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And there was a cry in Egypt
Hacker- And there was a cry in Egypt, Exodus 12:29-30

After Pharaoh refused to listen to Moses and thus God, and remained unmoved by the plagues, God struck down the first born human and animal in the land belonging to the Egyptians but spared the Israelites. The artist depicts the angel of death as she goes through the land doing her terrible work.


Lot escapes Sodom

Daderot- Lot escapes Sodom Genesis 19:1-29  

A beautiful depiction of burning Sodom, with Lot and his daughters escaping, aided by Angels. Just behind them is Lots wife, turned to a pillar of salt.


The sacrifice of Isaac
Philippe- The sacrifice of Isaac , Genesis 22:1-19

  Would you sacrifice your child, if the Lord asked it of you? Without Him, your very existence is untenable? What happens when the first mover asks you, for what you consider the most cherished thing you have?


Abraham and the three angels
Rembrandt- Abraham and the three angels , Genesis 18:1-15

The destroying angels visit Abraham on their way to do their work in Sodom and Gomorrah. In this painting Abraham pleads that for the sake of the few righteous that even if 10 were found, the cities be spared; they were not, which suggests plenty. Are we headed there today; with good being projected as evil and evil as good?


Samson and Delilah

Lacma- Samson and Delilah, Judges 16:1-31

  I have always felt sorry for Samson. He was gifted but lacked foresight in his relationships; frankly he was simply unwise and bordering on foolish. The last fling was with Delilah, a beautiful woman but loyal to her people, the Philistines, against Samsons, The Israelites. They tricked him, robbed him of his strength and as a result led to suffering for his people. He got his revenge, but not after undue suffering for himself and the Israelites in general.



Ricci- Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11:1-18

  What is beautiful? but at what cost? I have always held a grudge against David, Israel's greatest King. He could have had any woman, yet he had to go as far as killing a man to acquire a married woman. I have no apologies to make, I detest the action. As for the man, well, he was generally a great man, but this is a blemish that only God can judge.


Defeat of Sennacherib

Reubens- Defeat of Sennacherib, 2 Kings 19:28-35

  This is a short story about the Assyrian army, led by Sennacherib, attacking the Israelites during the reign of King Hezekiah. God delivered them by sending an army of angels. The Israelites did not raise a finger.


Joseph and the loose wife of Potipar

Schule- Joseph and the loose wife of Potipar, Genesis 39:11-15

Joseph is jailed by Potipar, the head of Pharaohs guards, after she falsely accused him of attempted rape.


The wrath of Ahaserus against Haman
Stem- The wrath of Ahaserus against Haman, Esther 7:1-10

Ahaserus, a Persian King, is indignant against Haman, an administrator in his Kingdom, who orchestrated the destruction of the Jews in the empire. Esther, his wife was a Jew.

Abrahams offering

Teniers- Abrahams offering, Genesis 24:6-11

Is there an equal to Abraham in the bible? To be willing to sacrifice one's most precious possession, ones child. I suppose its an understanding that even our lives and those we consider ours are simply a gift from on high. There is nothing that is ours, we are simply custodians.


Joseph receives Pharaohs ring
Tepello- Joseph receives Pharaohs ring, Genesis 41:42-45

 God is wonderful, is he not? After Joseph interprets his dreams, Pharaoh recognizes his divine gifts and charges him to take control of the food stores in Egypt.

Cain leads innocent Abel to his death

Tissot- Cain leads innocent Abel to his death, Genesis 4:1-17

  The end of the age of innocence


Shem, Ham and Japheth

Tissot- Shem, Ham and Japheth, Genesis 9:16-28

  The sons of Noah, after the flood. On a related note, Canaan, the son of Ham was cursed by his grandfather Noah, on account of Ham, his father, disrespecting Noah when drunk. The Canaanites were the peoples that were destroyed by the Israelites when they went into the promised land.


The Good Shepherd
Bernhard Plockhorst- The Good Shepherd
John 10:1-21

Place your trust in him; he is faithful to all of the human race, great or small alike. A painting that shows He leaves none behind and is patient to wait upon those that stray from him.


Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Edelfi- Jesus and Mary Magdalene John 20:11-18

Women played a big role in spreading the news of His resurrection. They were accorded the unique honor of being first to see Him after he rose. This particular honor went to Mary Magdalene.


The Baptism Of Jesus
Ferraz- The Baptism Of Jesus Matthew 8:13-17

Our Lords public ministry according to what is known about Him in the gospels,  started with his baptism, by his "cousin" John the Baptist (remember after the annunciation Mary went to visit Elizabeth, her aunt, and Johns mother).  After the baptism, our Lord went to the wilderness for 40 days and nights, to prepare for ministry and to be tempted by the evil one.


The Holy Family
Flores- The Holy Family Matthew 2:19-23

  A depiction of family life in the greatest family of all


Christ Crucified
Francisco - Christ Crucified Luke 23:26-48

This is the defining moment for all of Christendom, when our Lord suffered so that we his creation could be redeemed from bondage to the world, the flesh and the devil


Ascension Acts
Fugel- Ascension Acts 1:6-11

Have you noted how the number 40 is so prevalent
Israelites in the wilderness- 40 years
Days spent in wilderness- 40 days  corresponds to 40 days of fasting before Easter, namely lent
Days from resurrection (Easter Sunday) to ascension - 40 days


Christs entry into Jerusalem
Giotto- Christs entry into Jerusalem Luke 19:28-40

  The King arrives in Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, fulfilling the prophecy in Zachariah 9:9


Arrest of Christ
Giovanni- Arrest of Christ Mark 14:48-52

  A great depiction, combining the Kiss of Judas and Peter cutting the ear of the High priests ear.


He carries the cross

Giovanni- He carries the cross John 19:17-42



The immaculate heart of Mary
Kussler- The immaculate heart of Mary Luke 1:26-28

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