Every stage in life comes with its own unique experiences.

I’m sure you can remember the excitement you had when you turned 18 and how things quickly change as you get closer to 30.

When you’re not in your 30s yet, you often think of how different things will be and all the new experiences you will have.

And even once you get there, you Realise that there are many lessons to be learnt along the way.

Everyone’s journey is different but we still have a couple of things that can define the third-floor life. Here are some examples:

1. Your weight becomes a problem

Weight issues can affect anyone including Young kids. When you’re below 30, it has a lot to do with your diet and how much you exercise but that will change because you will have extra hurdles to deal with.

As you age, your body will go through hormonal fluctuations, metabolism changes and other issues that will make it harder for you to keep the extra weight off.

If you don’t have the right diet right now and you’re assuming you can snap back into shape, you might be in for a rude surprise.

2. You have less energy

Young people have a lot of energy to spare. You will have no problem keeping up with back-to-back routines even when you haven’t had enough hours of sleep at night.

You can forget that in your 30 because you might struggle to keep up with the same things you did when you were young and energetic.

If you’re not in your 30s yet you should start forming healthy habits like sleeping at the right time so that you will adjust easily when you get Older.

3. You make wiser decisions

Although growing older doesn’t necessarily mean you’re growing wiser, it’s something that tends to happen to most people.

You might get kids which now means you have to be the right role model and you will have to learn from the mistakes you made in your 20s when the consequences roll up.

Basically, you will understand that you can’t be making the same dumb decisions you made when you were younger and get away with it.

4. You start to crave a life partner

People usually realise that they want to have something more stable once they hit their 30s. You’re no longer interested in directionless relationships that waste your time because that biological clock is getting louder every day.

Men also start becoming more financially stable and the only thing that’s missing is a family. The club slowly becomes unbearable and all you will want now is a best friend for life.

5. You panic about hitting 40

Celebrating your 30 birthday usually reminds you that very soon, you will be in your 40’s then 50’s. You panic a little especially when you see those grey hairs and wrinkles peeking out but, you sort of finally accept that you are getting old.

It’s hard to be comfortable with getting older and that is probably why some ladies don’t like to announce their real age.