He wasn't that great. He played some good stuff but most of the time it was whack. He was on for too long as well. The main DJ usually gets on at 1 and this time Jus Jack was on until 1:30 or so. Every time we would walk back up from the basement thinking Bob Sinclar was on, he wasn't.

Bathroom: The ladies room In the ladies room the attendants work like this. If you tip them, they will give you extra paper towels after you wash your hands, they will ask "how are you doing, okay?", and then when you walk out they will say "see you later hunny!" If you do not tip them, they do not even look at you, you have to get your paper towels yourself and they will let other girls ahead before you.
All they want is a dollar, it is not a big deal to tip.
The mens bathroom is very similar. Guys should try to use the stalls because you can't trust the weirdos who stand next to you at the urinals. Overall the bathrooms at Pacha NYC are far from luxury, but they do the job.

Crowd: From the beginning we were not feeling the crowd AT ALL. The people were CLEARLY not clubbers. It was not a crowd of young punks, but more of blazer type people. They were losers who did not know how to dance (men and women) or how to dress. There were probably four good dancers that I saw. It was crowded for most of the night, but around 3:30 it started to clear out a bit. This is when Pacha starts to become more fun as the drunks begin to stumble out. We saw one girl fall twice trying to sit down.

Basement: The basement is always good. That's where the real dancers are and the hardest beats. When you walk in, the DJ booth and the bathrooms and to the right, the bar is straight ahead of you, and on the left are six couches where people sit and chill. You can find some real strange characters down there . The first DJs who were on (not sure of their names) were really good. They spun hard beats with vocals. The second DJ sucked. He spun the worst vocal tracks and the worst remixes of songs (for example, Swedish House Mafia-One Ft. Pharell). The last DJ was good too. He always spun hard but it was repetitive and he didn't drop the beat much.

VIP/Bottle Service: This particular night we did not get bottle service, but we have once before. I do not think it is worth it. You pay 200 bucks each for one bottle of alcohol, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Then, you get a tiny little table with one seat and you aren't even up at your table because you are downstairs dancing on the dance floor. Yeah, it's good to get away from people but you have the basement for that. You can sometimes meet cool people up there, but for the most part I am not a fan of the vibe up there. (Fuck The VIP!)

Main Set: Bob Sinclar was the main DJ. Between 1:30 and 4 o clock he was very inconsistent. He would spin really good stuff then he would get really poppy and electronic. I have seen him once before and he spun hard all night so I figured it would be the same thing. We were actually thinking about leaving early but we figured that he was just playing this stuff early in the night and then after 4 he would change it up because a whole new crowd of people will be there. We were correct and after 4 he starting spinning really good stuff. My favorite part of the night was when he dropped "Born Again" by Ricky L. The crowd went wild. Bob Sinclar was spinning in the little DJ booth which is high above the dance floor. You could not really see him. I like to see DJs because if they are animated they can get the crowd going.

Dancers: The dancers are hot, no doubt about it, but one of them had a little gut and she should not have been up there dancing. My boyfriend said I look so much better than her, I guess that is why I got invited up to dance on the stage I only danced up there for two minutes because I did not want to be up there that long, but it was cool to see the whole crowd and everyone looking at you. I also hit my head so hard on the speaker when I was getting lifted up onto the stage. There was one dancer who I could not stop watching because she was so good! I want to be able to dance like that! They wore these cute outfits that were neon colors and sparkly. They looked like they were from American Apparel. They came out holding a sign that said "Who's afraid of Bob Sinclar". As a friend asked us today, what the hell does that mean? Why should we be afraid of him? Is he going to play some poppy bullshit?

Attachment 36 <-Check out the picture here.

Venue: Flanked by the scenic Hudson River to the west, and New York's thriving Hell's Kitchen to the East, the 30,000 square foot venue is split into four levels, each with its own character and customized decor. Pacha NYC was not really decorated. There was nothing hanging from the ceiling besides disco balls, they just had the screens going that showed the Pacha cherries. The lights were so insane. It was hard to see but I liked it! They always shoot off the smoke machines and it gets really cold. The club also has AC on the dance floor so when you are in the middle it is not that hot even with the hundreds of people around you. Before the AC it was very common that all the guys had their shirts off. This has now slown down a bit as everyone isn't always sweating their ass off.

Smoking Section: Pacha NYC has recently opened up a new smoking section which is out of one of the exit doors on the main floor. There is plenty of room to smoke there and you do not have to wait on a line as you have to do on the mezzanine. I am not even sure if the mezzanine smoking section was opened that night. Many of the parties I have been to close that smoking section on the main floor at 4, but last night it was open all night. People like to stand or sit on the stairs even though you are not allowed to because the traffic has to keep moving. Many people think that they are that one exception and end up standing there until the bouncer tells them for the third time to get off otherwise they will be kicked out.
I did not see many people smoking inside the club, and the people that were were waving their cigarettes in the air as they danced and obviously got told to put it out.

Bouncers: The bouncers are usually cool, depending on the night or who the bouncer is. Some of them don't take shit and will kick you out right away without a warning. I did not see a lot of bouncers walking around the dance floor, they were more to the side watching people and keeping eye on the spots that were off limits.

Douche Award of the Night There was a guy at Bob Sinclar who looked very similar to "Johnny" from the episode "I'm Hustling in the Hamptons" on the MTV television show, "True Life". He wore sunglasses, a white bandana, a wife beater, blue jeans, and bright green sneakers. He could not dance and just by his presence you know he was a douche. Therefore he wins the Douche Award of the Night.

Writers: Melody Gramer/Thomas Lartin

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Bob Sinlcar at Pacha NYC


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