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Humans will not live for another thousand years!

“Our universe is full of mysteries and complex structures, science is constantly trying to open the door to these mysteries, unless the mystery is not solved, the hypothesis seems to be, and when the solution is solved, then reality becomes. See, there is not much difference between ‘hypothesis’ and ‘reality’; the same-conceived hypotheses are transformed into reality. “

In the mind-brain of the intellectuals long ago, a question arose as to how ‘the origin of Human beings on the earth’? All scientists presented their ideas about this and created the theory. Like this question, today a serious problem is standing before human beings, whether human beings will survive the next one thousand? Today, if these questions are going on in our minds, then the reality behind it is that we all are responsible for giving birth to this situation.

“Earth has enough resources to meet our needs, not to meet our greed.”

Gandhiji The above statement is underlining the tone of Nature being used by the human being to demand consumerism. When this earth was created from time immemorial and favorable conditions existed on it, human civilization was born. Gradually nature gave this to man, but in the greed of his selfishness, the human being so immersed in nature that he has created a serious crisis for his own Existence. The only reason that environmental damage is happening today is our mindset; We think that I am alive, increase my happiness so that I can consume more and more pleasures. Due to the ever increasing environmental pollution, lack of water resources, natural resources and the lack of biodiversity, there is a concern on our forehead today. If they were not done during the time, no one could save anyone from the end of human existence. 

We all know this well that “the wrath of nature is greater than all corners.” Man has spoiled the environment to its economic development and progress to such an extent that he is no longer able to tolerate further tampering. Statistics show that in the past two decades, natural calamities across the world have increased fourfold. That is, the Kahrrat kahr on human existence is ready to come in a terrible way. If we do not understand the warnings of this nature during the time, then be prepared for the crisis on your own existence.

Today, the entire world is facing many problems due to the environmental imbalance. Selfish man is constantly exploiting nature, and in doing so, his conduct has become anti-natured. The way we address the earth mother, the chest of the same person is blindfolded in selfishness and then strained. In this context, these lines of great poetess Mahadevi Verma are painted on my mind plate-

“Made honey and Saurabh donation all day

But who is crying for you?

Do not worry, you are happy

The kartar is here to make everyone selfish. “

The above lines draw a vibrant picture between the nature and the existence of human beings.

History tells us that humans have fought two world wars, and there have been unimaginable losses of people in these two world wars. Our scientists, physicists and historians have predicted that if the next World War is over, it will be for ‘water’, that is, without it, the existence of a human being is one thousand years old, one day is difficult. Today the situation is that more than half of the world’s population is yearning for clean drinking water, India is not untouched by it. The lives of all the life-giving rivers are polluted here, including the Pranadayini, Mokshadinini Ganga and are fighting for their own survival. It is a bitter truth that if water is not there, then the existence of all organisms on earth, including humans, will also end. It is a matter of great shame that man has exploited the inevitable wealth of water so much that it has reached the ground level to a dangerous situation.

“Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi says that if there is a problem then the solution will also be there” But if the problem is resolved in time, it is better, otherwise be prepared to face serious adverse consequences. Water can be saved by educating various institutions, youth and rural population for the protection of water and a positive message can be given on the world panel. Looking at the situation of the water crisis, I have to think of a lion as well – 

“Quenching the thirst of the whole world is not so much work,

The cloud also has to be watered in the sense of water. ” 

At present, the whole world shocks everyone with many turmoil, mainly in different organizations of terrorism, al-Qaeda, ISIS and Lashkar-e-Taiba, etc. They are snatching world peace and having a question mark on their own existence Are standing

On the other hand, the spread of arms in the entire global world, the possibility of a nuclear bomb attack, the increasing trend of interference in the internal affairs of weak countries by the powerful countries, and regional disputes have disrupted the hypothesis of human existence, due to which the situation of imbalance has arisen. .

With the election of new President Donald Trump in the US, a new developments will be seen as some decisions by him are influencing the world’s development, and somewhere there will be an impact on the humanity’s existence.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that due to all these challenges and disputes, human existence can be successful in a great extent in protecting ourselves. The French famous writer, Victor Hugo, said that “the time of the thought has come, no one can put it on the margins.” That is, by saving the message of world peace by bringing together the whole world as a garland to save humanity, and by adopting the standards of brotherhood, mutual harmony, justifiable distribution, attachment to nature, love for humanity, etc. And we have to prepare a safe environment for the next generation, then we can save our existence to a great extent.

At this time, the whole world will have to absorb this motto of Indian philosophy-

“Survey Bhavantu Sukhin: Survey Sanu Niramaya.

Survey of Bhadrani Pasyantu, Mother Kashmir! Unfortunately .. 

That is, all are happy, all are healthy Everyone should be well-off, no one should share his grief. 

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Humans will not live for another thousand years!


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