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Cutie Pie (2022)
2022-03-05 02:39
Cutie Pie (2022)The sons of two companies were engaged to each other. One doesn't want an arranged marriage while the other wants to win him over! Meet Gilayn Wang and Kuea Keerati soon Read More
Something In My Room (2022)
2022-02-26 13:08
Something in My Room (2022)Pat just moved into a new rental house with his mother. There, he meets Pope, an amnesiac ghost, and has to help Pope solve the mystery of his death within forty-n… Read More
Secret Crush On You (2022)
2022-02-17 04:19
Secret Crush On You (2022)Discover the secret of a nerdy young man who falls in love with a third-year senior. Because his dream is so far from reach, observing is the only thing he could do… Read More
You’re My Sky (2022)
2022-01-16 05:07
You’re My Sky (2022)Thorn is a first-year college student who loves playing basketball and dreams of becoming a high-level player. Although he is committed to success, he is reunited w… Read More
Rainbow Prince (2022)
2022-01-15 13:26
Rainbow Prince (2022)Rainbow Prince is a musical Filipino (Pinoy) boys' love (BL) series. It is the story of Prince Zeyn, a young and audacious prince who is destined for a path filled with… Read More
Enchante (2022)
2022-01-15 04:43
Enchante (2022)After living in France, Theo comes back to Thailand to study at his father's school. Living in Thailand once again makes his surroundings new, but he does make one friend, Ak… Read More
F4 Thailand : Boys Over Flowers (2021)
2021-12-21 05:25
F4 Thailand : Boys Over Flowers (2021)Gorya is a low-class girl accepted into a prestigious university attended by the wealthy. The school is ruled by an elite clique known as the F4, consi… Read More
Not Me (2021)
2021-12-21 05:17
Not Me (2021)Black and White are twins with a powerful connection. After their parents' separation, though, White’s father took him out of the country, their family effectively severed… Read More
Baker Boys (2021)
2021-11-30 04:48
Baker Boys (2021)Punn is the handsome owner of a popular bakery and the son of a billionaire. One of the reasons for his success is Weir, nicknamed the 'God of Pastry'. It's due to his skill… Read More
2021-11-09 04:00
Bad Buddy (2021)Ever since they were young, Pran and Pat's fathers' had a deep and raging rivalry — trying to one-up each other on everything. This also extended towards their sons. Co… Read More
2021-10-12 12:15
My Mate Match (2021)It’s about Match, who’s looking for a roommate to share a big room in a new condominium. But there are two guys who contact him at the same time. Match has 3… Read More
2021-10-11 04:26
Loveless Society (2021)The Loveless Society, the name of a mixed-Media painting by a new artist, Nut, brought him success at a young age and attracted the wizard body of advertising, photogr… Read More
2021-09-27 05:04
Golden Blood The Movie (2021)The love story between a strict protector and a rebellious boss. Sky is a young master and the son of a mafia boss. Sun is the bodyguard who was sent by Sky's fa… Read More
2021-07-25 15:19
Hometown's Embrace (2021)Set in Isan, Northern Thailand. A young man returns to his hometown after finishing his studies, hoping to improve the quality of life there. But when villagers are… Read More
2021-07-25 12:50
Close Friend (2021)Six different pairs of men who experience six different forms of love. Featuring six songs sung by six Boxx Music artists.Then his love story started… Watch Now Read More
2021-07-22 01:54
Nitiman (2021)"Jinake Saman is the university moon in the engineering faculty, known across the whole campus as the hottest moon. There was the saying among the campus “Nothing and no… Read More
2021-07-02 13:08
The Best Story (2021)Best, a guy who sucks no matter what he does - contrast to his own name, fell for Dew, the hottest guy of the class and the top popular guy in school. His love agenda go… Read More
2021-06-23 13:01
Golden Blood (2021)The love story between a strict protector and a rebellious boss. Sky is a young master and the son of a mafia boss. Sun is the bodyguard who was sent by Sky's father to pr… Read More
2021-06-22 04:37
Love Area (2021)Valen, a young man born on Valentine’s Day but has never known love - not even the love of his parents. And he meets someone who shows him compassion and tenderness.Wat… Read More
2021-06-21 05:53
Stuck On You (2021)We all have our fantasies. We'd all like to believe that dreams do come true. At least once in our lives, we've dreamed of having the perfect love story. But life isn't a… Read More
2021-06-21 05:48
Don't Say No (2021)"If I am that right person for you then from now on, you can't say no to me."From friends to lovers. How will this relationship go, when one is a good guy but the other on… Read More
2021-06-17 13:12
Country Boy (2021)The story of a northern man with good status and friends who goes to a homestay outside Chiang Mai that is about to go bankrupt and will be confiscated.There he meets the s… Read More
2021-04-17 05:21
Bite Me (2021)Chef Eua, the second runner-up of The Chef Master, is still not able to step up to be the number one chef. He spends every day feeling as though there is something missing and… Read More
2021-04-17 05:20
You're My Sky (2021)The story focuses on a first-year student Thorn who has been secretly in love with the College Jock Tupfah. As they both train together, Thorn slowly falls for the handso… Read More
2021-04-03 09:48
Fish Upon The Sky (2021)Pi has a crush on one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department but since he is not confident enough about his looks, he is helpless. At least… Read More
2021-03-05 14:08
Lovely Writer (2021)Gene, a writer by profession, is one day given a request by his publisher to try his hand at a new type of genre, which is Boys Love. Accepting this new challenge, Gene w… Read More
2021-02-01 01:54
A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)A volunteer teacher dies in a tragic accident, in which her heart is transplanted to Tian. Through a series of diary entries Tian learns about her life; her se… Read More
2021-01-19 06:16
Bed Weather (2021)Have you experienced loneliness in the middle of a storm? As though there's something missing... As though you need someone to share your life with in this cuddle weather… Read More
2021-01-08 22:12
KinnPorsche (2021)The second son of the Mafia, Kinn Anakinn, is assaulted by an enemy causing him to flee from them until he meets Porsche Pitchaya - a young student who was hired as a part… Read More
2021-01-06 07:10
Art of Love (2020)Art of Love starts with a story of a male painter who dreamed about a guy. This is Sean's fictional story for his long-time best friend and the one he truly likes, Noah. Se… Read More
2021-01-06 06:28
Happenstance (2020)Wade and Jose Manuel, two people who magically meet although they are living in different periods - one in 1974, one in 2020. Jose Manuel is grounded after his military fa… Read More
2021-01-05 08:20
The Shore (2020)It is a story of David, a lost/stranded guy on an island who finds Simon, a companion, and they fall in love with each other despite their differences in principles about lif… Read More
2020-12-30 04:06
Win Jaime's Heart (2020)A young vlogger goes to the extent of finding a guy for his broken-hearted friend to boost his channel only to find himself entangled in a web of romance he never dre… Read More
You Never Eat Alone (2020)
2020-12-18 04:19
You Never Eat Alone (2020)When hunger and loneliness are the same as home. Because eating alone, it's a big deal. The operation to find someone to eat also began.Watch Now Read More
2020-12-18 04:06
SaifahZon Story (2020)Why R U? (Thai parent story)Watch NowLINE TV:-EP 1:1/4 2:1… Read More
2020-12-12 15:59
Stigma (2020)This is the story of Lei, Harry, Kian, and Nick who all try to break different stigmas by facing them.Watch Now Read More
2020-12-11 04:49
Got'chu Fam! (2020)Got'chu Fam! is a new Filipino (Pinoy) boys' love (BL) sitcom that tackles friendship, love, and dreams of unique individuals. It is a story of five tenants, King, Kylie… Read More
2020-12-10 08:38
My Gear And Your Gown (2020)Meet Dr. Pai, a smart medical student, former head of the school's academic club. He doesn't have confidence about his facial appearance and lastly, he doesn't be… Read More
2020-12-06 12:44
Your Home (2020)Imagine a world where boys’ love is normal. You don’t have to prove yourself more just because you’re gay or different. No judgy stares and harsh whispers f… Read More
2020-12-03 15:18
Unguarded (2020)Unguarded will show what actually happened after Hook Up and what took place before One Night Stand, in preparation for the actual Oe Night Stand series. But for this series… Read More
2020-12-02 04:31
Influencers (2020)Rooted from the harsh society, and the indifferences we're facing at this age. A blossom of love and awakening is set to make a footprint.We are made to celebrate and recog… Read More
2020-12-01 15:14
Cheat (2020)CHEAT is a new boys’ love (BL) series made in the Philippines which breaks the mold of conventional BL stories; gone is the shock value of two boys falling in love -- that… Read More
2020-11-25 15:11
Why Love Why (2020)Two straight men named Benjo and Emil were assigned to be thesis partners by their professor. Emil, being not financially capable to do online research reluctantly agreed… Read More
2020-11-16 15:56
YYY Special (2020)"Nut" A young man who has lost his loved ones is "moulded" by his stubbornness and invincity for his love. He's back to thinking about himself and setting out to find love… Read More
2020-11-11 13:20
Oh, Mando! (2020)College student Mando is torn between his new relationship with his girlfriend and his newfound romantic feelings for another man called Barry.Watch Now Read More
2020-11-04 10:21
TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love (2020)Type and Tharn have been together for seven years and both are enjoying their mostly harmonious life. They do still bicker and meet up with university fri… Read More
Gen Y (2020)
2020-11-04 10:10
Gen Y (2020)Mark wanted to challenge dr. Kit from Faculty of Medicine when he was told that Kit is hard to approach. But in the first day he meet with the doctor, he ended up getting on Kit'… Read More
2020-11-04 06:26
Quaranthings (2020)Quaranthings: The Series follows the friendship of two boys, and the love that will blossom between them while on community quarantine. During the lockdown, those who coul… Read More
2020-11-04 05:51
Boyband Love (2020)Boyband Love (BBL) is a BL digital series that revolves around LMTLSS (pronounced as limitless), a Pinoy boyband composed of Aiden, Danny, Jamie, and Rico who have one goa… Read More
2020-11-04 02:49
Lakan (2020)Lakan is about a man who wants to escape the reality of his life where he can rest from the hardships of the city and feel the simplicity of life and a man from the province who… Read More
Ben X Jim (2020)
2020-11-03 12:16
Ben X Jim (2020)BenXJim is a Filipino (Pinoy) boys' love (BL) digital webseries produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc.Benjamin is given an ultimatum to become financially self reliant or move… Read More
2020-11-03 12:16
Boys Lockdown (2020)Love in the time of a pandemic. While it’s certainly not the best time to go out, meet someone and fall in love, Key and Chen find each other in the middle of the e… Read More
Calculating Love (2020)
2020-11-03 09:18
Calculating Love (2020)"Secretly Loving your close friend and changing him to be a love one" is an uncomfortable feeling for Sine and Tan. They don't know each person's thoughts. Will their… Read More
Better Days (2020)
2020-11-03 07:38
Better Days (2020)Better Days tells the story of two childhood friends who use their talents as a vlogger and chef to revive the restaurant their parents built.Watch Now Read More
2020-11-03 07:14
Like in the Movies (2020)A prequel to the unproduced teleplays on Wattpad, GAYA SA PELIKULA tells us about Karl, a 19-year-old recluse architecture student in the middle of an identity crisi… Read More
My Little Lover (2015)
2020-08-17 08:18
My Little Lover (2015)Shunichi Minami possesses good looks and does well academically in high school. Chiyomi Horikiri is a bright girl who likes dancing. They were childhood friends and als… Read More
2020-08-15 15:08
Twenty-Twenty (2020)“Twenty-Twenty” will tell the stories of 20-year-olds who work to find their dreams as they experience freedom and responsibilities for the first time.#Twenty… Read More
2020-08-09 13:05
My Fairy Fox (2017)In a past life, Xiao Jing Chen, a great general, sacrificed himself in order to save Lu Bai, a fairy fox. Now, in the modern day, Lu Bai has tracked down the reincarnated… Read More
2020-08-08 14:06
My Day (2020)A romantic comedy series about a young determined culinary intern named Sky making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survived the challenges and… Read More
Still 2gether (2020)
2020-07-31 17:14
Still 2gether (2020)Is there any need to wait 10 years to see if the love between Sarawat and Tine lasts? In these special episodes we will see their relationship in Sarawat’s point of… Read More
2020-07-29 04:37
Roomate (2020)When an unrecognized stranger comes to the same room.Unintentionally, how will the story of two boys be? #RoomateWatch Now Read More
The Moment: Since (2020)
2020-07-18 13:34
The Moment: Since (2020)This is the second season of "The Moment", depicting the story of the boys after the end of the first season.#TheMomentSinceTeaserTrailerYoutube:Watch Now (Coming Soo… Read More
2020-07-11 05:51
I'm Tee, Me Too (2020)Six guys — all whose name is Tee, and each with their own qualities — find themselves cohabiting under the same roof, in the process learning more about not… Read More
Thonhon Chonlathee (2020)
2020-07-11 05:50
Thonhon Chonlathee (2020)Chonlathee, a shiny boy with a love heart, secretly has a crush on a guy next door, Thonhon, since he was a kid because P‘Thon always takes care of him as if t… Read More
2020-07-08 05:58
In Seoul (2020) Season 2Kang Da Mi and Lee Ha Rim succeed in getting into an 'In Seoul' university and become roommates. The two were confident that they were best friends but started to fee… Read More
In Seoul (2019)
2020-07-08 05:53
In Seoul (2019) Season 1It is a growth drama that talks about the love-hate relationship between a mother and her high school daughter (in her last year) who are living just the two of them… Read More
Gaduri Restaurant (2020)
2020-07-05 13:19
Gaduri Restaurant (2020)“Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant” will be about the sweet yet fierce romance between dating expert Ga Doo Ri, who’s well known for her refreshing… Read More
2020-06-30 07:25
Stage Of Love (2020)The storyline mainly focuses on our main leads Nguyen and Bao. Bao is roped into playing the main lead in the annual play. He is a first-year student and certainly new to… Read More
Life Love On The Line (2020)
2020-06-27 15:06
Life Love on the Line (2020)Known as Life Senjou no BokuraOne day after school, the serious Ito and the child-like Nishi meet by chance, as each endeavors to remain walking on the sidewalk`… Read More
The Shipper (2020)
2020-05-06 16:00
The Shipper (2020)A fujoshi who is a hard shipper had an accident and her soul got into Kim's body. She takes the advantage of the situation to make her ship sails while Kim's brother notice… Read More
Sweet Combat (2018)
2020-05-01 15:41
Sweet Combat (2018)As the eldest daughter of the Fang Conglomerate, Fang Yu was raised to become the sole successor of the company, yet she goes against her family's objections to pursue box… Read More
The World Of My 17 (2020)
2020-04-28 02:16
The World of My 17 (2020)It tells the story of four high school girls and their struggles, disappointments, and precious memories as they grow together, learning to become true friends for o… Read More
Mermaid Prince (2020)
2020-04-26 06:53
Mermaid Prince (2020)“Mermaid Prince” is about 24-year-old friends who encounter misunderstanding and love during a graduation trip. #MermaidPrinceTrailerYoutube:Watch All EPEP 1… Read More
Heart By Heart (2020)
2020-04-25 13:10
Heart By Heart (2020)#HeartByHeartTrailerSong English SubOSTOST#TeamUro #TeamTapp #TeamPhat#TeamFoon #TeamNobi #TeamCoppy#TeamSun #TeamHonYoutube:Watch All EP (Coming Soon)EP 1 (Coming Soon)… Read More
My Friendship (2020)
2020-04-25 13:08
My Friendship (2020)Set at an all-boys school, My Friendship is the story of Bank and his roommate Jack, with whom he is initially not very close. The two get closer as the school year goes… Read More
YYY (2020)
2020-04-25 11:58
YYY (2020)A new Y-series sitcom series, breaking all the rules in this world. That will come to disturb everyone in this April. Come and join the amazing apartment together.#YYYTeaser 1Tease… Read More
Best Mistake 2 (2020)
2020-04-25 05:25
Best Mistake 2 (2020)In the first season that played back in July, a model student named Kim Yeon-doo, who is devoted to her studies, got involved with Ji Hyeon-ho, who was branded as a bull… Read More
Best Mistake (2019)
2020-04-25 05:25
Best Mistake (2019)To get a boy from her past to leave her alone, Kim Yeon Do uploads a photo of a random guy claiming him to be her boyfriend. However, she does not realize the photo she ch… Read More
Ordinary But Special (2020)
2020-04-22 12:21
Ordinary But Special (2020)A web drama about an ordinary high school club that takes a class trip to the sea where the series then focuses on the relationships and happenings between the cla… Read More
The Brightest Star In The Sky (2019)
2020-04-19 07:21
The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019)Star Entertainment is the top entertainment agency in China. It was set up by a couple, Cheng Tian Hao and Du Wan Qing, who eventually separated due to di… Read More
Flower Ever After (2018)
2020-04-13 05:56
Flower Ever After (2018)A realistic drama that reflects on dating and marriage#FlowerEverAfterTeaserTrailerOSTBloopersYoutube:Watch All EPEP 1EP 2EP 3EP 4EP 5EP 6EP 7EP 8EP 9EP 10EP SpecialF… Read More
Just One Bite (2019)
2020-04-12 02:24
Just One Bite (2019)When three hungry girls meet, sharing love lives is a must! If it tastes good, 0 calories, if you gossip about romance while you eat, -999999 calories.#JustOneBiteSeason2… Read More
Just One Bite (2018)
2020-04-12 02:22
Just One Bite (2018)When three hungry girls meet, sharing love lives is a must! If it tastes good, 0 calories, if you gossip about romance while you eat, -999999 calories.#JustOneBiteTrailer… Read More
Ending Again (2020)
2020-04-12 01:28
Ending Again (2020)It tells the fraud marriage romance of two persons who do not want to marry but decided to get married to get be able to receive the “Newlyweds jeonse loan” [e… Read More
Great Men Academy (2019)
2020-04-10 03:49
Great Men Academy (2019)Love has always been a fan of the popular guy Vier of the famous Great Men Academy but has never had the chance to meet him. One day, she sees the mystical unicorn ru… Read More
Romance Talking (2020)
2020-04-10 03:19
Romance Talking (2020)#RomanceTalkingTeaser 1Teaser 2Youtube:Watch All EPEP 1EP 2EP 3EP 4EP 5 (Coming Soon)EP 6 (Coming Soon)EP 7 (Coming Soon)EP 8 (Coming Soon)EP 9 (Coming Soon)EP 10 (Comi… Read More
Because Of You (2020)
2020-04-08 12:03
Because Of You (2020)Growing up in a large, wealthy family, the three Yuan brothers never wanted for anything. Despite the three of them being only half brothers, the trio was incredibly clo… Read More
WHY (2018)
2020-04-08 02:11
WHY (2018)You still don't know why she dumped you? A 20-year-old who got dumped on 100th day anniversary.How can she dump a guy like him?! TTAnyone wants to join my trip to Jeju island?!#WHY… Read More
One Fine Week (2019)
2020-04-08 02:00
One Fine Week (2019)Da Eun works part-time and Kim Byul is an idol in her 5th years since debut. These two girls who look alike decide to change each other’s lives just for 7 days. It… Read More
Stranger Kim (2019)
2020-04-08 01:23
Stranger Kim (2019)The earth will soon be destroyed!#StrangerKimTeaserYoutube:Watch All EPEP 1EP 2EP 3EP 4EP 5EP 6 Read More
4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas (2019)
2020-04-07 05:37
4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas (2019)A web-drama about 4 young adults who hate Christmas who meet by chance and spend the month of December together. They unexpectedly become a part of each… Read More
Failing In Love (2019)
2020-04-07 03:39
Failing in Love (2019)Suffering from a separation anxiety disorder, Kang Pa Rang confesses his love for someone different every week. Lee Shi Won, Pa Rang's headstrong best friend, has been… Read More

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