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What Kind of Batteries Should I Get for My Camera?

What Kind of Batteries Should I Get for My Camera?

Batteries may not be a primary concern for most photographers but running out of power in the middle of a shoot can make you rethink the type of Batteries you use. This article will review various Camera battery types so you can determine which are best suited to your needs.

Check Your Camera

Different cameras take different types of batteries. Make sure the ones you are buying will work for your camera. If you are buying a new camera, it’s important to purchase one that’s compatible with the type of battery you prefer to use.

What are the Different Types of Camera Batteries?

Here are the different types of batteries you can use in your camera.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion

These are commonly used in SLR cameras. They hold more power and are, therefore, ideal for digital cameras that require more power. They are more expensive than other types of batteries, but they last longer.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries

These batteries aren’t as expensive as lithium-ion batteries, but they don’t last as long. They are also heavier than lithium-ion batteries so they can contribute to camera shake.

Disposable Batteries

Disposable batteries are less expensive than rechargeable batteries but because they are disposable, they will cost more in the long run.

Disposable batteries come in three basic categories: lithium ion, alkaline and nickel-metal hydride. Alkaline are the least powerful of the bunch and will wear out quickly when used in a camera. Lithium ion are the most powerful and will perform the best of the bunch.

Even though disposable batteries are not recommended for picture taking, many photographers will carry a few around with them. That way, they can pop them into their camera to keep shooting while their other batteries are recharging.

Note: Most cameras only take one type of battery, so going from rechargeable to disposable may require you to bust out a different camera.

How to Increase Your Battery Lifespan

No matter whether your battery is rechargeable or disposable, you’ll want to do what you can to save power. This will keep you from having to change out disposable batteries and it will prevent excessive charging that can interrupt shoots.

Here are a few power-saving tips.

Standby Mode: Put your camera in standby mode when it’s not being used. This is more of an energy saver than turning your camera on and off.

LCD Screen: You can save battery power by reducing the brightness of the LCD screen or by turning the screen off completely and using the viewfinder instead.

Reviewing Shots: Reviewing shots takes up a good amount of battery power. Avoid doing this unless it’s necessary. Try to review shots only after the shoot is complete.

The battery you use in your camera may not be the first thing on your mind. But in time, you’ll realize how important using the right battery can be.

The tips in this article will help you make a wise choice in picking a camera that takes a battery that’s best suited to your needs. Which do you feel is right for you?

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What Kind of Batteries Should I Get for My Camera?


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