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How Do I Pay for Something With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been in existence for the past decade. It's a virtual currency that developed an anonymous account, thus lacks a central authority. Presently, people use it for trade and investment. For instance, it can be used for buying and selling products. Examples include food like pizza, pepperoni slice, real estate properties, video games, and software, among others. The currency is now being accepted in various online and physical stores in exchange for their products or services. Please keep reading to understand more.

Places you can use bitcoin.

These days cryptos are used almost everywhere. You can find it in institutions, shops, organizations, and companies, among others. Retailers refuse direct bitcoin payment, but they normally give an alternative using debit or credit cards to turn the digital currency into usual money. The most convenient and preferred method to use is the debit bitcoin card because it is largely adopted. Again, the seller gets flat currency. That's why you should consider getting a card providing great exchange rates and highly accepted in the state.

How safe is a payment with bitcoin

The bitcoin system allows transparency in transactions. Every payment made is recorded and made public through a ledger. In short, everybody can see the transaction made. Does it guarantee any safety? Well, no, it doesn't. Take the example of transferring $200 from your account to an unrecognized trader. It's risk taking, right? It happens the same way with virtual currencies, and with a small difference but very significant. Transacting flat currency isn't easy due to the various intermediaries the money goes through before reaching its destination.

It's possible to cancel or block a transaction in instances; errors are realized. On the other side, it's not the case with bitcoins. Lack of a central authority or intermediary networks makes it hard to cancel transactions happening wrongly. That means getting refunded if an amount was incorrectly sent can't happen or is almost impossible. The following can help check what's required for some security in case you're making bitcoin transactions;

Wallet address

For those making direct bitcoin payment to a seller, ensure the address is correct. First, request for the QR Code to link the bitcoin location or address. QR Code scanning is not just faster but safer compared to self typing.

Seller's legitimacy

If you shop online, before making any exchange, please ensure the company is registered and licensed. Reach out through their customer service or contact center and check out all its customer reviews.


Off-chain transactions can be made easily if you're using a similar wallet service like yours.
In that case, asking for refunds can be easier if need be.

How can you pay using bitcoin?

Use of cash app

Start by opening a wallet on iOS or Android and make sure the service is secure and free with regulations. The bitcoin address is generated automatically after installing the app. You load the wallet with bitcoins. Loading is either through purchasing some bitcoins or transferring from one wallet to the next. If you're buying, it's possible to have quick bitcoin delivery with a lower commission through credit or debit cards. Thereafter, enter the receiver's wallet address no matter the virtual currency being used. You can do that by scanning or manually the QR Code. A smoother method is offered by using crypterium. It allows cell phone number used instead of entering a seller's wallet address. Then, an SMS is sent to the seller having a related link.

Bitcoin Debit card

Place an order to request for a bitcoin debit card. Three factors are involved, for example, your place of residence, the currencies you use, and how much you'll pay for your card. In case you decide on picking a crypterium card, get to the 'card' section, and click. You can either se
lect a visa card or UnionPay. You can seek more info about this from Raffles Credit. Once you know the better option, load the card with bitcoins. Go to the card area and tap 'load' before filling the needed amount for a top up. After that, you can now swipe as usual. For online shopping, simply fill in the payment details as asked. Physical stores
will process the payment after swiping.

Invoice method

Some businesses get paid through an invoice. Nevertheless, you need a few considerations to put in place. For example, ensure there's an address before letting your client send the money. It'd be best the QR Code included upper and lower case characters for your public key with many unorganized numbers and letters. Again, you should add an amount suggested in bitcoin on top of the fiat money or include instruction on how it's calculated. It's because of bitcoin's change in prices that could result in losses or gains between you and your customer. Its services include Invoiced, Coinkite, Blockonomics, Bitpay, and Conify.


Using the button is remarkable, especially by online businesses. They can receive payment manually, too, by offering buyers with your QR code or public key. If using an online payment method is possible by integrating on your site, a 'pay with bitcoin' button. Many eCommerce companies are doing this. A few among them display button generators asking you to respond to questions on the provided form. Once you do that, the HTML line for copy pasting will emerge for use on your site. Even if it's effortless to do, you're advised to consult expert programmers to help accomplish the task.

The bottom line

Are you aware that bitcoin use is growing very fast all over the world? What are you waiting for? Well, joining its market is a personal opinion, we really don't suggest that you should, until you're convinced that it's the best. Lately, bitcoin has been talked about everywhere on social networks. Major retailers have already joined the league and are accepting goods exchange for bitcoin besides investing in it Overstock and Steam. You actually don't have to accept it as payment and no need to know much before indulging in it. Some services instantly turn your bitcoin wallet into hard cash, it's simply like accepting a regular currency.

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How Do I Pay for Something With Bitcoin


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