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Unbalanced changes in Earth’s temperature


Recent studies have found that the planet is slowly experiencing an irreversible change in its temperature, which is constantly increasing. The Earth also maintains the existence of various ecosystems as well as balance in its temperature. However, human presence in the stable era of Holocene has continually influenced this balance. Social and economic changes are pushing this planet to “extinction” / “Tipping Point” and it is a point after which our planet will not be capable of stabilizing the temperature after a limit.

Human impact on the balance of the Earth

  • The Earth maintains its balance by balancing positive and negative reactions.
  • Positive feedback enhances the transformation of the ecosystem. It can be seen as melting snow in Greenland, where molten water absorbs sunlight and causes melting of ice again.
  • On the other hand, negative feedback can be seen as chemical weathering occurring after CO 2 growth in the atmosphere .
  • When positive feedback becomes stronger than negative feedback, then there may be a sudden change in the system and it can get out of balance.
  • The process of increase or decrease in climate change affects the balance of the Earth’s biosphere.
  • The present age, known as the Anthroposyntic era, is seeing a change in the Earth’s geographic system due to human influence.
  • Human actively encouraging fossil fuels and deforestation, which has increased the emissions of greenhouse gases and now it is also becoming the cause of climate change and this process is on the whole system of Earth towards the extremes / tipping point Is pushing.

What is the climax / tiping point?

  • A tiping point is a geographic threshold, with which the system is moved from one position to another.
  • Researchers have argued that the trend and decision of the technologies adopted in the next decade can have a significant impact on regional tiping points, which in turn can inhibit the ecosystem which changes the planet as a “heat house” irreversibly is.
  • The destruction of Amazon forest due to forest fires, depletion of thick ice layers by climate change, low absorption of CO 2 by oceans or melting of polar ice peaks etc. can be seen as various examples of regional tipping points, which Balance the process of the whole earth.

Forward path 

  • Even if the Paris Agreement of 2015 is implemented and the climate change is kept below 2 ° C, then the risk of changing the Earth’s “heat house” can be inevitable.
  • Strength and continuous action needs to be identified for the permanence of the planet, which is useful in preserving the entire system of the Earth.
  • Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and promoting carbon sinks and promoting innovations that can convert solar radiation into energy can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In addition to all these basic infrastructure, social and institutional changes, adaptive time is required in hot conditions.
  • With the improvement in energy efficiency, it is expected to avoid changing the technological innovation, behavior, values ​​and major changes in governance to the planet’s “heat house”.

Source: Live Mint

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Unbalanced changes in Earth’s temperature


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