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DIY Pumpkin Craft Ideas

Oh Sweet Pumpkins! I love these Diy Pumpkin Craft Ideas. They turned out so adorable with our fall Farmhouse decor theme.

Plus these crafty pumpkins were a super easy craft and BONUS all the supplies were from the Dollar Store! These fall pumpkins are literally less than $2-3 each to make.

How to Make these adorable DIY Pumpkin craft ideas

Ok sweet friend, I know your are gonna love the simplicity of these DIY Pumpkin Crafts. But first things first we are going to need a few supplies to make these fall Pumpkins.

Supplies needed to make DIY Pumpkin crafts idea #1

Pumpkin craft idea# 1- blue/ gray painted floral pumpkins

Acrylic pain or chalk paint

foam pumpkin

faux flowers

wire cutters

Pumpkin craft ideas #1- painted Faux floral pumpkins

These fall pumpkins are just so adorable especially with the grays and blues hues that are so trendy this fall 2019 season

They are so easy to make.

I know your painted floral pumpkins will turn out just as beautiful if not even more gorgeous.

Step 1- remove stem from foam pumpkin

The first thing we need to do is remove the stem from the foam pumpkin and any additional tags or stickers.

The pumpkin stem on these foam pumpkins(from the Dollar Store) was slightly glued and then attached with a wooden toothpick.

All I did was simply pull the stem slightly and it came right off.

Note: Do not worry if the top of the pumpkin does not look perfect after stem removal as it will be covered by faux flowers anyways in just a little bit.

Here is a the stem after removal.

You do not need the stem and can discard it our save it for a future crafty project of some sort.

I love pieces like this for other projects so I usually toss them is a small box of scraps for another time.

(Great for kids projects later too)

Step 2- Paint your foam pumpkin

Paint your foam pumpkin or pumpkins your color of choice with either acrylic or chalk paint.

I used acrylic paint in blues and grays as I am loving these newer fall hues in these color ranges.

I chose to leave my paint a little blotchy for a more rustic farmhouse feel. I used a foam brush and it worked really well for the look I was wanting to achieve. You could add a second or third coat for better coverage if your prefer.

Paint your pumpkin(s) to your hearts desire.

Then let them dry for about and hour. You want to be able to pick them up and not take off or smudge your fresh paint.

Note: You can see in my fully painted drying pumpkin picture(to the left) that the toothpick from the stem is still attached. I actually re-stuck the wooden toothpick back into the pumpkin to have something to hold on to while painting the bottom of the pumpkin and then removed it afterwards(the toothpick doesn’t have to be removed you won’t see it anyways).

Step 3- add faux flowers to your foam pumpkin(s)

This is the fun part. Now we get to add some beauty to our crafty pumpkins.

Check out this video for DIY Painted Floral Pumpkins!


I added a little purple pumpkin for more pizazz to one of my painted pumpkins too. I simple attached it with a toothpick slide into both the larger and the smaller pumpkins. You can anything extra you like stickers, glitter, more greenery. Get creative.

You are gong to cut your faux flowers off of the bundles leaving about 3-4 inches of wire stem.

I left the leaves attached for added greenery, by pushing them up to the base of the flower before cutting the stems(I used wire cutters to cut the wire faux floral stems).

The benefits of having a electrician for a hubby(random tools for all my crafts).

Check out the quick video to see how I slide the foam faux flower stems into the foam top of the painted pumpkin.

I found 3-4 larger flowers to be just about right for the top of my pumpkins, but totally up to you and how full you want your floral area to be.

The faux flowers I used were different styles of purple Mum’s from the Dollar store. The colors are so bright and fun.

Finished painted faux floral pumpkins- DIY Pumpkin craft idea #1

Pumpkin Craft ideas #2- Faux Floral Pumpkins

Crafty pumpkin ideas # 2 is so bright and fun with classic fall colors.

I love the classics- bright oranges, reds and deep purples.

These are so beautiful.

Supplies needed to make DIY Pumpkins crafts idea #2

Pumpkin craft idea # 2- orange floral pumpkins

Foam pumpkin

faux flowers

wire cutters

HOw to make these adorable diy pumpkin craft ideas

DIY faux floral pumpkins- diy pumpkin craft idea #2

These are even easier than the first pumpkin craft idea and I think equally as beautiful.

These pumpkins require no painting. Which can be a major time saver when trying to get ready for fall.

Step 1- remove stem from foam pumpkin

This is a very quick task. Simply pull off the foam stem and remove any stickers or tags.

Note: If you need more details they are all listed above(check out step 1 for pumpkin craft idea #1 above)

Step 2- add faux flowers to your foam pumpkin.

Cut your faux flowers off of the bundle of flowers leaving about 3-4 inches of stem wire to slide into the foam pumpkin

Slide the floral wire stems in to the foam pumpkin top(more details in video to the right and in step 3 of pumpkin craft idea #1).

Here is a super quick video step by step tutorial how to for Faux Floral Pumpkins. Check it out!

Finished Faux Floral Pumpkin- DIY pumpkin craft ideas #2

Supplies needed to make diy pumpkin craft idea # 3

Pumpkin craft # 3- pumpkin tower

Foam Pumpkin


mini foam pumpkins x 2

faux flowers

wire cutters

hot glue gun

Pumpkin Floral Topiary DIY Pumpkin Craft Idea # 3

But I also wanted the height that comes with the topiary stacks.

I love the stacked Topiary Pumpkin look, so I had to at least give it a try.

I followed the same technique as above with with painted and non-painted faux floral pumpkins.

1- remove pumpkin stem

2- cut faux flowers from floral bushel

3- stick metal stem wires into foam pumpkins

So I attached the pumpkins in a tower shape first by poking a toothpick into both pumpkins to attach them together.

Note: I added a tad bit of hot glue to secure the pumpkins and toothpicks attaching them, but be very careful as it can melt the foam.

After attaching the pumpkins and creating my topiary tower shape I embellished the topiary pumpkin tower with faux flowers in bright fall colors.

Note: All of the foam pumpkins (orange, sequin yellow and purple glitter are from the dollar store. The smaller pumpkins came in a multi-pack. The faux flowers are also from the dollar store. I love DIY Dollar Store Fall craft Ideas.

DIY Pumpkin craft ideas

These are the cutest and easiest DIY Pumpkin Craft Ideas for fall. I love how adorable and bright they are and they go perfectly with my farmhouse decor.

Which DIY Pumpkin Craft Idea is your favorite? 1, 2 or 3? Let me know in the comments.

Happy crafting!



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DIY Pumpkin Craft Ideas


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