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It's A Wonderpurr Life Blog
Starting January 31, 2023, an Exciting New Format Featuring a clowder of colony rescues known as the Wonderpurr Gang. Posting twice a week each month, on Tuesdays with Dori, everyone's favorite lisping tabby alternates weeks with Bweaking Nooz, Letters from Dori, Wake-Up Call and The Intermew. On Thursdays select members of the Gang meet as a panel on Kick the Litter Show (think The View) for a humorous debate on Hot Topic issues like Kitteh Talk and the Pros and Cons of Hiding Pills in Noms. The Wonderpurr Gang is diverse in breed and age, and includes one purebred Turkish Van AssRabbit who loves mixing it up with his fursibs.
Hurricane Ian Report
2022-10-04 13:00
We at It's a Wonderpurr Life are sincerely touched by the outpouring of concern by our social media friends during this past week when Hurricane Ian knocked on our door.Compared to those who… Read More
Blessing Of Animals
2022-10-04 12:00
 As autumn arrives, people in various places may notice something odd.A procession of animals, everything from dogs and cats to hamsters and even horses, is led to churches for a specia… Read More
Pumpkin Spice Insanity
2022-09-20 13:00
Dear Furends, Hi it's me Dori, *wavy paws.* We at It's a Wonderpurr Life took a much longer bweak from our bloggy than expected, but it's helped our momanager to wrangle many of the loose en… Read More
Princess Bed Hog
2022-07-12 12:00
Written by Hans Christian Andersen, The Princess and the Pea is a fairytale that makes even modern royalty look undemanding.It tells the tale of an incredibly picky prince who was having tro… Read More
Woody Boyd - A Real Yankee Doodle Dandy
2022-07-11 21:49
Celebrating the memory of the incredible Woody Boyd, a cockatiel born on the Fourth of July 1987.In hindsight I should have called him Yankee Doodle.We adopted Woody from a not-professional… Read More
A Window To Positivity
2022-07-04 19:58
Welcome to Tuesdays with Dori. *wavy paws*My Friends, I have a good feeling about today. Yes, I spend my days behind closed doors in my castle suite because there is a crazy Wabbit running a… Read More
A Severe Case Of Do Too Much-itis
2022-07-04 19:57
Hi everyone, it's me, Dori *wavy paws*Well, it's been another crazy week here at Casa Wonderpurr, the place where I live. The tempurratures here in our small beachside town are already stink… Read More
The Struggle Is Real
2022-07-04 19:55
Greetings to all of yoo who are still reeling from the aftermath of Monday. My best intentions to banish the Cujo of weekdays and replace it with Funday has sadly failed. Even my nemesi… Read More
Time Travel To Blogpaws 2014 - Day 3
2022-07-04 18:49
 Friends, there's nothing like getting sick when you're far from home. Me and Mom share this experience because on her first trip to Vegas a few years before me, she got food poisoning… Read More
Time Travel To Blogpaws 2014 - Day 2
2022-07-04 18:49
What the Friskies! You back already? Boy, that was a short night. I barely got in my standard nine hour cat nap. Anyway! I guess you're here to read the diary I kept while I attended the Las… Read More
Time Travel To Blogpaws 2014 - Day 1
2022-07-04 18:49
Hi pals, it's me Herman!!! back with an exciting week of Time Travel to 2014 when I flew to Las Vegas beside my pawrents to attend my first Blogpaws adventure. The week started out very exci… Read More
Time Travel To Blogpaws 2014 - Conclusion
2022-07-04 18:48
Hi pals, it's me Herman TattleCat back with the conclusion of my Diary pages when I flew to Las Vegas for the 2014 Blogpaws conference.You know, no matter how old we pets are, there is still… Read More
Early To Bed
2022-05-13 23:53
Hey, Pals. Rabbit here. I'm joining Feline Friday for the first time because I wanted to show off my new bed.I'm a big boy, and Mom thought I looked cramped in the cat tree I used in my ZenD… Read More
Dear Monday - You Are Hereby Cancelled
2022-05-02 16:20
Dear Monday: You are hereby given notice to leave the premises immediately and not return. So far you are being blamed for Daddy stepping in a Gidget-gross hairball first step out of be… Read More
Feline Social Director FAIL
2022-04-29 13:00
 We at It's a Wonderpurr Life have been aware for some time that retirement isn't all fun and games. And often those who are retired yearn for the good old days when they felt Vibrant a… Read More
He Who Must Not Be Tolerated
2022-04-28 18:45
 Hello Frens, this is Dori. *wavy paws*Today is Tuesday, and I'm feeling distwessed.First of all, I hope yoo are experiencing fresh air and sunshine now that Spring has sprung.At my hou… Read More
Cats Are Like Rainbows
2022-04-28 15:29
We at It's a Wonderpurr Life are joining Brian's Home Thankful Thursday Blog Hop by being very Thankful that our lovely supurr senior, ChauncieMarie, is doing well at the age of seventeen, d… Read More
Rude Visitor At My House
2022-04-26 16:25
 Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori. *wavy paws* Since moving to FloryDa we don't have many visitors at our house. Thank Cod, because the sound of the doorbell or *gasp!* strange knock… Read More
Emergency Sunday Selfie
2022-04-24 17:20
 Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori. *wavy paws* Yesterday I asked Momma to help me take a Selfie for the Sunday hop.Unfortunately, Momma thinks she's funny, and when I saw my pikchure after… Read More
The Blessings Of Easter Baskets
2022-04-14 16:14
Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori *wavy paws* welcoming yoo to another Tuesdays with Dori. Except today is Thursday. We had a teknikal diffy-culty on Tuesday because our comments went into hidi… Read More
Sunshine Girl
2022-04-05 13:00
Dear Frens,This past week I was helping my momma purge old photos and stuff off our computer when suddenly, we found this adorable video of me playing in my backyard. Filmed two years ago be… Read More
An Opportunity To Help Fight Cancer
2022-03-24 19:47
Hi evfurrybuddy, it's me, Dori. Today I am here to ask yoo for help for our friend, Jaymee Dale, who is fighting for her life. Not only her life, but also the life of her Turkish Angora… Read More
Seek First To Understand
2022-03-24 13:00
 Dear Diary – While lounging in my momanager’s lap this weekend, I demanded she pay attention to me instead of the book she was reading. She told me, “After I finish t… Read More
Cellmates, Farewells And Name Changes
2022-03-22 15:36
 ​Dear Diary​ -This morning around 4 am I was shocked and delighted to see Mom thrust Frank into my ZenDen with me. As Frank tells it, he had a strong urge to harass Je… Read More
St Patrick's Day Breaking News
2022-03-17 13:00
Hi evfurrybuddy. This is Dori, yoor Bweaking Nooz reporter with the LATEST SCOOP on how hoomons came up with March 17th to celebwate Saint Patrick's Day Read More
2022-03-17 12:00
This week's Cat-toon features me, the resident AssRabbit, setting a trap for a leprechaun. Heard they might offer someone treasure if they're caught. Let's see what happens.So pals, did I do… Read More
Breaking News: Escaped Boat Drama
2022-03-16 18:53
Hi evfurrybuddy! This is Dori with BWEAKING NOOZ!This morning a MYSTERIOUS unidentified boat was found STRANDED along the shoreline in my nooz territory.I was INSTANTLY on the scene to bwing… Read More

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