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5 ways to support a sick spouse

5 ways to support a sick spouse

Having a sick spouse is one of the toughest trials in life.

You can’t imagine that those vows you spoke would actually be tested and it can be very scary when you’re facing an uncertain future.

We all wish that we were living in a world where no one fell sick but this is a sad reality we’re all faced with.

A time can come when your partner falls ill with something temporary or even something more serious like cancer.

As their partner, you can accelerate the healing process by supporting them. Here are five ways you can show them that you care:

1. Speak encouraging words

Encouraging words have the power to change how someone feels. If you’re already dealing with an illness and someone harshly tells you that you won’t make it, you will lose any hope that you have left in you.

We usually feel so much better when someone we care about us tells us that all will be well and this is why you should be that source of positivity for your spouse during this season.

2. Try and go for every appointment

The hospital can be a place of comfort and anxiety at the same time. On one hand, you’re happy to be surrounded by people who can treat you but there’s also that side of you that’s scared of the report you will receive.

To help your spouse feel supported, you should make an effort to show up for their appointments. It’s not always possible because I’m sure you have a busy schedule but still, it’s the effort that counts.

You can go with them for the major appointments because those are the toughest ones. It would truly help them feel better because they have you by their side.

3. Practice patience

Taking care of someone who’s ill can be a challenge. Many people wouldn’t want to admit that it can be frustrating because you don’t want to seem mean. The reality is that you need to train yourself to persevere so you can handle the challenges that come your way.

Patience is what will help you get up when you don’t feel like and you would certainly want your spouse to be patient with you as well if you were in a similar position.

When you have those stressful moments, accept that you’re human and learn to be patient.

4. Get someone to help around the house

You can also show your support by accepting some extra help. You have to recognize that your partner needs a break from their chore duties and this is a big step that shows your support.

This will also help release you from the pressure of handling everything by yourself. You probably need to focus on taking care of your spouse so, you should consider this even if it’s only temporary.

5. Connect with support groups

Taking care of your mental health is also a way of showing your commitment. When you’re not okay and you force yourself to keep going, it might not work out so well.

Once you connect with others in a similar situation, you will get to ease the anxieties you have while also learning new ways of coping and handling the challenges you have.

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5 ways to support a sick spouse


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