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How to Get Started with Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography is used to express ideas and emotions through a setting that is not meant to be traditional or realistic. It allows the artist to get creative and go outside the box to come up with images that impress.

Abstract photography can be one of the most challenging types of photography to pull off. While you have absolute freedom in the pictures you take, you won’t want your images to be so obscure that they get lost in translation. Therefore, you must find the right balance between odd and relatable.

With the in mind, here are some tips on how to get started with abstract photography.

Understand the Key Elements

There are some key elements that should be integrated into abstract photography. They will give images more depth and increase appeal. They include:

• Simplicity: Simplicity will ensure that your picture is clear and uncluttered thus easy to understand.

• Composition: Since abstract pictures don’t have much thematic structure, a strong composition will be necessary.

• Angle: Shooting from certain angles will take your pictures to a whole new level.

• Lighting: Dramatic lighting and the proper use of shadows and silhouettes can make an abstract photo more interesting.

• Harmony: Harmony involves balance and proportion in the color and lighting you use.

• Mystery: An abstract should send a strong message, but you never want that message to be too obvious.

Start With what You Have

Instead of looking for odd looking objects, work with what’s in front of you. This will help you develop your eye and so you can come up with ways to photograph objects in an appealing manner.

Focus on Design Elements

Design elements like lines, shapes, patterns, texture and color play a huge role in abstract photography. Learn how to focus on these elements to make your pictures that much more impressive.

Incorporate Macro

Macro almost always takes photos to an abstract place. It involves focusing on the small details and zooming in to make objects appear magnified in a unique way. The technique can be used on small objects like jewelry or insects, or you can zoom in on the details of a larger object.

For instance, you can try using macro on a piece of wood focusing on its grain and texture.

Use Filters

When you are taking pictures, almost anything can be a filter. You can use colored filtered on your lenses or shoot through objects like translucent glass or water. This can distort the picture in an abstract way that is sure to add interest.

Capture Motion

It is difficult to capture motion in photography, but when you’re shooting abstract you have an advantage. Even when a picture blurs, it can work in your favor. If you’re not shooting something that’s moving, you can produce the effect yourself by moving the camera as you take pictures.

Slow shutter speeds of 1/10 of a second or slower will be best for capturing motion. If your shots are coming out overexposed, consider going on a Shutter priority mode, using a lower ISO level and/or a tighter aperture.

Customize Lighting

The lighting you use will play a major role in the photos you are taking. There are many things you can do to get a specific effect with your lighting. Strong light on the source will bring out shadows in other parts of the image. Diffused lighting can bring out areas of the picture outside of the subject. Backlighting and silhouetting will always provide a dramatic effect.

Try Different Shooting Styles

A good knowledge of your camera and a willingness to experiment can help you get great abstract shots. Try shooting out of focus, playing with depth of field and using weird angles. Integrate a variety of techniques to produce unique effects.

Go Crazy in Post Processing

When it comes to editing an abstract photo, there’s no such thing as too much. Go crazy with the colors, edit images so they are upside down and add and subtract elements. This will provide an out of the box look that defies reality and is sure to get noticed.

Abstract photography allows for a lot of creativity, but you need to go about it the right way. The tips in this article will help you create unusual photos that are worthy of a second glance. What techniques do you use to take abstract to the next level?

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How to Get Started with Abstract Photography


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