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51 Gifts For Writers That Are Guaranteed To Please

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Looking for the perfect Gift for the writers in your life?

Maybe you’ve already bought a writing notebook and some pens, but you’re looking for something to add to it to make the gift extra special.

So, where do you find good gifts for writers — particularly the ones you know?

The best we can do here is provide a long list of gift ideas; you’re the one who has some idea of what the writers you have in mind would actually like.

But since we’re all writers, here, we weren’t just guessing when we made this list.

We didn’t just do a random search of gift ideas for writers.

We know what we like, and we hope you find something on this list — if not several things — that make you smile and think, “That would be perfect!”

So, enjoy browsing. We bet you’ll find something good. And nothing says you can’t buy an extra for yourself.

51 Of The Best Gifts For Writers

We found 51 unique gifts for writers to give you a fair and varied sampling to look through.

Some of them have definitely made it onto someone’s Christmas list, though we won’t reveal any personal biases in the descriptions.

1. Messenger Bag

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For those writerly trips to the coffee shop, your writer friend will need a laptop bag with enough pockets to hold their other essentials (a notebook, pens, tissues, snacks, etc.).

This one has a vintage look with plenty of storage.

2. A Writerly Mug

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Just make sure it’s big enough to hold a goodly amount of your writer friend’s favorite thinking juice.

3. Authority Pub Academy Membership

If you’re buying for a writer who wants to become a published author, this is a gift that keeps on giving — with step-by-step instruction on writing, polishing, self-publishing, and book marketing, extras to help you take your writing business to the next level, and access to a supportive author community.


4. Publisher Rocket

This is the best tool for helping you optimize your book’s set up, sales page, and book ads, so it’s among the best gifts for authors.

Make sure your writer friend doesn’t already have a copy (it’s pretty well-known in the indie publishing community).

5. Scrabble Fridge Magnets

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If you love Scrabble but don’t really have time to sit down to a game, why not turn your fridge into a Scrabble board and invite players to create words (one at a time) while they’re passing through.

6. Laptop Lapdesk

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If your writer friend likes to type from the couch or propped up in bed, this lap desk will be their new favorite piece of furniture (after said couch or bed).

This one comes equipped with a memory foam lap cushion, wrist rest, and USB light

7. An Audible Membership

Who wouldn’t love a membership that gives them a free audiobook of their choice every month?

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Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks and membership also provides two free “Audible Originals” every month, as well as other perks.

8. Typewriter-Inspired Retro Mechanical Keyboard

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This keyboard is the stuff of steampunk dreams and belongs on the desk of someone who loves all things retro.

Considering the price, though, make double sure this fits your writer friend’s personal tastes.

9. Writer’s Digest Magazine Subscription (printed or digital)

Writers around the world love this magazine — and for good reason. Among gifts for aspiring writers, this should be high on the list.

10. A Taotronics Laptop Desk

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This one has legs, with five elevation levels and a surface that can tilt to four different angles.

The surface also has plenty of space for a large laptop, a mouse and other items, and retractable blockers keep items from sliding off. It also doubles as a folding table for kids or picnics.

11. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set 

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If your writer friend has a flair for the artistic, consider this fountain pen set, with a medium nib calligraphy and scribe tool, 6 ink cartridges, an ink refill converter, and a luxury gift case. It comes in different colors and trims.

12. “Do Not Disturb Writer at Work” Plastic Doorknob Hanger Sign

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If you know a writer who doesn’t get enough alone time for writing, hanging this sign on the door to their office or bedroom might help.

You could even include a gift card to their favorite coffee place if they still don’t get enough uninterrupted writing time at home.

13. Amazon Gift Card, Gift Card Bookmark, or e-Gift Card

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If you’re in a hurry to find a thoughtful gift for the writer in your life, you can’t go wrong with a gift card — which they can use to buy more books, office supplies, or other helpers.

14. TaoTronics Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones or Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

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If you know a writer in need of more uninterrupted quiet time, these headphones can help, whether they’re working at home or in a public place.

Nothing says, “I’m here to work, not to socialize” like a pair of headphones.

15. Fred THE END Bookends or Superwoman Bookends

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Novelty bookends are a fun and artful way to help your writer friends organize their books. And there are so many eye-catching choices. Keep your writer friend’s personal tastes in mind while shopping for these.

16. Scrivener 3.0

You don’t have to look hard to find writers who swear by this writing software – especially for writing books. The newest version is now available for macOS and will soon be available for Windows.

17. Editing Pencils/ Charles Leonard Checking Pencils

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Red on one end and blue on the other, these pencils allow your writer friend to use one tool for making editing marks in red and editorial notes in blue.

Whether your writer friend only edits their own work or does some freelance editing on the side, these pencils will earn their place.

18. Once Upon a Time Storytelling Card Game or Story Cubes

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Writers need playtime, too, and these storytelling games take advantage of the writer’s love for making up new stories. It’s also a great way to beat writer’s block.

19. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, White

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This alarm clock glows with increasing brightness to simulate a sunrise and help get your writer friend out of bed on time. It also blends nicely with modern home and office decor.

20. Bananagrams Game

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If your writer friend loves Scrabble but doesn’t like to bother with a board, this game comes in a banana-shaped case, and the rules are roughly the same: make words with the letters you have at your disposal.

21. Aqua Notes

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For those times when your writer friend gets great ideas in the shower (or bathtub), this aqua pad will become a lifesaving tool.

No more stumbling over slippery floors to get to a notepad before the idea vanishes like smoke.

22. Fisher Space Pen Bullet

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This space-age pen lets you write at any angle, including upside down.

This comes in handy when you’re lying down, and you want to record a brilliant idea without getting out of bed.

23. Writer’s Emergency PacK for Writer’s Block

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If you know a writer who suffers from writer’s block, consider this gift. It provides idea cards, helpful suggestions, and specific tips to try for “creativity rejuvenation.”

24. Weighted Silk Eye Pillow with Organic Lavender and Flax Seeds — or the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

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Writers need a good night’s sleep like anyone else, but it doesn’t take much light to get their brain thinking it’s wakey-time.

So, help them out with a sleep mask that shuts out light and is comfortable to wear. Some even have lavender to make them extra soothing.

25. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott,  On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, or Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

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If you’re sure these books aren’t already on your writer friends’ bookshelves, pick up a copy of one or more of them and wrap them up with a gift card to a favorite coffee place or bookstore.

26. The Writer’s Market 2019

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If your writer friend would rather publish a book the traditional way or would like to write articles or stories for magazines and journals, this book is indispensable.

27. Daily Fresh Healthy Mix Antioxidant packs or Kind Bars

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If your writer friend needs more healthy snacks on hand, these keto-friendly snacks are good options to consider — unless your writer friend has a nut allergy.

There’s nothing wrong, though, with just buying a snack you know your writer friend enjoys, whether it’s super-healthy or not.

28. A Membership in An Online Exercise Class

If your writer friend needs to get out of the chair every now and then for some exercise but doesn’t want to commit the time and expense for a gym membership, why not help them out by signing them up for an online class?

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This gives them to option of staying right in the comfort of home and returning quickly to their work after they work out.

29. Moleskine Classic Notebook Hard Cover or  Soft (Bendy) Cover

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These are great little notebooks for journaling, making lists, or just jotting down ideas as they come.

They’re small enough to take with you but big enough to comfortably write in. They also come with an attached ribbon bookmark and an elastic band.

30. A Writer’s Cabin on Airbnb

Rent an overnight stay (on the night that works with your writer friend’s schedule) at a nice Airbnb — one with free wifi and a nice desk — and maybe a fireplace and a great view. There are so many to choose from in every state.

31. Kindle Paperwhite

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If your writer friend could use a distraction-free reading tool, this one comes with a light for nighttime reading. The E-ink screen is glare-free and easy on the eyes, and the battery lasts for weeks on one charge. It can also play audiobooks purchased through Amazon/Audible.

32. Freshbooks Cloud Accounting Software

Could one or more of your writer friends use an all-in-one accounting program to run their writing businesses?

Freshbooks is one of the more popular options out there, for good reason.

33. Clever Fox Planner or a Panda Planner Pro

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Who couldn’t use a user-friendly planner with space for goal setting, list-making, and brainstorming? Either one of these makes a great gift for the busy writer in your life.

34. The Coloring Book for Writers: An Inspirational Brainstorming Tool

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If you know a writer who enjoys adult

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51 Gifts For Writers That Are Guaranteed To Please


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