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‘Maestro In Blue’ Season 2 Recap: Did Alexandra Betray Orestis? 

‘Maestro In Blue’ Season 2 Recap: Did Alexandra Betray Orestis? 

As we have previously seen in Maestro in Blue season 1, the main focus was on the mystery surrounding the murder of the abusive Charalambos. It was later revealed that the mayor’s son, Antonis, was responsible for the crime, trying to save his boyfriend Spyros from him. Mayor Fanis tried to cover it up by throwing the body into the river, taking help from Maestro Orestis and Charalambos’ son, Spyros himself. Now let’s talk about Season 2. Here, we see that this season has taken a different approach. The first season was all about suspense and the unfolding drama, but Season 2 shifts to a more philosophical perspective. It delves deeply into human relationships, moving on from past trauma, and the emotional struggles of being involved in a crime and trying to move forward. At first, we thought Detective Demosthenes would expose everyone involved in Charalambos’ death, but that didn’t happen, which for me was a bit disappointing. Season 2 is much slower-paced, focusing more on the characters’ development and their efforts to become better people. This deep dive into their personal growth can sometimes feel monotonous. Whenever you expect something big to happen with the secret being revealed, it just doesn’t. Anyway, enough about my disappointment. Let’s get into the Season 2 recap of Maestro in Blue to understand what happened throughout.

Spoilers Ahead

Why was Orestis fired from his job?

At the end of the first season, we saw that after Charalambos’ murder, Orestis moved from the town of Paxos to Athens with Alexandra to try to move on. But moving on from such things wasn’t easy. It wasn’t just about the murder but also about his love for 19-year-old Klelia. In this season, we saw him trying. He focused on his career as a music teacher at an Athens conservatory and looked forward to being a father to his soon-to-be-born daughter. However, he didn’t put much effort into his relationship with Alexandra. He had already told her he wouldn’t be romantically involved; he would just take responsibility for the child. We couldn’t expect much from him in that regard, but it was a different story for Alexandra. We saw her struggle, trying to fix their relationship with couples therapy sessions, which she attended alone, discussing how Orestis did not give her any kind of mental support in her time of need, which made her feel numb. She tried hard to mend their relationship, but it didn’t work because Orestis was either always in class or at a rented place where he practiced music. He had so many emotions that he couldn’t share with anyone and instead expressed them through his music.

Meanwhile, we saw that Klelia was also trying to move on from her past relationship with Orestis. She initially thought Orestis left her without a word, but after talking to Antonis, she learned the truth and understood why he left town. She felt grateful to Orestis for saving her brother’s life and keeping his involvement in the murder a secret. Along with her brother and boyfriend, Thanos, she moved to Athens to join a conservatory and start a new chapter in her life. She was doing okay, renting a beautiful apartment with her boyfriend, trying to build a new life with a bold new look, and cutting her hair short. But deep down, she still had feelings for Orestis and hoped to mend their relationship.

Everything was fine until she started taking exams at the conservatory and discovered that Orestis was a teacher there. She saw him but didn’t talk to him until she got selected. And you know, Orestis knew this was Klelia’s dream school, but he still failed her test because he wanted to maintain no ties with her anymore. However, her performance was so good that the school accepted her anyway. Later, they made eye contact during a rehearsal, and Orestis followed her to a restaurant, where they had a brief conversation. Klelia said she was trying to move on and was grateful for his support of her brother, while Orestis apologized for leaving her without explanation. They didn’t really listen to each other; they were just there to speak their minds. The problem happened when someone saw them talking in the restaurant and complained to the school authorities. It was considered inappropriate for a teacher to drink with a student, especially one with whom he had a previous relationship. So Orestis was put on unpaid leave until further notice by the school authority, and if there were no more complaints against him, he would be taken back.

How did Maria invest the black money? 

Maria was one of my favorite characters in the entire series. When the series is full of flawed characters, she feels like a breath of fresh air with her innocence and warm personality, always providing a shoulder for others to lean on. However, those who are always there for others often lack support themselves, and that’s exactly the case for Maria. Even though she and her son Spyros were beaten down and abused by the vicious Charalambos every single day, there was no one to help her; people only gossiped about her. After her husband’s disappearance and eventual death, no one came to support her; instead, she was looked down upon. Honestly, I felt for her and wanted to give her a hug myself. Thankfully, in this season, she formed a strong friendship with Haris, Klelia’s grandmother. Haris is witty, full of charm, and always speaks her mind—exactly the kind of person Maria needed during this difficult time in her life.

Maria’s own son, Spyros, was distant from her. She suspected he was somehow involved in Charalambos’ disappearance, but she didn’t want to trouble Spyros anymore, knowing he had enough on his plate. Spyros was still struggling with his identity. Even though his homophobic father was gone, he left such a mark on him that Spyros still thought being gay meant he wasn’t enough of a man. He even tried to settle with Liana, which broke Maria’s heart because she knew Spyros and Antonis should be together, but he couldn’t due to his past trauma. When Maria discovered the hidden money that Charalambos had stashed in her house through his dealings with Fanis, she was shocked. However, after talking to Haris, she knew exactly what to do with it. She donated the money to a shelter for abused women and children who had faced similar experiences to hers. This act of charity made her happy, knowing she was helping people like herself who were struggling to recover from trauma. Later, Maria even started therapy to get better. It was good to see how she was finally taking care of herself instead of always putting others first. 

How did Alexandra betray Orestis? 

In the previous season, we saw that Alexandra was also involved in Charalambos’ murder, as she’d helped hide the body in her guesthouse for a while and witnessed the crime. Now that she and Orestis have a baby, she is scared for herself and the future of her child. She did not want to be like her father, a selfish man who only cared about his business and money. Alexandra had always felt alone, even more so when she saw that, despite her efforts to keep Orestis and Klelia apart, it wasn’t going to happen, and tying up with Orestis meant being tied to the past crime. So what did she do? To safeguard her and her daughter’s future, we see Alexandra ask for a divorce from Orestis without consulting him. This way, full custody of their daughter would be given to her if something were to happen to Orestis as there was a high chance of him being linked with the murder. She wanted to ensure her daughter’s safety and well-being above all else.

Why did Demosthenes come to Paxos? 

Demosthenes was a detective from Corfu. After he retired, he found Charalambos’ body in the water and realized that the man hadn’t drowned on his own but had been murdered and then dumped. This case intrigued him, and he wanted to solve the crime, so he went to Paxos to uncover the truth. He suspected that Fanis, the mayor of the town, was somehow connected to the case, and took help from Michalis, the town doctor. We know that Michalis was another witness to the crime but had hidden the truth from the authorities and only confided it to his girlfriend, Sofia, who was Fanis’ wife. Even though Sofia was trying to move on with Michalis for a better future, leaving the toxic household of Fanis, this case disrupted their peaceful life again. And let’s face it, Fanis, being the self-centered man he was, wanted to keep the truth hidden because he had too much to lose. He kept on telling himself that it was for the sake of their children, but we know the real reason—it was all about his reputation and his position as mayor. Maybe Demosthenes sensed this, which is why he wanted to expose him. As the investigation started, everyone returned to Paxos, including Orestis, Klelia, and Antonis, while those already there—Maria, Sofia, Spyros, and, of course, Fanis—were all questioned by him. They all tried to be as discreet as possible, acting to hide the truth. But hiding the truth is never that simple.

At the end of season 2 of Maestro in Blue, we saw that, even though the truth had not been exposed yet, trouble was brewing as the investigation started. Fanis and Sofia pretended to be the perfect couple in front of the world, but it was far from reality. Sofia had no real relationship with Fanis, and Fanis was dealing with his own problems. He was facing trouble in his money laundering business with Geovanni because being mayor made such jobs difficult. Even though he had been threatened before, he never really did anything to improve his situation. Only after Charalambos’ death did he give that job to his son, Spyros. But at the end of the series, after a social gathering, Fanis was murdered on his way back home and was dumped in the water in the same way he’d dumped Charalambo’ body. Who could have done it? Although this man had plenty of enemies, my best guess is Geovani’s men. Or could it be that Charalambos’ men wanted to seek revenge for his death? Will they be exposed? There is a chance that Michalis might come forward with the truth now that the main mastermind, Fanis, has been murdered. We saw how Michalis struggled to hide the truth before. We’ll find out more about that in the next season, I hope.

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‘Maestro In Blue’ Season 2 Recap: Did Alexandra Betray Orestis?