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I enjoy writing and I wanted to leave something of myself behind, so people will remember me. Especially my children and grandchildren.
2022-01-31 18:14
In a quiet country lane it stood the house a quaint and unimpressive place nobody would think it was a home of fear the couple had just moved in full of hope and plans to work to… Read More
2021-09-21 11:05
Lowly crouching by the open fire in the wilderness he thought hard yet was relaxed settled in the encampment for the night in the deep dark wooded forest with only a few members… Read More
2021-08-25 17:37
The air seemed charged at that moment as he walked in the nearby park sparkling patches of brilliant light waves ahead so bright had to cover his eyes nobody else was nearby he c… Read More
2021-06-04 12:31
His Journey was just beginning he was prepared for what may happen along the way no matter the risks or impending danger he was determined to see the adventure through first foot… Read More
2021-04-27 16:15
The tree stands tall and proud a symbol of mankind’s struggle to save the trees from being cut down in increasing numbers as millions are raised to the ground every year la… Read More
2021-04-13 11:46
Art therapy is a special environment where you can relax and be welcome by Gwyneth and Freya to take care of you guiding you to do anything to create your own handiwork drawing o… Read More
2021-04-07 15:56
How hard people to strive for peace marches to seek wars to be aborted many trying to help those in the fight refugees by the thousands driven out from their homes and lands of t… Read More
2021-03-30 18:10
She smiled as next to her a mother and child stood close by her to cross the busy road yet seconds later she turned back they were gone nowhere in sight as she glanced around a l… Read More
2021-03-24 17:12
Into the wilderness to escape the crowds taking a hike into the country meadows the fresh air on your face you breath in those surroundings filling all your senses in the wide op… Read More
2021-03-17 11:15
All eyes were focused on the courtyard of the castle as upon the horse the knight sat proudly in the saddle dressed in his full battle armor surrounded by the che… Read More
2021-03-02 13:48
He came out of the tunnel into the sunlight though feeling like another dimension in time from the darkness he felt being watched but held back his emotions from inside… Read More
2021-02-22 16:22
His mind had become clear as if a light had been switched on in his brain struggling to make his mark in this world seemed to fail at everything he tried was ofte… Read More
2021-02-16 16:26
She could not hide the fear within thinking of the journey ahead spiritually was feeling sad and alone many times tears had fallen she fought to keep a positive c… Read More
2021-02-02 16:32
What an amazing gesture it felt good a gift of a large red rose that moment of rapture warm inside someone at last who cared filled with joy accepted this special… Read More
2021-01-26 13:55
Just the slightest gentle touch and she knew here was somebody who could be trusted feeling so safe with that knowing glance did no longer feel alone or afraid sh… Read More
2021-01-19 20:52
Starring dreamingly into the red hot embers of the glowing comforting fire relaxing in the heat of the room without a care on a cold winters evening the couple re… Read More
2021-01-13 17:03
Feeling good could not understand why weather was wet and very cold yet somehow wanted to sing out loud had a big smile without really trying certain nothing had… Read More
2021-01-06 18:51
The doorbell woke them making a loud ring as they relaxed in front of the telly both were half asleep took no notice then there was pounding as the door shook fro… Read More
2020-12-15 18:33
Their quest had begun at last they all met a group of young warriors had gathered to find The Golden Shield stolen by their foe on top of the mountain they viewed… Read More
2020-12-09 19:51
In the putrid mud of the river Thames  the mud larks searched for any treasure up to their waists they each scrabbled looking for things that could be recovered women and chil… Read More
2020-11-25 17:20
Suddenly on his windscreen was a mist where it had been a nice day and clear having to make an emergency stop luckily it was on a quiet stretch of road a thick mi… Read More
2020-11-11 19:45
The trees shook violently in the wind swaying almost to the hard ground as the storm surged ever onward householders were asked to leave but many were determined to stay fooli… Read More
2020-10-28 13:22
There in the garden long forgotten A Well almost hidden by weeds and a thorn bushes it’s mystery unknown for many generations while exploring the vastly overgrown… Read More
2020-10-14 22:43
The dog laid peacefully sleeping on the rug content in his favourite place but something made him stir from dreaming he stood up dazed as it was still very dark outside noises… Read More
2020-10-07 19:18
In the midst of the ocean the submarine waited sea water ferociously lapping its hull as the crew in the conning tower gathered scouring the horizon through binoculars knowing a convoy was d… Read More
2020-09-30 17:04
Amongst them it moved without suspicion not a single soul could tell that this was an artificial intelligent drone looking smart in neat casual wear in the large shopping centre parade sat c… Read More
2020-09-26 21:03
Sweet sound of a bird singing in the tree everything was quiet and serene butterflies flew in the still air bees buzzed pollinating the flowers surrounding the couple on their walk it was ma… Read More
2020-09-20 21:15
On that cold crispy morn their paths crossed rushing to catch a bus clashed embarrassed and both shaken apologized then went their own ways to work yet the incident stayed in their minds of… Read More
2020-09-20 20:39
In the sidings it stood gleaming proudly restored to it’s former glory boiler stoked the engine full steam ahead slowly shunted over the points and coupled to six passenger coaches as… Read More
2020-09-16 20:31
Desert sands spread out before their vision undulating hills and valleys of deep sand that seemed to go on in endless waves hot as the sun beats mercilessly down being cold as ice as the nig… Read More
2020-09-12 23:11
As life created unknown pressures at every turn the young man felt it hard to breath as out of nowhere found himself being jostled in a crowded shopping town centre as a group of youths surg… Read More
2020-09-12 22:53
How close to the ground he sniffed the police K9 soon had the scent pulling his handler ever faster following a trail through the grass snorting loudly nearing a copse determined to find the… Read More
2020-09-09 22:20
The grass grew high in the field unkempt over the decades nobody lived here anymore left to decay the standing house in the corner of the barren land once full of life and so grand! Few ven… Read More
2020-09-07 16:00
The swing moves rhythmically back and forth relaxation as the body feels the force in the action able to chill and think freedom from any pressures to and thro the swing then goes much highe… Read More
2020-08-28 16:28
That gentle soft touch on a sad face an understanding word in her ear gave that reassurance she needed to give strength at a time of stress admitting to being bullied at school so upset she… Read More
2020-08-23 20:52
Nobody can really foresee what lay ahead we are guided towards a cashless society giving us far less power on our incomes the authorities that rule us have more grip on our daily lives throu… Read More
2020-08-17 15:05
People stand for one or two minutes this a mark of humble respect for the many heroes of ordinary folk giving their lives and many injured through countless wars and struggles for our libert… Read More
2020-08-17 14:10
From behind his knowing eyes he observed the slow disintegration of the planet with no peace to be found in any countries growing poverty as the economies fail many more out of work the futu… Read More
2020-08-01 21:31
Was that a sound of a faint voice I heard stories told this building was haunted from within the interior as the light faded never expected to hear anything at all frozen to the spot suddenl… Read More
2020-07-20 17:13
Nothing came from her lips that morning standing lost and feeling afraid gripping tightly a doll she had been given after being found wondering on her own by a passerby who was very concerne… Read More
2020-06-28 12:23
The ranch for centuries was said to be cursed many weird encounters were recorded unidentified craft seen flying overhead metallic and bright orbs that changed shape appearing in the expansi… Read More
2020-06-22 19:49
From behind the net curtain I spied with just a little nosey interest curious to see what others are doing no matter how very hard I tried not to twitch the the net curtains my inquisitive m… Read More
2020-06-16 21:19
On the new homestead life was harsh few comforts on the rugged land having to build a shelter to live in through all weather they toiled on to make a living from the ground dangers from roam… Read More
2020-06-12 22:17
They gathered together in peaceful protest in sombre memory of an innocent victim thousands from many countries and cities marched in unison with banners displayed from many cultures they wa… Read More
2020-06-06 21:40
Through the lens every move is watched each angle we are on a monitor screen high on poles they swivel and turn long shots close up’s they view at will many more hidden out of sight wi… Read More
2020-06-03 12:25
Cold was the dawn that fateful day an observer stood facing the sight of the battle before his tired eyes at the carnage and pointless loss as the bright dawn rose slowly cries of pain and d… Read More
2020-06-01 17:56
Cold clear water sped along free upon the fast flowing river a waterfall pours into the flow unhindered by man’s devises unspoilt trees line the bank with stagnant pools so dank! Isol… Read More
2020-05-30 15:14
High on the clifftop he viewed the raging sea hitting the rocks wind blowing as rain heavily fell dark clouds a low ominous sight natures fury unleashed on mankind exhilarating yet scary bef… Read More
2020-05-30 14:33
There is a new brightness in me a new path in the way to be somehow found how to cope facing life with much more hope accepting frailties as they appear through the days without fear! On an… Read More
2020-05-29 16:22
Long is the road that he alone treads with obstacles strewn in his way darkness clouds each waking hour fearless he strides to suceed a stubborn pride deep within determined somehow he&rsquo&hell…Read More
2020-03-09 20:44
Confusion seems to fill my mind how I long for passed times when talking was a natural act being out and about no effort anxiety never clouded thought then no help had to be sought! Moments… Read More
2019-12-02 16:28
How times slip by upon us all a gap between brothers grew never any disagreements made even though lives were far apart never a moment I did not care the gap between always aware! Once we w… Read More
2019-10-24 14:49
You can hear a loud rumble overhead sounds that are chilling yet though viewing nothing in sight as you walk what is flying up in the seemingly empty vast sky what mystery’s up so high… Read More
2019-10-15 16:41
Leaves filled the path he trod as the wind blew cold rain now fell onto the ground autumn had arrived the warm days just a memory out in natures energy! Waters rising puddles forming mud su… Read More
2019-10-12 13:11
We each face those daily traumas that hound us every day when there is so much happening to weigh down our spirits not only causing physical illness within but affecting our minds as well ca… Read More
2019-09-28 11:16
Across those plains they are gone no more do many animals roam vast number of species are extinct by man’s ruthless destruction losing these once natural habitats a growing trend for f… Read More
2019-09-14 16:47
The rain had stopped at long last deep puddles covered the road a driver and his girlfriend stopped in a layby that came into view approaching an empty lorry trailer its rear doors were open… Read More
2019-06-08 13:04
Was life’s journey for me such fun hard to remember good memories our time its said is but one breath mine for sure was an uneven trip maybe others a smooth easy ride they remember wit… Read More
2019-06-08 12:30
Those bustling days of shopping centres when people crowded to the shops then many big and small the local stores filled with shoppers to peruse cars passing to closely on the busy streets i… Read More
2019-06-07 07:25
Those days when the world seemed huge life had endless possibilities caution then was not in your vocabulary optimistic for a long future that never happened as money the goal but you did no… Read More
2019-06-02 21:46
On the large lake rising like a monolith the disused diving board had an unsettling image to they eye in a popular public park the once polluted water now teeming with wild life and youngste… Read More
2019-05-29 14:40
Out of nowhere there comes that point you feel physically blown health issues arise and you are shaken it becomes hard to take in these feelings are very hard to express when trying to expla… Read More
2019-05-21 21:15
The suns light beams down upon us giving life to those below as they toiled on the parched ground temperatures souring higher seasons hard to define as cold and wet overcome once tropical ar… Read More
2019-05-14 16:00
The Path through woodlands was inviting sunlight deflected by leafy branches birds twittered sweetly around my head enticing me to walk the narrow track at intervals by my feet a squirrel da… Read More
2019-05-13 16:03
The couple were excited their own home a new house on a small estate though near to a large countryside park falling in love with its design tranquil surroundings away from traffic used to t… Read More
2019-04-26 16:09
Stressed took a stroll noticed no insects could not detect any bees or butterfly’s filling the scene worryingly in decline relaxed gently sat on a grassy hill-top over looking the fiel… Read More
2019-04-23 17:54
Hard for him to believe the image was so real his friend had died years ago it faded and the coldness lifted what was real technology could recreate life make what did not exist a reality be… Read More
2019-04-20 18:52
That rare glance in the bathroom mirror made him realize time had not been good all he had left was flashes of memories what could have been but never was so much had wanted to achieve in hi… Read More
2019-04-19 16:15
A warm evening a suggestion of a walk along the trail near the cottage in local folklore said a flying creature haunted this tranquil area but nobody had lived to confirm tales just a whimsi… Read More
2019-04-13 23:54
From the corner of your eye you see movement was it a trick of the light or in the mind had the temperature really got cold could that be a shadowy figure you had seen standing in an eerie p… Read More
2019-04-10 18:58
He stayed near to the closed coffin knowing what was inside nobody would believe the content had to keep it contained certain the beast was really dead had caved in its head! Under duress h… Read More
2019-04-05 13:00
Why is it so lonely without you what had I done felt helpless being in the dark everyday ended yesterday no reason why just cannot cry said you hated me am so confused no idea what to say fe… Read More
2019-04-05 12:33
The man sat quietly thinking why was he here all his life tried to do his best willing to help the rest divorced with kids but alone with few friends true had tried to mix and mingle in his… Read More
2019-03-30 18:07
The only way to live our short lives is to take each day as it comes resolute to face each coming dawn in a respectful and positive way in peace helping others if we can unifying people on a… Read More
2019-03-29 03:19
Before entering were confronted with slogans large sprawled letters still dripping seemed like blood on the vandalized entrance put on their guard the trio had no idea what to expect within… Read More
2019-03-26 03:02
Heard the footsteps then saw it a black mist hit him his girlfriend said she saw it to both yelled out shaken were standing on the first floor in a derelict nursing home abandoned not very l… Read More
2019-03-21 21:59
Surely there was a shift in life all about him as reality seemed to drift voices singing hymns or that’s how he heard it happy not a comfy fit for other people feared so many disappear… Read More
2019-03-18 18:39
Even approaching her electric car that buzzing sound began a powerful charge threw her back bright specs of light darting rapidly all around her visual field to its power had to yield! Stun… Read More
2019-03-11 15:45
Starving health poor they cowered in the dirt and sewage oppressed and desperate for mercy that was never shown makeshift tents the only protection from blistering heat and the merciless col… Read More
2019-03-09 11:30
Deafening sounds as the birds sang smell of fresh-cut grass the sun shone brightly and warm children played blissfully dogs chasing about with freedom in this a fearless society where unity… Read More
2019-03-04 03:03
He was now thirty yet he remembered as though it was yesterday had been reluctant to come back here the house in which he was born even now he wanted to turn and run with this house was not… Read More
2019-02-28 05:47
Intrigued could not help but notice her sitting on the metal bench just motionless as he waited for a bus was she real he surmised fixated on a  smartly dressed woman whose face began t… Read More
2019-02-15 20:18
Knew he was just one of the herd nothing special so true never be a big well-known star in his lifetime never go far just wanted to help his children keep away from the villain in a society… Read More
2019-02-12 03:14
Awoke early that morning feeling restless had the urge to go to the beach never a lover of water yet was compelled by the need to be near the sea the tide was coming in a breeze skimmed alon… Read More
2019-02-07 19:18
Stark extending into the distance to those whose fingers clenched it in forlorn desperation the fence the barrier to an existence with such brutality an endless living misery imprisoned with… Read More
2019-02-02 06:15
As the car passed the historic building surrounded by scaffolding the driver was certain something huge hovered amidst the structure an orange glow from the street lights formed an eerie pat… Read More
2019-01-30 19:52
The news outlets onslaught accelerated making us feel ever inferior with stories of perpetual destruction reports of endless warfare unsettling and dividing our opinions and continuous attac… Read More
2019-01-27 03:33
Had been so excited to be there really bleak and derelict was my first visual impression had been an investigator with the group for a short while their purpose to seek any evidence that she… Read More
2019-01-17 19:40
He stood peacefully alone protesting driven up into a frenzy by skilled antagonistic paid lackeys to express his rights in his beliefs of a much fairer society but was cut down with a b… Read More
2019-01-15 20:06
Parting from you was hard to bear a sense of loss felt inside love so deep only we could share would know if you had lied as together time passed so fast without you seemed to slow but how o… Read More
2019-01-11 14:03
From within their home felt a strong presence yet nothing seemed out of sync the interior became illuminated a piercing light compelled into their back garden their gaze drawn upwards to a m… Read More
2019-01-07 14:11
The air suddenly becomes icy cold your breath much deeper now is the mind playing tricks on you all is still yet you do not feel bold just wanting to get out somehow as your hands now turn b… Read More
2019-01-05 04:11
Could hear a distant clock strike twelve midnight it was now the new year of 2019 all around the explosions and colour of fireworks she had drunk a lot but felt feisty just slapped a friend… Read More
2018-12-25 02:17
Another year has come to a violent end yet again the people do not disappoint death destruction chaos misery abound nothing different to those times before as always nature the master of man… Read More
2018-12-17 17:53
Charlie stood tall by a white cross surrounded by thousands more to the living the cemetery empty but he was not there on his own by each one many others stared more deaths added to the… Read More
2018-12-15 21:03
The young girl walked very slowly down a crowded and noisy street head bowed feeling alone so lowly not wanting to talk shuffling her feet dejection showed in her pretty face looking much ol… Read More
2018-12-08 15:53
There was a town once so neatly small now has become an urban sprawl creeping onwards on once green land destroyed by humans greedy hand a nightmare for nature and all mankind what can or ca… Read More
2018-12-07 13:41
His heart pounded feeling tense relieved to shelter as rain fell heading into the underground his normal daily activity after work in the city of London end of the week loomed regular trip h… Read More
2018-12-01 07:42
Bright flashing Christmas lights are everywhere you turn families enjoying the ever-increasing expensive fare the time when Peace and Goodwill should be around prices rising yet expectations… Read More
2018-11-29 11:59
How in seconds our lives can change remembering when we met what fun it was incredible just being with you how your love simply filled my heart thought your feelings were the same that view… Read More

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