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My 10 Commandments

This post has been pending for a bit, but what better day than Christmas to put together my 10 commandments. I do not have a very rigid Diet plan, but I let these urules dictate my general eating.

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Here are those golden rules:

  1. Eat every 2 or at the most 3hrs – this was counter intuitive and also took some getting used to, it was an important part of the plan though. Eating regularly for me actually meant that I would always be eating small portions and never going hungry.
  2. Focus on your food at meal time – if you’re one of those people who love to eat with your phone in your hand or the TV remote, then this will be a bit tough, but the idea is to focus on your food while you are eating, do not be distracted. In the beginning I even made it a point to eat alone at work so I could taste every single thing that I was eating.
  3. Understand your satiety signals – if there’s one thing you will take away from my entire experience it would be this. Simple and yet so difficult, to know when you are full and more importantly to say no just before that. Yes, always eat till the point where you can still eat a bit more. After a meal you should feel energetic, if you feel like resting just a bit, you’ve had too much.
  4. Finish all your meals before sunset that’s about 7pm, I stretch this to 8pm. I know this is tough, but the closer your dinner is to you sleep time the more difficult it is to burn.
  5. Start your day with a fruit, fresh or dried. Do not start the day with coffee or tea, begin with a fruit or nuts within 15min of waking up and then have breakfast within an hour.
  6. Add ghee to the diet – our grandmothers could not imagine a meal without ghee, yet we all gape in disbelief if we hear ‘ghee’ for healthier life. Adding ghee to a meal makes you feel full sooner and for longer, the nutrients in ghee have been talked about a lot. Not to forget the awesome effects on skin and hair.
  7. Skip the dessert – this doesn’t mean you don’t eat sweets at all. Clearly, sugar is a major contour to weight gain, so avoid sweets but if you have to have it, have it first thing in the morning, for breakfast. If you have sweets in breakfast you still have the entire day to burn those heavy cals.
  8. Limit the fruits – we often overlook the fructose and make the choice of fruit juices over other drinks for the health benefits. The sugar content of a glass or juice exceeds the health benefits. Especially after dinner, when the energy needs are met by the meal, the fructose only goes and gets deposited as fat for later use.
  9. Don’t cut out any food group – if you are looking for a quick fix for a weeding next week, go for Keto diet, lose the weight, gain is back and more in the wedding, happy days. If you are looking for slow but permanent change, then eat a balanced diet. I did not cut out any foods, not even ice creams, not even began laddoo.
  10. Water – this point can’t be emphasised enough! We read it in every weight loss guide and still do not follow it. Have at least 2lts of water every day. I do this by filling a 1ltr bottle the moment I reach office and trying to finish it by lunch, then another before I get home and another at least 500ml at home before I sleep.

Next post will be the routine and the diet I follow.

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My 10 Commandments


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