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Can I start this week OVER?

*WARNING* This may NOT be the normal happy-go-lucky post I normally would write... quite the opposite actually. I'm cranky, irritated, anxious, and mad... read more if you dare. Otherwise, click through other happy posts of mine like this one, or this one, or maybe this one.

OK... So yesterday I woke up especially happy for a Monday morning. Why? Why not? I had a great weekend, I had great sleep on Sunday night, and on top of just generally being a happy person anyway, my sister and I were planning our very first trip ever together to NYC. This would have been our first time in the Big Apple, and we were over the moon excited about it. We were going over the Labor Day weekend. Things were great. I even posted this on my Facebook page:

For a Monday, I was ready to take on anything! But not this...

I'm driving down the interstate on my usual route when all of a sudden ALL of the warning lights light up on my car's dashboard. ALL of them. It startled me because they came on so out of the blue. I did the only thing I could think of - I pulled over. Freaking out, I pulled out my owners' manual to acclimate myself with what the lights meant. I didn't like what I was reading. Literally, it said something to the effect of: "Stop driving immediately. Take to dealership." Not good. Out of my rear-view mirror I saw a highway patrol truck pull up, I guess to see if I was OK. NO! It's hot as h**l outside and my car is OFF on the side of the road while cars whiz on by me shaking my car in the process. UGH! He checks under the hood to ensure, oh I dunno... that nothing was going to explode or something, then told me he didn't see anything noticeably alarming. I wasn't feeling any better, I can assure you. He offered to follow me 6 miles up the interstate to the exit where the dealership was, just to be sure I didn't blow up. That was my concern, NOT his, obviously. So up the road I went to take my broken car into the dealership of impending doom.

After getting a verbal scare from the service advisor about what it could be, I left the dealership. My husband picked me up and off to work I went. I was trying to think optimistically all day. Key word being "trying." See...

Around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon I got the call. The call I wish had been different. I wish it hadn't been the call to ruin my plans with my sister. I wish it hadn't been the call to make me honestly, truly wish I had SO much more money. I wish it hadn't been the call that made me feel so angry. Now, before you go start thinking I'm being melodramatic, know this... I'm not used to the normal craziness of "car repairs". Up until this car, I've traded all of my cars in at or around the 2-3 year mark, avoiding any warranty problems,  but mainly because I was stupid and naive and always had the "new car itch". As I've grown into a much wiser, responsible adult, it was an absolute priority that I PAY OFF my car so I didn't have a stinkin' car payment! So this was the first time my car started to show any sign at all that it was "older" (It's a 2004 Prius). AND THE TIMING WAS HORRIBLE! Before even uttering the thought out-loud, I knew exactly what this meant I had to do. Or NOT do.

The verdict...

Like my message says, "CRAP!" I was scared to think it would be around $300, but $850+??? You have GOT to be kidding me. WHY?! Up until yesterday my car had given me NO problems. Nothing. It's been a gem. I love(d) my car. Now, I want to drive it off a pier. Ugh. I kinda went a little berserk at work - I didn't know how to even tell my husband. He works with me, so I didn't have to go far. Not pleasant news to break. Now of course if we were frickin' millionaires this wouldn't even be an issue - but who the heck has almost $900 lying around these days? Not me. I sure wish I did.

The repair:
  • Inverter Water Pump
  • Coolant/Heater Control Valve
    • Parts: $300+
    • Labor: OVER $500! *What?!*
So you see why I went a little berserk?! Can you blame me?

I called my sister on the way home to break the news. How ironic is it that it was last night that we were going to put the final touches on our trip and get it BOOKED, but instead my call to her was to cancel it! Again, UGH! She was heartbroken. As was I. Next time, Brit, I promise! Luv u! :(

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I really can't. Just let me be for awhile!

I'll cheer up soon. I think. I hope YOU are awesome though. Really, I do. :)

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Can I start this week OVER?


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