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6 parenting mistakes that fuel sibling rivalry

6 Parenting Mistakes that fuel sibling rivalry

Parental behavior could be the trigger for jealousy in childhood.

For instance, children are often eager to impress and seek extra attention from their parents.

A child could gradually develop jealousy if parents always give more attention to one child than others.

Below are some of the parenting mistakes that may fuel sibling rivalry:

1. Too much pampering

If you spoil the child with too much pampering, they could feel unconquered at home. When a new child comes into the family or comes across a more powerful friend than them, they feel insecure. Children may feel the newborn or the friend as the reason for this insecurity. They could suffer from depression when they do not get the desired attention and may develop inferior complexes in the future.

2. Over protecting

Overprotecting the child and then releasing him from the clutches one day would mean that you are suddenly leaving them in the wilderness. They might become reserved, timid, and shy, leading to jealousy when he sees a confident kid.

3. Authoritarian parenting

is also another mistake parents make, thereby raising jealousy in children. Setting up strict rules and regulations without explaining the cause will affect the child. They grow with lack of self-confidence and feel less worthy than their siblings or pals.

4. Comparing with others

Another dangerous mistake by parents is to compare their children with each other. Comparisons can only lead to jealousy, rivalry, and lack of self-confidence.

5. Creating unhealthy competition

Making children do the same activity and comparing their results would create unhealthy competition among them. One child may be less skilled than the other, but insisting that they do the same activity with similar precision could prove wrong, leading to jealousy.

6. Birth order

Sometimes parents may pay more attention to a child based on their birth order. For instance, the first sibling might be jealous of their newly born sister or brother when they see parents paying them more attention. With the newborn’s arrival, the older children may feel dethroned, which could lead to jealousy.

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6 parenting mistakes that fuel sibling rivalry


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