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Top 5 Places Where You can Meet Russian and Ukrainian Women

It’s well known by now that Russian Women are some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. With beautiful faces, stunning physical characteristics and intriguing identifies, single men from all around the world would love to date these amazing women.

There are still some men out there who have yet to realize or understand that Russian and Ukrainian Women have certain qualities that catch the eyes and heart of single men, worldwide. More western men are becoming aware of this every day, making russian women some of the most sought after ladies in the world.

If you happen to be one of the millions of men out there searching for a Russian girl, you have to know where to look.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Places Where You can Meet Russian and Ukrainian women.

1. Moscow

Women in Moscow are undeniably some of the finest women on earth, and Moscow is the perfect place to meet and greet them. Some tend to imagine all women in the Russian regions as tall, lean, blonde haired and blue eyed.

However, Moscow has a very diverse population, with women of various body and personality types congregating in the region.  Much of the population from the Former soviet union, commonly referred to as FSU, have established a life in Moscow to pursue a career or go to college.

So, regardless of your type, you will not have any issue finding your match here.  The ladies are looking for a man with leadership qualities and someone they can trust.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the biggest city with over 12 million citizens. Moscow is frequently rated in Top 10 Most Expensive cities on the planet. It is widely considered to be the most crucial region in Europe in terms of business, culture and of course politics.

Without a doubt, regarding beautiful women, Moscow is the best Russian city to visit. You will have no shortage of options when it comes to gorgeous, interesting women.

Last word on Moscow – be aware that in August, most of the ladies leave Moscow for the summer and head to Europe, the beach or some other get-away. The best occasions to visit are September, October, May, and June with pleasant climate and college in session.

Moscow is certainly the one of the top places where you can meet Russian and Ukrainian women

2. Ukraine

Ukraine ranks next to Moscow if you travel abroad to meet a beautiful Russian girl.

In Ukraine, there are always exciting events going on over the weekend–especially in the middle of summer. This could be your destination if you were looking to meet up with a Russian girl in the middle of summer, as the area is not affected seasonally due to large university attendance.

If there is another country in Europe where a lot of Russian women are met, it would undoubtedly be Ukraine. Ukraine has a population of around 43 million, which makes it  it the 32nd most populated country in the world. Its capital and largest city is Kiev, which is teeming with single, cultured and sophisticated women.

It is non uncommon for Russian and Ukrainian women to have studied music or performing arts. They place great value on the glamourous and the finer things in life, and this region offers many sights to see – including all the beautiful women.

Compared to Moscow, the nightlife is not quite as lit in the Ukraine. So if you are looking to play some daygame, Ukraine offers many options.

Music Food, and art festivals are a goldmine of breath-taking Ukrainian women who may have never met a foreigner in their entire life. So there is a mutual interest in the men that travel to this region.

The language barrier is not too bad in the Ukraine, with many college-aged women knowing english to varying degrees. And that seems to be improving every day.

Sometimes Ukrainian women can be a bit uncertain of their english, so be sure to compliment them on how good their english skills are. Of course, learning a bit of Russian does not hurt either, there are several sites and apps online that can assist you with the framework for the Russian language, which will set you leagues above the rest of the foreign men in the region.

This is definitely one of the top places where you can meet Russian and Ukrainian women. Time it right, and learn a bit about the culture to have an advantage.

3. Odessa

Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. It is world famous for it’s exotic beaches and stunning 19th-century architecture.

Odessa is a seacoast city with beaches, bikinis and an astounding amount of english speaking Russian women. There are plenty of ladies in the city actively seeking r either a western husband or boyfriend. If you are a westerner, you will be greeted with open, sexy arms.  You will naturally be in high demand and see many men in their 40’s and 50’s, picking up Ukrainian ladies in their mid twenties.

It is the third most populous Ukranian city, a  major tourism center and a seaport. And of course, it is a hotbed of gorgeous women and one of the most interesting places where you can meet Russian and Ukrainian women.

Even with the damage from two revolutions and 2 world wars, Odessa has more fascinating architecture than most U.S cities. Odessa was once the intellectual and cultural district before Soviet Russia. The vast majority of this astounding architecture is from that time period.

The women here are in amazing beach shape, tanned, sophisticated and very comfortable with being approached by foreigners.

Another great thing about the city of Odessa is that the restaurants and markets are undeniably world class. Amazing, unique food for amazing prices. This makes it pretty easy to take your new found match out for a classy meal, that won’t break the bank.

If you are looking for places where you can meet Russian and Ukrainian women, definitely add Odessa to your list. You will not be disappointed.

4. Bulgaria

Bulgaria  is a country in the Balkans, on  the western side of the Black Sea.

A large number of Russian settlers reside in Bulgaria. In the past,  Youthful Bulgarian men were sent to study at universities in the region. They would meet Russian ladies whom they wedded and eventually relocated to Bulgaria. So to this day, Russian women still make up a large portion Bulgaria’s populace.

These women, of course, possess remarkable qualities that make them even more alluring.

Bulgarian women take great  care of themselves, their image and especially their health. They are very health conscious, , love fitness and fashion. They love to dress up and go to beauty parlours, and just put  a lot of time into looking even more amazing.

So yes, the beauty, appeal and sexuality of Bulgarian women is not merely a myth.  They are one of a kind, and one stroll through this area, will prove it. Amazingly attractive women are the norm here.

They have a very positive attitude towards westerners and consider them above-average in terms of looks, charisma and passion. It is widely known that bulgarian women have an affinity for western men.

Arrive here in style and you will be in high, high demand instantly.

This is a a must stop for places where you can meet Russian and Ukrainian women.

5. Online Dating

Of course, online dating offers a segue into meeting Russian and Ukrainian women. Sites like this and Dream Singles offer a chance to get know the women, the culture and the region before making your move. This has become the most popular starting point for men looking to get involved in this scene. As it removes much of the hesitation, awkwardness and unfamiliarity that might come with traveling before getting to know someone, or the specifics of a particular region.

We suggest creating a free profile here, getting to know a few women and then planning your next amazing trip. From here, you will have all the advantages when looking at places Where You can Meet Russian and Ukrainian women.

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Top 5 Places Where You can Meet Russian and Ukrainian Women


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