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On we the free metaphysicaly

The metaphysical theater

On we the free metaphysicaly

By John Tvrz

John Tvrz, poetic spiritual, we the free, musings stream of consciousness.

The Metaphysical Theater

We the free mteaphysical musings from Neville Goddard through John Tvrz.

Metaphysical Theater blog. John Tvrz, poetic spiritual musings stream of consciousness.

foolish wisdom found home in purpose

So ruined in both worlds, the spiritual and the physical I seem to have left myself no option but to become that what I must be. We the Free,

The fool of the world. A sense of purposeless moves me to pity myself, but for how long? How long can I do nothing in my earnest search for a purpose? Searching for a place to be in the world, for a place to call home. SELF Pity makes a poor vantage to search from, the impending realization that I shall drift continually is not in its crystalline form, a reason to be sad, but some emmbeded  "programming" in my sense of whom I am ...must be triggering a sense of sadness. I and we the free fool of the world must believe at some deeper level that I need the purpose and this home, neither of which I have, and furthermore, detailed self scrutiny reveals to me a definite lack of the intrinsic qualities required to possess a purpose or this so-called home. If we the free are To have a purpose in life... one would need a Desire to aim for... a goal to attain... and knowing an expectation such as this... is really only an invitation for foolish disappointment... I have resigned myself to a ghost like phantom of existence... hiding in the shadows of life without a reason to do so... making a fool of myself, wisdom waits with me, itself a ghost as well...We are brothers... It seems that this is my home, this constant transient, motion of no home... and thus an inability to define a desired purpose through the necessity of never ending searching for the next park bench to sit upon ...and be aware of nothing from... I must keep moving from place to place lest the constable catch me slipping and take me to the local pound for euthanizing... for having no purpose and no home today I can assure you it is a definite crime. Revealing the hardened hearts of the already condemnd calling for blood chanting out a story about how being A fool is worse than murder...A crime punishable by death or how to break free from my paradigm, my world to change my perspective on what is "real" in my do I discover a purpose and find a home? Well by design my own so called government...or department of genocides payment... my own so called "social services'', or department of genocides own systems of societal control and engineering have been the very sources of my confusion... for I tried to play by all the rules...for decades I followed all the laws, paid the bills the taxes the fees... and now I'm hunted as a common the system I served in good faith... I participated in community events and made all the right hail Hitler noises... and still I was targeted for elimination by the very system I served so diligently...still there is something about me the Nazis whom today hide in the guise of progressive liberals... or new conservatives...they the hidden fascists do not approve of me... they will not tell me what my transgression is... no one explains to me that the haves, want to destroy all the have nots... and worse than the poor have nots is foolish artists, dancer freaks of one explains that there is a deep sickness that has infected the souls of prideful man... and I remain running like a fugitive who has committed no crime... as never one informed... a fool...I have invented and even played out all the great reasons why I run, but fabrications each one ...that they the confused lap up like flies on honey, almost as though they want to show me my purpose... they say to me my purpose is to lie to them ... but that is no purpose...lies for liars is no good circle...but perhaps it's serves to advertise the concert only for the that circles closed loop... Even I the fool of this world can see that my own fantasy and allegory of symbolic expression of God... whom moves deep within me shining out no matter how faint... is more an expression of art than any of the fearful bureaucratic servants of evil can conceive of... and this is why they seek to destroy my shine... they seek to destroy the ability I have to show others that God is shining out from within them as well... perhaps most of whom are too dim to see, only blind automatons following their programming, procedure and protocols like cogs in a horrible machine, but those higher up the chain of command whom are purely evil servants of the spirit that destroys all life, including them once they are no longer useful... once the destruction is complete the last form of evil dies to itself, too late realizing it has no energy to leech from any other form... not understanding it merely moved everyone into a greater realm... it shall not be allowed to even see... too late understanding it was a mere servant of power beyond its own comprehension... and so I should not be too saddened in this world of purposeless feeling...this world of no home... for is it not a motion I must make like a satellite across the night sky, silent steady traverse from dark horizon to dark horizon that tiny point of light reflected is I... as they endure the entire night, in their darkness...with a sense of purpose... I far above can still see the sun, and reflect a dim beam of its light, off of my surface downward to them, as I go in this high altitude run across the sky...stage... So is that not some vague expression of God's presence reflected in artistic metaphor back unto them?... though so few grasp the brass ring of my projected forms of the creators shining into the minds cradle to grow greater understanding of this dreaming world's purpose for us all... even the fool having his place banging on railings all the way down the stairs...and is my home not this body of which has jeweled splendors of grace...and metal greater than gold... strength beyond platinum... and beauties beyond man's ideas of what should be... and what should not... transcendence away from mediocrity that is harnessed to destroy us ...I am immune from all those contrived weapons of pitifully employed fear...within the hollow crown that grounds the mortal temples of the King, keeps death his watching little pen boring through your castle walls to destruction of the kingdom of intent the deathly fears of man's greatest regret fails once again to correct the courses that the wise have taken in stupidity... ordinary criminals and never having wisdom but wearing it as robes, strutting in arrogance parading...through popular publication as though their lies were somehow greater than the truths that find no place on the sales floor...criticize and criminalize the truth ...quickly criticize the truth lest we be found in the fraud we commit against them... and so great empire falls to ruin ... mismanaged by those who cannot have children or care about the future of them... my music dancing in the sound that leads the corrupted from their intent allowing the escape of many while they wallow in drunken revelry concert ensues until the faithful are all hidden in the wilderness unknown to the machine that had never been there to protect anyone... I the fool of the world was never deceived by lies that the impostors spoke too sweetly too often... too many flowery descriptions in my nose, covering the foul air that they really were... and wisdom in its own weakness felt it needed no soldiers to keep it from harm, now wisdom dead...with me we the fool and the wisdom ghosts haunt anywhere undetected... documented liars parade as wisdom in the world and know nothing of it...guardians of the ten directions all as well usurped, all secretly murdered and replaced with thieves... so destruction cannot be stopped, but the breakaway civilization shall not be the planned one of the corrupted rich and powerful, but the secret refugees we were able to smuggle into the forests and mountains... for the vanity of man's power shall not destroy earth... only he himself is destroyed as he leaves it in his massive flying coffins ejected into the outer darkness... only they perish... so I should rejoice and know that my purpose was held in the heart of the highest, and given me only at the proper time... the great battle in the heavens here are long past history and civilization has sprung up and now prolific..I bask, gratefully Attaining the desire, knowing thyself Consciousness is the eternal light, crystallizing through my form, a seemingly solid body and wispy vague invisible soul, together here in experience... as this self I think I am... which is my own learned, practiced conception of self....My conception of what I believe I am, evolving through its changes into the realization that I am God, this realization is no end but a sure beginning...because no one here on this planet is able to tell me anything I don't already know...though they do try to sell that notion don't they?... and no person outside myself can make the decisions necessary for me to grow beyond this experience of being among people who know nothing more than I do... So this beginning is some distant notion of becoming more than I am nowb, which indeed is the misconception....I keep in my intent... to be better be more, to know and feel more... to expand awareness into more...and live more... but my idea of what that all is ...and how to get there... is totally open to the intuitive process... going on within me alone...right now...and the voices of the world, always reveal themselves to me by the use of their language...but from here as a human awareness.... I hold the intent as a desire, that I wish to experience...the desire to know how to be God... not having any memory of that experience of being God... I believe that I can attain my desire...for somewhere somehow...that cat escaped the bag and I have an intuitive understanding....of knowing I can attain my desire... if I continue its pursuit in a specific manor...though I wonder... would my understanding be so altered when reaching this awareness of being God, would the experience of its realization be so far removed from anything I recognize now, as to be completely alien to my perceptions capacity to understand it?... at least from here and now... I continue to desire that end...if only as an exercise for this moment right now...and perhaps I make too much of my searching in mind for the unknown experience...for the desire I have yet to attain... perhaps as usual, I over-complicate my desire in some subconscious self sabotage, as to be completely unable to attain that state of awareness I desire... by blocking it through my mental construct, of complicated overthinking...I obstruct the experience...with complexity born in some fear?... oh, so much... I first reject the critical voices of ignorance that spring up all around me...stupidity and closed minded, psychoneurosis is pervasive in this newly focused physically dominated spiritual zoo of advanced game theory... I learn to make more elegant my thoughts, to concentrate my power in simplicity, it is surely a way to mastery...surely to simplify the vision of the desire is surely more effective than focus upon external illusions which seek only domination over this transient costume...I wear in my role as the frothing mouthed madman who disguises wisdom in a certain controlled madness that the superior pretenders cannot recognize...I live in the sense that my goal of being God is already attained...the world's opinion and approval is not necessary for my the world's opinion and approval has never been necessary to anyone for anything... has power, as it is reflected everywhere in my world...been hidden deep within myself to be resurrected at some appropriate juncture that only my mysterious deep unknown self knows?...hidden in the simplicity of nature and in man's constructions ...of all kinds...these mysteries and these deep complexities my mind seems to dive and become stuck deep diving into mysterious wonders must be disciplined and understood to be what they are for me ...what it is for me... perhaps for another they are different to be sure.... sure there is mind boggling complexity in nature and in man's inventions.. but how useful are those complicated mysteries to me in my living from desires fulfillment right now? vision of my desire complete is better served for me in simplicity and not me stupid, call me peanut butter and jelly....I don't care...they must be somehow breathing the simplicity of invisible air to be reading this...and yet the autonomic ...over looked and taken for granted... controls almost everything in physical life....from an unknown background simplicity that the human mind seeks to inflate itself in importance beyond its actual value....let my simple idea of the wish being fulfilled be slowed into a single realization without attached visions of their depths included... that I am already the desire I wish to attain...this is elegance.....grace.... and that confidence need not answer questions or be a mathematical formula... I need not probe something the incarnated mind cannot comprehend in the first place....but my practiced perception sets a distance between a sense of now and a sense of attainment which is always "then", at an imaginary future point in time...The ability to believe that all time and space is a single entity, which somehow myself, I think is a key to this simplicity in thought...all time is now...I seek to employ simplicity as a method to realization, knowing full well I have disallowed that realization in the past by over complicating my conception of it... streamlined thought to infinite experience to further prove to myself that indeed I am God, and that is the only evidence I need to myself alone... to realize the fact that I alone am creating my whole experience without any superior deity in a position of authority over me... to realize, fully embrace and live through the knowing, the certainty that I alone am responsible for all my experience, this is the ultimate truth here... right here, right now... I am the creator of my desires fulfillment, my perception is fully my own... my understanding is a decision that I have made, a choice I alone have chosen...will continue to choose ... it is I who perceives... no one perceives for me or through me... and "influence" is merely another choice I have made in experience...allowing someone else, to influence my thinking is also a choice...and perhaps the only way that "knowledge" has ever been through one expressing...and another receiving...but it is the self alone that constructs its experience with the data and the contemplation of the fragments of data...made useful in wholeness....God is within me as me...I choose in Love, in Crystal clear awareness of what actually is... the fear is there sure... I do not deny or choose resistance to the sights and sounds, feelings that make their way into my awareness... I simply understand that I am responsible for perceiving them... I can embrace it all in a healing, giving awareness that vibrates right through the all that is...into the all that is, through me...this piece of all that is in its progression toward success... is God expressing a greatness through me...and it only seems to come from me...really it is pulsating through me in powerful waves unstoppable influence does demonstrate itself in a processes seemingly external to my physical form...expanding outward to touch every part of my blooming, evolving world of joys, rapturous symphony of vibrations alignments that triggers a firework display of abundance cascading into the realms of the needy... of love surging into the realms of the lonely... of healing growing strength instantly into the realms of the sick, disfigured or in-firmed...understanding is filling the minds of the confused and my own attributes are also increased as they are unlocked In this evolutionary filling the bodies of the tired... direction known in certainty to the lost... our world brightening beyond the sun's light in a vanquished past of former shadows gone... we are beyond the boundaries of the known and above the heights of the greatest achieved inventions of man... that our past wrought from now created or aligned in realization for our understanding has become matured in wisdom...we allow a transformation that these feeble textual symbols cannot describe, as they are a part of an age past from my desires fulfillment...we communicate on levels that are pure fantasy from here in this medieval place of the 21st century kleptocracy and technocratic tyranny... fear is a response of flesh, and our forms are no longer flesh... we are harmoniously interacting upon and within realms of beauty and grace that our current comprehension cannot imagine... we cannot know this immense greatness from this human perspective ...but we can "feel" after it...I cannot conceive of ...but I feel a greatness swelling within me that soars above all these little moments of my life that are like celluloid frames of old fashioned film, all brought together in now simultaneously happening...taking me into the heavenly Kingdom, surely a place in my heart and soul surely another construct of awareness just as this world is..consciousness here before this experience and here after its final scene...not of this world like shadows below... this spirit of ancient love is the source of light that animates the plastic illusions we are here on earth... going above to transcend my own limitations of thought and stagnated dead beliefs that seem so silly, so foolish from this wondrous place, that needs no ground, that has no oceans... that has no air or fire, because we ourselves are all the elements in their true source essence without any need to demonstrate themselves... I cannot find a way to explain... that my desire has risen far and away from the desires I once thought important... they fade to misty, essences of the falsehoods I once believed were real... our bodies are restrictive straight jackets, our speech feeble grunting and I am boundless... here my thought is known instantly to others who are myself and the concept of separateness is a past misunderstanding of a childishly viewed experience ...the unwavering vision of perfection is my normal average experience... but no less rich and rewarding as there is no time to dull it... as in this world below... of lifeless earthy, plastic dirty clay... our eternal light animates the whole play...this earth globe is a stage for spirits is musical and we dance to the rhythms...we are acting our parts in costumes of flesh that tear and tatter no matter how well you care for them... sweetly returned to dust my mask... my gratitude has found authenticity, that I never knew existed...that life was a life touching the rung that I am attaining to...the heaviness is gone ...the terrible psychological pain is disappeared into this lightness and wisdom, which is happiness that does not end...I climb to the next step upon the ladder as I we all do...I am the central character in this saga of success here now, and these shadows have no power over me... I can let go of the temptation to see and tear apart... the inner workings of the toy I have been given, to be a part of the game I must play... I can be that beacon of light, I thought myself unworthy to shine out as ... outward shining eternal, be the light ...we all are free to choose... we are unshackled from the chains we forged in this seeming life, but it was the valley of death that we the immortal chose to walk a forgetfulness of whom we really are... we walk in these costumes we play our roles to the hilt.... fully involved with our characters ...we have forgotten the backstage... and our real lives...we chose to experience death and it's horrid uncomfortable essence, to be aware of our great responsibility... to be empowered by the lesson that we alone create our world as the the King we rule over ourselves and no one outside us is superior to this never be uncertain that the power of life is in our tongue, and death can have no power over our authority...we conquered the self alone, and in that victory the world submits in tribute to us... the world is bent to my will and cannot disobey...these human textual musings, these words keyed low are not adequate to describe me ...but do give a brief glimpse into me... they make themselves useful in this short moment of contemplation about my choices, about my power over myself... and they do demonstrate the great mystery they posses in both worlds...this one and that greater one to come... my experience that I am choosing to have...these words this mind and speech are the workman's tools of spiritual construction...and the entire physical world springs up out of the spiritual arrangements within this sacred self...this day perhaps the best day of my life ...for some undeniable internal change is palpable in awareness resonates like some sweet tone within me... being a healing whole essence that I am so grateful to be rewarded in this simple, powerful, awesome feeling of a single tone that is beyond a certainty or confidence or knowledge... it rises in a tender sound far above my understanding something beyond greatness... beyond the God I am...beyond our notions of right or wrong...of any human conception of divinity... I am filled with an entirety of power... of life giving spiritual understanding ... that will sustain my experience far beyond many lifetimes, beyond time eternal... beyond forever there is a love that surrounded this world's universe and galaxy... and into unknown I chase after those coat-tails that keep me expanding with it...whatever it is...I do not know... my understanding is not yours and these textual symbols are but transient little fragments unable to encompass that which encompasses us... it is me in some great expansion... of this me comes bolting outward from a contraction of this birth, of this life of myself into God... all this metaphor is starting again and me taking full responsibility for all my worldly experience... that by my thought, belief and action I create or reveal my life... to myself in this action of imagination alone... in this simplicity of understanding I find some relief to the many seeming hardships of existing in ignorance ... for certainly I have not found life easy... by any stretch of imaginal power... but my new discovery... not new... but new to me... my great discovery of my responsibility is a very hopeful and healing practice of perception... that empowers and does not lead astray the empowered, but into freedom this self evolves...a relief from the former perception of hopelessness and quiet desperation indeed... for me... this new renaissance of thought, is a miracle of salvation... this practice...this discipline is moving me in positive directions that I have not known until now... my old way of life was not an example for others, my old way of perception not beneficial to myself or others... and my defiant expansion into this empowerment is a strong motivation for me to pursue dreams I've always thought unattainable... and now see as plausible and even probable if pursued in a specific definitely a healing or transformation of my baseline perception or world view or whatever you like to call it... call it potato salad, because I am moving in a positive direction internally and that is indeed a great accomplishment for choices of focus, or choices of what to concentrate on seem to be next in the order of business of wordy descriptions and this is entirely up to me, and I don't think I want to say that some things are better than others because that is not freedom, and I like freedom... just as it is... so I won't try to say that this is better than that or you should focus on these things and not these things...because I feel there is something really suspicious in all that...its called beware of those that seek power....and their perception of power is thankfully just like a child's perception....freedom is and always has been dangerous... and those in this seeking of power over others do not appreciate danger or freedom... yes... the consequence of choices is inherently dangerous... but the nanny state of the current kleptocracy and corporate desire to limit choice is even more dangerous than freedom... so if you want the corporate sterilized artificial universe, of death and torment ...go for it... but you had better leave us freedom loving less than you individuals alone...yes I know you think your better than everyone else, so don't try to be humble your reeking self or be suddenly has never suited you...besides if your involved with any of the fortune 500, I've already got all the white papers going back to 1982, and some dated long before that...because I'm a laughable tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, who's pretty sure not a single corporatism or politician will be reading this blog.... making it even more far out in left field than it already is, which is way out past the parking lot, past the boulevard and freeway in that old vacant lot next to the abandoned box graveyard... I am really just so in the know you know...remember beware of those that seek power, this whole conspiracy theory/fact phenomena is a psycho-social, condition of being in a "club" that knows more than other people...people which they, those in the club like to call "sheep"...don't fall into the many mental traps laid to keep your awareness focused in the physical realm...back to main focus...nope not in this entry... if you've read this far ....congratulations... I'm a bipolar human with a left, right dichotomy...and a corny, sappy sense of humor...a finger and cell phone...and you are a real trooper, way to be consume blogging content... deflation of any sense of importance ...I never put anywhere in any of these blog entries any indication that it was anything but a psychological projection...made for myself alone peace my supreme burritos…


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