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Five Things to Declutter in the New Year

Member Insights by Clarity Methods Organizing

Happy New Year!  Many of us plan to begin the New Year with a fresh start, often including resolutions to make changes and live better lives.  I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions long ago, and replaced them with New Year’s Mottos.

Around the time I started Clarity Methods Organizing, my New Year’s Motto was to “Declutter everything that wastes my energy” in order to find clarity in my life.  My reason for decluttering was that too many unimportant things were wasting my Energy, causing me to feel tired, stressed out and overwhelmed.  I had a list of dreams and goals that I wanted to accomplish in my life, but I didn’t have the physical or mental energy to get started because I was too busy.  It became clear to me that to have energy for everything I loved and wanted, I would have to start by clearing away all the stuff that was draining my energy.

I started by decluttering my physical space and possessions.  As I cleared my home of everything that was unnecessary, I felt physically more energized and free.  As I continued, I felt lighter and became unstuck. New ideas started flowing.  I could see that physical clutter holds meaning and takes energy.   It also became obvious that clutter can be more than just physical objects that take up space.  Clutter can be anything that wastes energy and blocks us from living the life we truly want.

The following are my top five suggestions for decluttering your life in the New Year:

Physical Clutter.  I think that the easiest and best place to start is by decluttering your physical surroundings.  Our physical surroundings can often reflect our internal state, and when our homes and offices are crammed with stuff we don’t want, need or use, we can feel anxious, stressed out and overwhelmed.  Holding on to excess physical clutter steals our energy.

Time Clutter.  A lot of us never seem to find the time to do what we really want to do.  Is time scarce?  Or are we wasting it mindlessly?  Make a list of your top priorities, and from there declutter anything that does not fit the list.

Energy Clutter/Energy Wasters. Energy wasters can also be time wasters.  This includes anything (or anybody) that makes you feel drained.  Energy wasters could include distractions, mindless ways to pass time when you are bored, mind numbing entertainment, or anything that does not have a positive impact on your life.  This category also includes anything that wastes money because money represents our hard-working energy.

Unhealthy Habits & Routines. Habits and routines can be beneficial to our lives when we use them to automate daily tasks such as brushing our teeth or taking a shower.  The reason habits and routines work so well for productivity is that they become mindless; once the Habit is established we never have to think about it.  Problems occur when we develop negative routines and habits that become mindless.  For example, I had the habit of drinking cream and sugar in my coffee everyday without truly enjoying it.  It became my standard way of drinking coffee.  I realized that each day I was drinking about 200 calories of extra cream and sugar and spending and additional $4.00 each week for my creamer habit.  (This added up to approximately 73,000 calories per year and about $208).  I found that when I removed the cream and sugar a few days a week, I enjoyed the coffee more and it seemed like a special treat when I added the cream and sugar. Start noticing the ways you can make small changes in your daily habits and routines and they will add up.

Bad beliefs and ideas. This could include any ways of thinking that may be untrue or place unnecessary limitations on your life.  To start examining your bad beliefs and ideas, ask yourself: What am I afraid of?  Are my fears realistic?  Are they limiting my life or blocking me from what I would like to do?

I hope this list helps you find some clarity in your life this year.  Start decluttering all they energy wasters and free up your time, money and energy for what matters most to you.

If you need help Decluttering Your Life, email me at [email protected]  or call (614) 969-7391.

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Five Things to Declutter in the New Year


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