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10 Grossest Things You Will Find On Airplanes

There’s nothing worse than being on a plane and sitting next to someone who’s a chatterbox, suffering from the flu or airsick or is there? It turns out that flying can actually expose you to some really, really disgusting things and cause you to lose all faith in humanity. Here are some examples of the grossest things found or seen on planes. We’re sorry.

10.No pants

No pants

Even worse than taking off their shirts are the passengers who take off their pants.

9. Bare chests

Bare chests

Some of the offenders outed on Passenger Shaming went a step further than just taking off their shoes. As if being on a plane is just like being on the beach, they took off their shirts and exposed fellow passengers to their bare chests.

8. Bare feet

Bare feet in the plane

The Instagram account Passenger Shaming abounds with pictures of passengers who thought it would be a good idea to take off their shoes during a Flight. Unfortunately, those bare feet aren’t always clean or well groomed.

7. Sexual assault

Sexual assault

In recent years, there have been several cases of sexual assault on planes. In 2014, for instance, The Guardian reported that a male passenger appeared in court in Hawaii after he had been accused of breaking into the toilet to assault a female passenger on a Japan Airlines flight.

6. Very public displays of affection

In 2013, the New York Daily News reported that an American couple faced criminal charges after some very public displays of affection on a flight to Las Vegas. They performed several sexual acts in front of other passengers.

5. Sideburn grooming


One of BuzzFeed’s readers wrote that a flight attendant sitting in front of her and her mother started plucking his sideburns with tweezers. And just to make it even more disgusting: He would then proceed to eat each plucked hair.

4. Flying false teeth

Flying false teeth

A BuzzFeed reader told of how a family put their false teeth in the water glasses. When the plane hit turbulence, the teeth went flying, landing in the reader’s lap.

3. Passengers soiling themselves

Passengers soiling themselves

Stories of Passengers Soiling themselves during flights are not uncommon. One BuzzFeed reader shared the story of how the man seated next to her soiled his pants because he was too nervous to ask her to get up so he could go to the toilet.

2. Gastroenteritis on a long-haul flight


In 2013, the Daily Mail reported that a 13-hour flight from Chile to Australia was plagued by an outbreak of gastroenteritis, with 26 passengers suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. There were only 8 toilets on the Qantas Boeing 747.

1. Bedbugs


It’s not only when you stay in sketchy hotels that you might be exposed to bedbugs. As The Telegraph reports, there was an outbreak of bedbugs on a British Airways Boeing 747 in February of 2016.

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10 Grossest Things You Will Find On Airplanes


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