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Easy Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Much Faster

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Easy Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Much Faster
#1. Try to sleep when you are relaxed.

Taking a shower or a nice warm bath is one of the best ways to relax after a long and tiring day. Your body temperature falls, which enables you to achieve better sleep quality. In addition, rubbing some lotion on your skin will also help it relax and remain warm and moisturized.

#2. Think about taking magnesium supplements.

Research has shown that 400mg of magnesium taken about thirty to forty-five minutes before bed can help you sleep better. Consequently, magnesium has been used to lower insomnia and has helped many people fall asleep much more quickly. In addition, magnesium supplements improve the quality and duration of sleep. Often, magnesium supplements can be found in the vitamin section of your local pharmacy.

#3. Sleeping naked helps

Sleep professionals at the Cleveland Sleep Clinic recommend sleeping naked to control your body temperature and help you sleep better. Also, consider using the appropriate blanket, duvet, sheets, and pillows to ensure you achieve the right temperature.  It is more preferable to sleep a little on the cool side than to overheat. If it is not too cold, keep your arms and head from below the bedclothes. That way, you will sleep more comfortably.

Feeling too hot? Here is how to get more comfortable during a hot night. Feeling too cold? Here is how to get more comfortable on a cold night. You may need an extra blanket by the bedside to use if it gets extra cold at night. Remember to take care of your feet; cold feet can easily disrupt your sleep. It is best to put on breathable clothing like some loose cotton pajamas or other comfortable fabrics to help you sleep better.

#4. Sleeping Better During A Cold Night

It is always healthy to try sleeping in different positions throughout the night. By simply altering your sleeping posture regularly, you can improve the quality of your sleep. If you find yourself abruptly waking up in the middle of the night with your sleep disrupted, here is a habit you can adopt to improve your sleep quality:

Maintain your body such that your head and neck are aligned as much as possible, while the rest of your body lies in a mid-line position. Sleeping on your stomach is unhealthy and makes it hard to maintain your body in the proper position, which may cause you to experience pain or discomfort. If you must sleep on your stomach, consider laying a pillow below your hips rather than underneath your head.

#5. How To Sleep Comfortably After C Section

Use the appropriate pillow. Sleeping on a thin pillow is likely to cause your head to tilt backwards, making you uncomfortable while you sleep. At the same time, if it not right to use so many pillows your head and neck are at a strained angle. Also, if you usually sleep on your side, consider setting a pillow between your thighs to support your hips and sleep more comfortably. If you sleep on your back, putting a pillow beneath your legs will improve the quality of your sleep.

#6. How to Fall Faster Asleep

Reduce your exposure to light one or two hours before going to bed. Bright light has the undesired effect of interrupting your mental clock, keeping you awake when you need to sleep. The mental clock communicates to the body when it is time to sleep or wake up. This means you may have to reduce the bright lights in your bedroom or turn them off completely.

In addition, you may have to stay away from gadgets like the TV, computer, tablet, or mobile phone for no less than two hours before you sleep. Experts recommend the installation of f.lux or Redshift (for Linux) on your computer to get rid of the blue light on your computer’s display. The blue light disrupts your sleep by causing the reduction of sleep hormones in the body.

Unless they are extremely dim, consider removing all sources of light in your room, which may include open windows, LED wall clocks, computer lights, cable TV, or other lighting devices. Alternatively, you may cover them using a thick paper, cloth cover, masking tape, or disconnect them from their power source. This hack will reduce energy bills in the house and help you sleep better at night. Another way is to put on an eye mask (such as lavender eye "pillows") to cover yourself from any disturbing light in the room.

Invest in a comfortable mattress, take a look at Corsicana’s mattress lineup and choose a mattress that suits your sleeping position.

#7 – How to Sleep With a Snoring Bedmate

Consider muzzling the noise using gentle and calming sounds. For instance, you can use a white noise generator that produces different soothing sounds such as wind, surf, and steam. These sounds have no shape or tune and allow your brain to ignore the snoring and sleep peacefully.

According to research, white noise has shown a remarkable ability to help people sleep much faster, and it is effective when used to mask other disturbing noises while you sleep soundly at night.

Due to their efficiency, noise-or natural sound-making machines are popular gadgets. However, if you do not want to buy one, it is best to find creative ways to make a fan that gives off the soothing sound. In addition, a radio tuned to "between stations," where there is static, can work in the same way. All the same, you must ensure the radio is not too loud.

You can play some repetitive or ambient music to help you fall asleep much faster. It is vital that the music not have any abrupt changes in frequency to keep it as soothing as possible. Music by Brian Eno is a good option for the ambient type of music. Ensure the music stops or fades after about an hour to keep you from falling into a deep sleep.

Switch off your phone or set it to silent mode if you intend to use it as an alarm. That way, you will protect your sleep by stopping notification sounds for texts or calls. Remember, it is best to sleep early if you must wake up early.

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Easy Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Much Faster


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