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Let It B Blog
Painting tips, wall painting ideas, DIY home improvements, and most of all, the wonderful world of paint colors for your homes and living spaces.
Turn Your Skimboard Into A Pegboard (VIDEO)
2022-09-15 00:30
Awww, he made his old skimboard into a pegboard. What about the memories, man? And it was a cool wall art to begin with. But I get it, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If you have s… Read More
2022-09-13 00:30
If you are new to this blog, you may not have seen our Best of Hue series, which focus on one particular color per article. Just click on the link if you’re curious. We’re revivi… Read More
Invitation To Philconstruct Mindanao 2022
2022-09-07 00:30
Hey there, Homies! Let’s start of the day with a pep in our step with some good news. Philconstruct Mindanao is finally back! After a two year hiatus due to the raging pandemic, physic… Read More
2022-09-06 00:30
We made a couple of video tutorials on how to refurbish a wooden chair in the past. Here’s another one for a surf shack-themed home office from a self-styled digital nomad, beach bum… Read More
2022-09-02 00:30
Ceilings are often overlooked during a renovation project. Most of the time, you just slap some flat white paint on it and call it a day. After all, white goes well with everything, right? W… Read More
Introduction To Paint TechTalk With Lettie
2022-08-19 00:30
Homies, meet Lettie, the blog character to represent the section on real-life questions and answers. We opened a new sub-category in the blog which you will find under Paint TechTalk. This w… Read More
Repainting: Picking A New Paint Color
2022-08-17 00:30
Before we begin, let’s be clear on our goal for today. The aim is to refresh your space with a wall color that’s hopefully equal to or better than your last one. We want a hue yo… Read More
2022-08-16 00:30
Filipinos are some of the most ingenious and resourceful people out there. We usually manage to think of creative and useful ways to upcycle and reuse a lot of things from our everyday lives… Read More
In Color: Affirmations For Trying Times
2022-08-15 00:30
We started posting the first 7 affirmations last week. For this week, here are 7 more to get us through trying times. See these as reminders or helpful nudges to help us overcome hurdles. Ta… Read More
2022-08-12 00:30
The contemporary Scandi interior design style is very popular in the Philippines. It is not so much its simple and functional aesthetic that draws homeowners to it, but the bright and maaliw… Read More
Live Life In Full Color
2022-08-04 00:30
Each of us is navigating these turbulent times in the best way we know how. To live life in full color may seem difficult but it may also be an effective way to move forward when external fo… Read More
Adding Wall Accents The Scandi Way (VIDEO)
2022-08-01 00:30
Let it B has many videos that show how to make accent walls in your home. This is a fresh drop that will show how to paint an accent wall the Scandi way. Watch the video. An accent wall doe… Read More
Painting It Easy: Mixing Your Own Shade
2022-07-26 00:30
Feeling a little bit more adventurous when it comes to your DIY painting journey? Why not try mixing your own shade of paint? There are a few reasons why people opt to mix their own shade at… Read More
2022-07-21 00:30
This should be familiar to many of us—a closet that is untidy, messy, and bursting at the seams with stuff. Unless you are a minimalist and have OC tendencies, majority of us are chall… Read More
The Joyful Energy Of Pastels
2022-07-12 00:30
Shopping platforms, online and brick and mortar stores, Tiktok, IG, FB, Pinterest—wherever you look, you will find pastels. They are everywhere coloring many things like clothes, furni… Read More
BLOOM Where You Are Planted
2022-07-08 00:30
Another color palette in Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 is BLOOM. It is a surprising and sophisticated paint color palette that is made up of mostly vibrant colors. The mix is unexpected but the… Read More
The Colors Of Pride Through Boysen Paints
2022-06-28 00:30
We here at Boysen HQ work with colors all day. And, we weren’t lying when we said our favorite color is, well, all of them. No color gets left behind. What’s another group of peo… Read More
2022-06-27 00:30
With all the noise we have to contend with in today’s world, being presented with something simple, clean, and easy-to-use—whether it be a website you are navigating, an airbnb r… Read More
Passive Design: Good For The Environment
2022-06-22 00:30
Passive design, for those not in the know, sounds blah. But passive design is good, especially for the environment. Climate change is a global issue that affects all of us. International org… Read More
DIYers Guide: Boysen 2-Component Paints
2022-06-17 00:30
Revamping your floors anytime soon? There might be a chance that you’ll be reaching for a 2-component paint product at the home depot. We take you through the important things you need… Read More
8 Creative Paint Color Swatches
2022-06-16 00:30
Internet is full of color palettes, color swatches, or color combinations, if you know where to look. That’s one of the advantages of this age—search engines are our friends. So… Read More
Team Neutrals Or Team Colors
2022-06-14 00:30
Do you belong to Team Neutrals or Team Colors? You don’t have to be super self-aware to know the answer. Just look at your wardrobe, the things you consider precious, your home, your c… Read More
2022-06-13 00:30
In the last Painting It Easy article, we provided an overview of the essential painting tools every DIY-er needs in their repainting and renovation arsenal. This time, let’s dive deepe… Read More
The Golden Ratio In Interior Design
2022-06-08 00:30
How do you use the golden ratio in interior design? An example would be using the rule of three, which I talked about recently and how this can be used in the home. But more than just creati… Read More
5 Tips For Creating A Monochromatic Room
2022-06-07 00:30
We’ve all seen photos of rooms bathed in just one color. These days, it’s interiors in a lot of neutral and nude colors like off-white, beige, and creams. Creating a monochromati… Read More
2022-05-31 00:30
Three—that seems to be the magic number in designing interior spaces. The rule of three does not apply only to interior design but also in math, writing, photography, computer programm… Read More
Is Minimalism Really On Its Way Out?
2022-05-25 00:30
Is minimalism really on its way out? That seems to be the consensus of popular international interior designers since 2020 when the pandemic changed the way we lived our lives. This opinion… Read More
Sherbet Shades Of Summer
2022-05-12 00:30
Summer yum goes hand in hand with summer fun, and what can be more cooling to the palate during the hot sunshiny days than sherbet! Do I hear sorbet? Well yes, that too. Ice cream? Definitel… Read More

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