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How to Get a Blurry Foreground with Photography

How to Get a Blurry Foreground with Photography

We’ve all seen photography with a blurry background, but a blurry Foreground is not as popular. However, it can produce a great effect that puts the focus on faraway objects. Not sure how to make it work for you? Here are some tips.

How Do Your Blur the Foreground of a Photo?

To blur the foreground of a photo, you will need to use a large aperture opening to create a shallow depth of field. The main Subject should be in the mid-ground or background, not too close to the subject. If you focus on the subject, the foreground will blur.

How to Compose a Blurred Foreground Shot

If you are taking a Blurred Foreground shot, you will need enough foreground to make the photo work. However, you won’t want to use a wide-angle lens which will keep a wide area of the shot in focus. A zoom or telephoto lens is preferable.

The texture or contrast of the foreground will not be that important since it will be out of focus. However, if you can find a foreground with features that look interesting blurred, it could work to your advantage.

And while the foreground will need to be included in the shot, you will also want to accommodate the background and main subject.

Where Do You Put the Main Subject?

The positioning of your main subject must be carefully considered in a blurred foreground shot. If the subject is too close to the camera, the foreground will remain in focus.

The subject must be far enough away that the foreground blurs, but the subject stays clear. But it shouldn’t be so far away that it gets lost in the background.

Dropping down low while shooting is a good technique as this will make the foreground more prominent leading the viewer in to focus on the main subject.

What is the Best Aperture?

It’s important to get the right aperture for your blurred foreground photo. A large opening like F/1.4 or F/2.8 will let in a lot of light but it may leave the scene blurry.

Smaller apertures like F/4 or F/5.6 may get better results. It will bring the central part of the image in focus while blurring the foreground.

Where Do You Focus?

When taking a blurred foreground photo, it’s important to focus on the subject and not the background or foreground. You should also not focus too close which will make the image look too sharp, or too far away which will blur the main subject and the foreground.

For best results, focus on a distant subject using a single focus point on your camera. Avoid focusing on the foreground. If you get your focus right, your subject will be sharp against a blurred background.

What Type of Lens is Best for a Blurred Foreground?

Telephoto and zoom lenses are best for blurred foreground shots because they have a shallow depth of field. This will allow for less of the scene to be in focus so you can capture a focused band in the center and blur around the edges.

A blurred foreground makes for a great photo effect. Now that you know how to produce it, you are ready to get some great shots. How will you be using the technique to improve the look of your images?

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How to Get a Blurry Foreground with Photography


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