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Pantone Classic Blue: Color of 2020

Pantone Announces 2020 Color of the Year: Pantone Classic Blue

As of the evening of December 4th, we now know what Pantone has called the Color of the year to kick off the new decade. The color is “Classic Blue”. A dreamy, peaceful shade of dark Blue, “Classic Blue” is a departure from Pantone’s funky, creative colors of years past. For example, last year’s color of the year, “Living Coral”, was an electric pink-orange. The year before, in 2018, they selected “Ultra Violet”, a galactic, energizing purple shade. Now Pantone has stepped back from the “out there” shades of years past and chosen a laid-back, universal shade of blue that can be appreciated by everyone.

Pantone Classic Blue Nazmiyal

Pantone color of the year, 2020.

Color of the Year 2020: Pantone Classic Blue

Pantone asserts that using a relaxing, nighttime blue shade as their color of the year represents tranquility and calm in an ever-changing, hectic world we live in. They elaborate that they wanted to choose a peaceful color that is associated with concentration, clarity, and reassurance to usher in the new decade in the most dependable way possible. Simplistic and elegant, this color is easy to like. Pantone’s choice of the color of the year is never arbitrary. The decision relies on thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. Coming to the decision of “Classic Blue” as the color of the year took lots of effort and investigation.

Blue is thought to be the most universally favored color. If you asked a group of people what their favorite color is, it’s pretty likely that you would get plenty of “blue” answers. Furthermore, many businesses use blue in their branding and logos. Think about banks, which frequently choose a blue logo to project feelings of trustworthiness and reliability; for example, Chase Bank, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, and Bank of America, to name a few. Clearly, this non-intrusive color is hard not to like and has many applications across the board.

Pantone Classic Blue in the Design World

Pantone’s announcement of the new color of the year will, without a doubt, be a heavy influence in this upcoming year’s interior design trends and fashions. In previous years we have seen the color of the year influence every aspect of fashion and design. According to Pantone themselves, the color of the year can be the deciding factor in product development and purchasing decisions within these industries. Fabric and textile manufacturers usually start producing fabrics and textiles in the color of the year as soon as it is announced in preparation for the demand of the upcoming year.

Pantone Classic Blue Fashion Nazmiyal

Pantone Classic Blue is represented in runway and street fashion all over the world.

Decorating with Pantone Classic Blue

The interior decorating possibilities with the new Pantone color of the year are endless. This deep hued blue will go beautifully as an accent color in a white or off white room. Sticking to neutral colored furniture and adding pops of blue here and there – such as in wall art, accent pieces like lamps, or a rug – goes perfectly with the minimalist trends of today while still staying unique and interesting.

Reminiscent of a clear, starry night sky, Pantone’s Classic Blue would also be perfect for a galaxy or night sky themed children’s room. Galactic and cosmic themes are very on-trend right now and this is the perfect color scheme to make it all come to life. The possibilities are endless with this theme. You can drench the room in the color so that it feels like you are in outer space when you enter, or you can choose one or two elements of classic blue to incorporate into a more minimal theme. Whichever way you choose to execute it, there is no doubt that a space-blue room will feel magical and whimsical.

Classic Blue Kids Room Nazmiyal

Decorating with classic blue in a kid’s room feels whimsical.

Using blue in your decor themes is enduringly relaxing and peaceful. Whatever hue of blue you choose, it will without a doubt create a tranquil ambiance in your space. That makes the color perfect for the bedroom or living room. Choosing blue textile pieces such as a sofa, throw pillows or blankets, bedding, or a rug will make your space totally cozy and relaxing. Going home to inviting, calm blue tones in your home will make relaxing on the couch or in bed that much better.

Another trait associated with the color blue is reliability and productivity. Research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. Thus, blue is the perfect color choice for your home office or work space. Painting the walls in your office or work space would be a beautiful way to incorporate the color of the year in your design, especially when paired with neutral colored or complementary colored furniture and decor pieces. However, remember that darker shades on your walls can make your room feel smaller.

Classic Blue Kids Room Nazmiyal

Decorating with blue textile pieces, like a sofa, creates a relaxing environment.

As you look through our collection of modern rugs and antique rugs, you’ll discover that we have many stunning pieces in all shades of blue. These will be perfect for decorating your home to fit your own personal style.

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Pantone Classic Blue: Color of 2020


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