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Christ carrying the cross
Anton- Christ carrying the cross Mark 15:20-25

He died, so that we would live. The cross, an emblem of suffering and shame in the Roman empire, is what we esteem today to remind us of the sacrifice made by Jesus to redeem mankind from the clutches of the world, sin and the devil.

Christ with Thorns John
Bloch- Christ with Thorns John 19:1-16

  A portrait of our savior


Hofman- Christ John 4:29-42

Salvator Mundi (Savior of the world)

Leornardo Da Vinci- Salvator Mundi (Savior of the world) John 4:29-42

This painting grossed over USD 450 m at auction in 2019.

As Gardener

Titian - As Gardener John 20:11-18

A wallpaper in which Mary Magdalene mistakenly identifies the Lord as a gardener, until he called out her name

The ascension

West- The ascension, Acts 1:8-11

Descent of into Limbo

Bartolomeo- Descent of into Limbo, Luke 24:1-8

 The souls lost to purgatory were released on Holy Saturday. Our Lord died on Friday at 3pm before the start of the sabbath at 6pm. It is the doctrine of the church that he descended into hell on Holy Saturday to release the souls of the righteous into heaven, where they could not enter before on account of original sin.

In Limbo

Angelico- In Limbo, Luke 23:44-46

The lord descended into hell on Holy Saturday and resurrected on Sunday.


The Lord in Limbo

Cezane- The Lord in Limbo Luke 23:44-46

Woman why weepest thou?

Fritz- Woman why weepest thou? John 20:11-18

Upon his resurrection, the first person that our Lord met was Mary Magdalene, who thought that he was the gardener.. she proceeded to ask him where the Lords body was and at that point Jesus called her name..."Mary" and she responded "Rabbi.. teacher"


Christ is circumcised Christian art
Parmiganino- Christ is circumcised Luke 2:21-33

In the presence of Anna the devout and Simeon the priest, our Lord is done as was done to Abraham and his household, hundreds of years prior.


Christ tempted

Penniman- Christ tempted, Matt 4:1-11

  In this painting the tempter comes at a moment of weakness; in this case after 40 days and nights of fasting. Always be wary of the enemy at both your low and high points. At your low he appeals against your suffering and at your high, he massages your ego leading to hubris.

Christ walks on water

Po Vodam- Christ walks on water , Matt 14:22-35

Our Lord overcome and commanded the elements as he wished. Nobody in the history of mankind has been credited with such power; Power which he could use to in any way
He desired, yet He chose to be treated as he was by mere men.

The massacre of the innocents
Poussin- The massacre of the innocents, Matt 2:16-18

This is probably one of the saddest stories in the bible. Hundreds of children in Bethlehem under the age of 2 years were massacred in Herod's desire to kill the Lord, having learnt of his birth from the wise men coming from the east, the MAGI. Mary and Joseph were forewarned by an angel and fled to Egypt.

Christ and the woman taken in adultery

Rembrandt- Christ and the woman taken in adultery, John 8:1-11

This is one of the most important lessons in the bible, that teaches us to be careful of self righteousness, when at the heart of it we are all sinners and fall terribly short of Gods glory. It is only his mercy that gives us hope of a place with Him in eternity. If we rely on his mercy, how dare we not offer the same mercy to others?

Lord, teach us to forgive others their sins against us, as you forgive our sins against YOU!

Jesus and His disciples

Rembrandt- Jesus and His disciples Matt 4:18-22

This looks like a scene after his resurrection before the ascension, when our Lord appeared to his disciples several times.

Jesus on the cross
Ruben - Jesus on the cross Matthew 27:32-56

  A beautiful depiction of a terrible yet necessary event

Josephs dream
Seghers- Josephs dream Matt 1:18-25

 Joseph is an example of a noble and honorable man. A lesser man would have acted hastily and with little love for his betrothed, but not Joseph. He took his time, seeking a suitable opportunity to let Mother Mary down gently, but the angel Gabriel explained all.



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