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Bollywood Legends of Ramoji Film City’s Haunted Spots

Bollywood Legends Of Ramoji Film City’s Haunted Spots

The world’s biggest film city is allegedly a haunted one. It is rumored that Ramoji Film City is built upon a battlefield drenched in the blood of the old Nizam warriors from the Hyderabad Empire. They are reportedly haunting the place, sometimes even thought to be dangerous for the actors and crew. 

Ramoji Film City, located in Hyderabad, India, is one of the largest film cities in the world. Guinness World Records actually says it is the largest. It spans over 2,000 acres and has been the backdrop for many blockbuster films like Bahubali: The Beginning (2015), The Dirty Picture (2011), Ghajini (2008), Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (2006). 

Ramoji Film City: One of the more haunted places is the film city found in Hyderabad in India. Even some of the high profile actors claim that something is going on around the movie sets.

Ramoji Film City was established in 1996 by the renowned film producer Ramoji Rao who wanted to have something similar to Hollywood in India as well.

Amidst the glitz and glamor of this sprawling complex though is not just a hub of creativity and entertainment; it is also home to some of the most chilling legends and ghostly sightings according to the old legends.

The Ghost of the Nizam Warriors

Nizam Warriors: The Film city is supposedly built on top of battlefields where the Nizam warriors died.

When they built the film city it is said that the builders kept the land as it was without removing one tree or mountain to keep the spiritual peace of the place. Even though they didn’t take out any of the trees, it looks like something is wrong about the place. 

It is reportedly said that the film city is built on grounds where Nizams of Hyderabad fought and died. It is said that the spirits of those soldiers fallen in those battles are still wandering restlessly there. 

The Nizam of Huderabad was the ruler of the Hyderabad State until it became a part of the Maratha Confederacy after they lost in the 18th century.

They also fought in the Anglo-Maratha War where they became under British rule. Needless to say that there were plenty of wars throughout the times for the Nizam warriors to have fallen in. 

The Paranormal Experiences of Visitors and Employees

Many visitors and employees of Ramoji Film City have reported paranormal experiences at the haunted spots. Some have reported seeing ghostly figures, hearing strange noises, and feeling a cold breeze. Some have even claimed to have had conversations with the ghosts allegedly haunting the place. 

According to reports about the hauntings people often mention the incident when a chandelier fell from the ceiling. And it seems that the alleged haunting going on inside of Ramoji Film City is connected to lights. 

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Staff working with the light in the film city have claimed to have been pushed from the heights and gotten severely injured. There are also other types of crew that tell about the same thing and their clothes being ripped by something invisible. 

Lights are known to turn on and off at random, the gates are getting locked on their own, and there is the case with the strange writing in the mirror in Urdu. A lot of the scary things are centered around the mirrors and many actors have reportedly seen strange things when getting ready for a shoot and looking in the mirror. 

People have also heard strange voices and something whispering in Urdu, at least a couple of tourists staying in the guesthouse.  

Scaring a Bollywood Superstar

Actress Tapsee Pannu is one of those that claim to have experienced something paranormal in the film city.

The actor in Pink, Tapsee Pannu talked about her own haunted experience when she stayed at one of the hotels in the film city. 

“Firstly, I am extremely scared of ghosts, and I do believe that they exist. Personally, I felt something in my room when I was staying at a hotel in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. I had heard stories earlier of the hotel being haunted.”

This she shared in an interview in 2022. She was alone in her room and heard footsteps echoing and getting closer. She got scared and instead of finding out what was going on in her room, she forced herself to sleep. She said herself:

“There was no way I could fight a ghost.”

The Haunted Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is not just a hub of creativity and entertainment. It is also home to some of the most chilling legends and ghostly sightings told from both the crew working in the shadows behind the camera as well as from the stars in front of them. And if we are to believe the rumors, the ghosts found in the film city are not necessarily just in the movies.

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Bollywood Legends of Ramoji Film City’s Haunted Spots