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The Haunted Stretch of Death

The Haunted Stretch Of Death

There is a road in Extremadura, Spain that has been called The Stretch of Death because of all the accidents that are said to happen there. There is one legend though, that one of the accidents ended in a death that was never uncovered. Now the place is haunted by the victim trying to tell the truth. 

Spain is known for its beautiful and picturesque roads that weave through the countryside and mountains. But there is one Road in Spain that is not so picturesque and definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

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The road is called ‘The Stretch of Death‘ and it has a history of ghostly sightings and strange occurrences people have linked to the supernatural. And the cause of the supposed haunted road is said to be in the bottom of the nearby lagoon.

The Stretch of Death

In the Extremadura region in Spain, a place filled with mystery and tales of ghosts and the macabre. The place is landlocked bordering Portugal with the lowest population density in Spain. This makes a breeding ground for ghost stories such as this place here. 

The 2 kilometer Stretch of road between Pozuelo de Zarzon and Monthermoso has crosses and flowers lined up on the sides of the roads after the many deadly accidents that have happened, hence it name: Stretch of Death. 

What Makes this Road so Dangerous?

Why is it that so many meet their end at this particular point on the road? Most allegedly haunted roads have something dangerous about them, like a sharp turn or perhaps a dark and narrow road with little visibility. There are not any dangerous curves on the Stretch of Death as it often is on these alleged haunted roads, but a straight line with good visibility of what comes ahead. 

People that drive along this road claim that the monotony of the route and road is to blame as it decreases attention to dangers ahead for the drivers. 

Local legend though is saying there is something paranormal happening along this place. 

The Hit and Run of the Girl Thrown in the Lagoon

One of the local legends has a disturbing story about the dangers of walking along this stretch of road. 

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Once a local 17-year old girl was run over and died on the Stretch of Death by a car that didn’t pay any attention when driving. The people who ran her over panicked and didn’t want to get caught and face the consequences of their actions. They decided to cover up their crime and threw her body into a nearby lagoon. 

Her body was never found as it is still on the bottom of the lagoon according to the legend. Her murder and the culprits were never found and it was like she simply just vanished from the face of earth. Or did she?

Because of this the girl that died came back to haunt the place, to try to get the attention of the drivers and help her find her body in the lagoon where she was thrown in. 

The Red Stains on the Road that Never Washes off

Another creepy detail about this place is the red marks that people say supernaturally stained the road after the accident to show what happened. 

There are a couple of red stains on the asphalt on the Stretch of Death that no amount of cleaning or weathering have been able to erase. Could it just be the ferrous oxide of the pavement, or could it be the red blood from the accident that never wants to go away?

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The Haunted Stretch of Death