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Traditional Rugs in Traditional Interiors

Traditional Rugs Offer Endless Possibilities for Traditional Interior Design

There is no denying the beauty of Traditional rugs and their ability to add character to the room. A fine weave rug is an investment that you will probably be living with for quite a long time, so it is important to choose the perfect rug for your room. If your style is traditional, choosing the right rug is essential to tie the room together.

Choosing a rug is a big decorating decision. You need to find one will help you create the look you want plus you really need to love it.  As you embark on your quest for the perfect carpet, there are some things that you need to know about adding a rug to traditional and classic decor styles.

Antique Persian Traditional Rugs - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Antique Persian Traditional Rugs

4 Reasons to Consider Adding A Traditional Rug

Traditional rugs offer versatility and can help achieve practical goals

First off, you can add a traditional rug to pretty much any room design. Even if the room is carpeted, you can layer rugs to help to define the space. A beautiful area rug can also serve as noise control and can prevent echo in a large space. Carpets and rugs also give the appearance of depth to a room, even in rooms that are already carpeted. Of course, they add texture to hardwood floors as well.

Traditional Dining Room Interior With Persian Rug - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Traditional Dining Room Interior With Persian Rug

Traditional rugs Can help Define the Space

Secondly, a rug can help to define your space. You can use traditional Persian rugs to draw attention to showpiece furniture or to create a cozy area for conversation. They can also be used to unify your decor. This is especially true when unifying different color schemes. If the colors in a room just do not seem to come together, the perfect traditional rug can be the piece that brings it all together and makes it look well dressed.

Add Scale With A Traditional Rug

The third reason to consider adding a traditional rug to your room is that it can make a small room feel larger or bring down the scale of an expansive space to make it a little cozier. Historically, this is one of the reasons why people were drawn to Oriental rugs. They were used in the palaces of Persian Sultans to fill expansive spaces. A large size rug , especially when the scale of the design is big as well, has a tendency to make a room feel larger.

Traditional Living Room With Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Traditional Living Room With Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug

They would line the floors and walls of palaces with large palatial rugs to make them feel even larger and inspire a sense of awe in the visitor. It gave the space a feeling of connection with the divine by making the architecture appear to be larger than life.

Traditional Rugs Offer An Easy Way to Change It Up

The fourth reason to consider a traditional carpet is that every so often everyone needs a change. Adding a classic rug is a great way to change the feeling of the room and make it feel fresh again. You can add an antique rug and switch out a few accessories for a completely different look.

Traditional Persian Rug in Traditional Office Interior - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Traditional Persian Rug in Traditional Office Interior

Now, you know the reasons to add a traditional rug to your room. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right one.

What is a traditional style rug?

When people think of traditional rugs, they think of the classics types of carpets like Persian or Oriental rugs. They are often finely woven rugs with ornate patterns and a high level of detail. If your furniture includes relief carvings, complex floral fabrics and /or cabriole legs, a traditional designed rug will look right at home.

Traditional Rug in Traditional Dining Room Interior - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Traditional Rug in Traditional Dining Room Interior

Traditional style is often rooted in the 18th century and 19th century. It often has English or French court influences or perhaps embodies French country charm. Traditional style can feel formal and elegant, or it can be a bit more rustic.

Consider The Borders Of The Traditional Style Rugs

The border of the rug is an important part of the design when choosing the right rug for the space. Traditional Persian rugs often have multiple borders that consist of a main border and guard borders. Generally speaking, the higher the number of borders, the more formal the design will look.

Rug Borders by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Rug Borders

In addition, the borders of the rug take up different proportions of space as compared to the field. The wider the border and the more complex, the more it compliments ornate furniture. In a smaller room, a rug with wider borders may make the room look even smaller, but this can work well if you are trying to make an expansive space look more intimate. Think about the borders and how they will add scale to the room when choosing a rug.

What About Traditional Colors?

One of the most beautiful characteristics of rugs is the color combinations. The antique rugs were often created with a different sense of color coordination than we see today. They often used high contrast and bold colors. Many times, the colors used in Persian rug colors were dependent on the type of carpet dye stuff that was available. This means that in some cases, one can find a Persian rug that has an unusual color combination that you normally would not think of using modern color theory.

Big Lebowski Chilling On A Traditional Rug - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Big Lebowski Chilling On A Traditional Rug

This can be a designer’s dream, as it allows them to step outside of the box when it comes to putting together interior design color combinations. They can either choose a color that will blend with the rest of room, or they can choose a piece that will add a spectacular point of interest. Persian carpets offer an endless variety of color combinations. Some of them are bold and vibrant, while others are more subdued, as one finds in carpets from Khorassan or China.

Tribal rugs are known for defying the modern sensibilities of color combinations and one can find some truly beautiful examples that cannot be found anywhere else. It may be noted that color is also a characteristic that can add value to the rug as an investment piece. Colors that are in unusual combinations can be more valuable than ones that use more traditional combinations.

What about traditional design?

There are almost endless designs available in Persian carpets. You can find a range from other rug weaving origins of florals, geometry and some that have a decidedly modern contemporary rug appearance but are actually traditional designs. An excellent example is the Moroccan rugs of the Beni Ourain. For traditional room interiors that use the 18th and 19th centuries as design inspiration, you can find authentic antique rugs from that period to match the style of the room.

Decorate with Moroccan rugs for a traditional look - Nazmiyal

Decorate with Moroccan rugs for a traditional look

Some of the most popular choices for traditional designs are vase rugs, garden design rugs, and other designs that reflect a connection to the natural world and feature garden settings. These rugs can look stunning in a room of rich hardwoods, Louis the XIV, or Victorian furniture choices. However, you can also find a selection of geometric rugs that may be appropriate for simpler lines in furniture and accessories.

Final Considerations Before You Shop For Traditional Style Rugs

Persian rugs make an excellent choice for traditional decor, and this is one of the more popular ways to use them. Before you embark on your rug buying journey, you need to consider a few things aside from the interior design.

Beautiful Interior With Antique Traditional Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Beautiful Interior With Antique Traditional Rug

Condition for example plays a role in the value of a rug, but it also plays a role in the look of the room. Shabby chic rugs that shows their age can be an excellent addition to traditional decor. They has a timeless rustic quality that shows years of love and service. If you are searching for a more formal look, then you may wish to choose a rug that has shown a little less wear. But naturally, it is all up to you and your style.

The beautiful part about the world of traditional rugs is that there are so many choices. The hardest part may be making the final choice.

Be sure to search our website, as we have a wide selection different rugs in some of the more popular styles, and we have also many unique choices that will add interest to your traditional interior design.

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Traditional Rugs in Traditional Interiors


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